NBC’s “Brotherhood of Man”

You can’t say NBC doesn’t take advantage of hosting the Super Bowl. In honor of the night, NBC’s got a great new commercial for it’s shows (even the ones not currently on the air, grrr.) Nonetheless, it’s nice to see some of our favorites display their musical talents — and revisit our community at Community after too long of a break.

Enjoy the “Brotherhood of Man.”

This is a shortened version, but if you want to see the full video, check it out here.



Commercial Rant: Crazy Target Lady

Oh dear God, it’s back.

I should say “she” but I do mean “it.” The entire commercial series is back, featuring that crazy Target lady in red.

Here’s the commercial I saw a mere day ago. Disclaimer: This might be the version from 2010, but all that’s changed is the opening time (if that).

I had honestly blocked these commercials out of my memory. I think they’re supposed to be funny, but instead, they’re absolutely horrendous. There’s something about this woman. Something about the fact that she speaks (grunts? yelps?) like an old lady, but she has a tweenage hairstyle. The body suit makes her look like she’s supposed to be 60, but her face looks decades younger. Honestly, I just can’t identify what age she’s supposed to be. Plus, that body suit that is grotesque. When she’s lifting the baskets, it’s just disgusting.

I’m sorry if it’s offensive that I find it disturbing to look at, but since I think they dressed her like this to be comedic in the first place, I must reiterate that it’s an epic fail.

Plus, she’s obnoxious. With her facial expressions and stupid screams. Thinking this woman is the type of person that would be at Target on Black Friday makes me want to stay home until Christmas (and it’s not even like I could buy on the web, since their website sucks).

Did anyone like this commercial last year? I’m really surprised we’re seeing it again, as everyone I talked to groaned about it. Perhaps Target’s spending too much money fixing their own website than putting forth the effort for decent advertising.

Between the choice of reuse or no ads, Target, I’d go with no ads. This woman is gross.

Commercial Kudos: Lowe’s “Don’t Stop” (The Long Version)

I have a new favorite commercial. I’ve probably only discovered it because I’m watching HGTV all the time, but hey, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have found this gem. Take a look below at Lowe’s “Don’t Stop.”

I’ve been seeing this commercial for a while, but this weekend was the first time I saw the full commercial. I’ve always loved the subtle dancing in this commercial (and the song’s damn catchy), but the full minute-long commercial really features it. I love it.

And really, it’s the husband that has the moves. Why, oh why, do they cut out his kitchen dance in the shorter version? He’s great. And the little reflection in the mirror is great, too.

But ultimately, it’s just heartwarming. A girl meeting a boy, getting married, and having a family. Very whit picket fence. Very happily ever after. It’s just a feel-good commercial. It’s what people want for their future.

It’s nice and makes me smile. A nice break from reality during my TV break. So kudos, Lowe’s. I like it.

Commercial Kudos: Robot Daycare

Usually I’m incredibly harsh on commercials. After all, you’ve seen my commercial rants. Like this one. Or this. I tend to watch the same networks over and over (hello, HGTV and TNT), which leaves me watching the same commercials over and over. So the little annoyances about commercials turn into vents and outrage. Hence, the rants.

But there’s one commercial out there that I’ve seen many a time, and I continuously laugh at. While I’m generally not the fan of Geico commercials (stupid lizard — and cavemen), this one commercial is quite entertaining. Take a look below at Robot Daycare.


It doesn’t start out super funny. I mean, yeah, it scans the kid. And then the dial-up sounds are clever, but not overly ha-ha worthy. And the juicebox…well, that’s kinda funny on a first viewing, especially if you watch the little girl’s face.

But really, the best part is the end, and it consistently makes me laugh. There’s something about all the kids screaming, while one is carried off with legs kicking that gets me every time. Seriously, it’s great.

Perhaps I’m the only one, but even if it’s just from me, kudos, Geico. Now, don’t overplay it and try to be this clever with the rest of your commercials. You know, since the rest of them suck.

Commercial Rant: Best Buy

Yes, I have real TV I need to be writing about (as well as two Pilot Project posts), but as mentioned previously, vacation and technical difficulties has put me behind. So in the meantime, how about a commercial rant?

It’s summer! But Best Buy misses the point.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a TV blogger. This means I’m constantly connected to a TV or computer. I understand the need to be completely plugged in, checking email, looking at the blogs, chatting it up on Twitter, and of course, watching new episodes of my favorite shows.

But I still understand the point of a vacation and general family values, which is why the new series of summer Best Buy commercials grind my nerves. You can watch the first of the series below.

Not only does Best Buy have the overly perky, annoying spokesperson, but the fact that they have scene after scene after scene depicting people doing outdoorsy, family activities but distracting themselves with some sort of technology is such a sad statement about our civilization.

