Commercial Kudos: Lowe’s “Don’t Stop” (The Long Version)

I have a new favorite commercial. I’ve probably only discovered it because I’m watching HGTV all the time, but hey, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have found this gem. Take a look below at Lowe’s “Don’t Stop.”

I’ve been seeing this commercial for a while, but this weekend was the first time I saw the full commercial. I’ve always loved the subtle dancing in this commercial (and the song’s damn catchy), but the full minute-long commercial really features it. I love it.

And really, it’s the husband that has the moves. Why, oh why, do they cut out his kitchen dance in the shorter version? He’s great. And the little reflection in the mirror is great, too.

But ultimately, it’s just heartwarming. A girl meeting a boy, getting married, and having a family. Very whit picket fence. Very happily ever after. It’s just a feel-good commercial. It’s what people want for their future.

It’s nice and makes me smile. A nice break from reality during my TV break. So kudos, Lowe’s. I like it.


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