Can’t we put an ipad down for five seconds while we’re around a campfire? Maybe play a real guitar? You’re in a hot air balloon with your family. Do you really need to stare at a teeny screen instead of the beautiful landscape around you?

It’s actually painful. In the choice between family and enjoying the real world, they choose some piece of technology. In fact, the only scene in this commercial that makes sense is the digital camera that was attached to the skydiver’s head. Now that’s a real use of technology while doing a new and different activity.

And Best Buy could, in fact, play into that. Show us a family that’s using a brand-new video camera. A pool party that someone’s taking a digital photo with their new Canon DSLR. Heck, a group of twenty-somethings riding down the highway in a convertible blasting their new car stereo. There are plenty of realistic uses of technology where you don’t have to ignore what — and who — is around you.

It comes down to the fact that Best Buy is choosing being connected over a real family connection. So this year, when you’re on vacation, ignore the temptation to visit Best Buy to get another shiny distraction. Let them just look around and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll have plenty of time for a 2×2 screen later.

Commercial Rant: Glad Force Flex

I’m making a large leap here that JC might be tired of my rants about the various commercials that are on TV. Since I watch TV on TV and not just online, I end up seeing a lot. Commercials, for the most part, are horrible. So dedicating an occasional post on the site to a “Commercial Rant” seems like a fair idea. First up: Glad Force Flex.

Take a look at the commercial in question below, and then see my comments below.

This commercial really shouldn’t bother me as much as it should. Beyond my dislike of “cute” kids doing news reports (I think this stems from multiple interview “shows” on Disney Channel hosted by various annoying children throughout the years), there really isn’t anything here that should grind my nerves as much as it does.

But alas, it does. With three little words: “Mom was mad.”

Ok, look at that woman. That woman looks anything but mad. She looks like in her head, she just thought, “Sigh. I think that meatloaf just caused me indigestion.” It’s more resigned than anything else. There’s no anger here. So to hear these little kids say Mom was mad! really gets to me. What do they know of mad? I can’t imagine how this woman disciplines her children.

Then, let’s analyze the trash bag “incident.” The kids say, “Look at what sometimes happens with ordinary bags.” The key word here is sometimes. I can’t think of a time that I’ve ever thrown two plates full of food in the garbage with such force that the sides of the bags fell. I mean, sure, I’ve had bags fall before. And honestly, it’s not a big deal. But most people actually look at the bag and realize that throwing might cause the bag to fall, so they plan accordingly. Plus, this woman is throwing these plates full of food in there with so much force I’m expecting a major league batter to thwack it back at her. Yes, kids, sometimes this might happen. In an unrealistic commercial at least.

And the kids seem so upset. This might be part of the “news story” drama, but why should they be so upset? They’re not even clearing the table!

My fix? Well, I could entirely seeing this become a problem with, say, a dinner party with lots of disposable cups, plates, and silverware. Now there’s a situation where bags tend to fall off the edge of a lid. And hey, people might not be paying attention or they might toss their half-full cup of Coke in the trash with some sort of force.

Next time, make a realistic commercial. And ditch the kids. Please, ditch the kids.

Thursday Open Thread: What commercial grinds your nerves?

With the Super Bowl only a few days ago, it’s time to assess the best and the worst commercials. Supposedly, the Super Bowl provides us with the freshest, newest, most clever commercials yet. After all, that’s why they’re worth millions of dollars. Whether that’s true or not, well, that’s up to your own opinion.

But let’s ignore the “good” and move on to the bad.

What commercial grinds your nerves?

I suppose it could be more than one. Or a set, like you hate every commercial that stars the little Geicho gecko. Or, what spokesperson do you dislike?

See, my commercial that grinds my nerves right now is all because of a spokesperson, and I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to share it here on the site. It used to be the Glade woman. Remember when she used to be a sniveling little liar who you wondered why she had friends because she continuously lied to them? Well, she’s nicer now, and she still bugs me (she’s a bit of a know-it-all now, and her dancing through an imaginary field is kinda stupid), but someone else has made me want to throw things at the television.

And that’s Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. Her hair is stiff and annoys me. Her over-chipper attitude just seems incredibly fake (of course, it is; it’s a commercial), and lately, she’s been rather annoying with her humor. “Go, Big Money! No really, go, honey, it’s your break.” The jokes aren’t funny, and when the commercials are being shown relentlessly on certain networks (coughcoughTBScoughcough), it’s awful! Plus, if you’re going to be a spokesperson in an all-white outfit, on an all-white set, with bright red lipstick, whiten your teeth. How has no one told her to fix those things yet?

So Progressive commercials are the ones that grind my nerves. At least currently. There are many others. But what are yours?

image from msn.com

[Shiver.] Frightening face. I’m pretty sure they photoshopped her teeth, though. Check out this commercial to see the real impact of those awful yellow teeth.