V: One Killer Finale

V: 2.10 “Mother’s Day”

Bear with me here. I’m not usually the one covering V, but with last night’s finale, I can’t help myself. That was one crazy episode.

For one thing, we have a death count. For those of you who might not have been watching, but heard a large cheer go through the Eastern and Central time zones between 9:00 and 10:00, that was because one of the most annoying characters on TV — if not the most annoying character on TV — was ruthlessly slaughtered. Tyler is dead. Let the celebration begin!

Ok, all callousness aside (which is hard, considering we’re discussing V’s here), that was one surprise I didn’t see coming. To be honest, considering that this show is on the bubble and might not be coming back, I didn’t think that I’d see any major character killing for fear that the show would be picked up and they wouldn’t know what to do.

That’s clearly not the case. Not only did Tyler die, but so did Ryan (one of my favorites), and Anna’s mother Diana. Lisa is stuck in her grandmother’s prison, forced to watch Tyler not only impregnate her doppelganger, but die horrifically, too. Chad has been taken into V custody…his fate is certainly uncertain.

In any case, it’s very clear that the writers of the show didn’t write this episode to be the series finale, and if it turns out to be one, I’m going to be rather annoyed. What are we left to believe? The V’s win?

Going back to the beginning, I’m not all that surprised that Lisa couldn’t kill her own mother. As one of the V’s that has embraced her emotions, I knew it would be a difficult task, and I just didn’t think she could do it. I was right. I’m not sure, though, why she would have fallen for Anna’s line about her caring for Lisa and didn’t want harm done to her. Lisa knows that Anna’s been fighting emotion — why would she embrace it in this circumstance? However, I must say, this did set up the great line of, “Now that’s how you kill your mother.”

Diana’s death was a surprise for me. Not so much that it would happen, but how it happened. We all know that Diana wouldn’t rise again and lead the Visitors — not unless they want the clean tidy bow that the writers clearly avoided. Why the Visitors showed no shock to their “dead” queen being alive and well, and taking over for Anna, well, I guess that’s a side point that we shouldn’t dwell on. It’s only an hour show. (Note: They also had no reaction to Anna’s killing the former queen and taking the throne all over again. The Visitors are a bit like lemmings.)

By the end of the episode, I really did start to wonder who would be left if the show carried on. We’ve still got Chad, Erica, Lisa… Maybe Hobbs (uh, see below). It’d be fun to see Lisa play two sides; after all, it worked for Elena and Katherine in Vampire Diaries, and I think her character could be a lot more fun. Oh, and we’ve still got the priest.

I must say, the ending almost brought me to tears, and I’m not actually exaggerating. Seeing Jack blissed, looking into the sky as if he’d seen God himself was heartbreaking, especially knowing all that he went through in his own Church and his own religion to keep his faith alive. Seeing him stone cold, looking heavenly at the V ships…that was rough. Erica’s hug just pushed me over the edge.

So where can we go from here? Well, we have the new, clandestine group that Erica has been brought into. It’s interesting to see this high tech organization after seeing the Fifth Column scramble together plans for so long. Clearly, if the show continues, we’ve got that to look forward to. With it, we’d have all new cast members to replace those we’ve lost.

Speaking of lost, did I miss where Hobbs went? Did he die? Disappear? I think I missed one scene, and I have no idea where he went from there. Does anyone know?

Anyway, if we don’t see a conclusion to this explosive episode, I don’t know what I’m going to do. It was a fantastic end to the season, and I just want to know what happens next.


3 thoughts on “V: One Killer Finale

  1. I enjoyed the finale and while I want a Season 3, I’m ok with with as a series finale if that’s what it ends up being. How often do you see a series or movie end with the “bad” guys winning.

    But, I love where the show ended and where it could go from here. Erica has lost everything and has nothing to hold her back anymore. Now the real war between human and visitor can begin!

    Hobbes left. He cleared out his stuff and disappeared. We don’t know why he left or where he went.

  2. Thanks for clarifying about Hobbs! Honestly, I kinda forgot he should have been in the episode. I was so invested in everything else going on, and while I saw him at the beginning, I kinda forgot he should still be around. Then at the end, I was like, crap, did I miss him die? Thanks for filling me in!

  3. In other news, it did cross my mind that perhaps Joshua was waiting in the wings to save Tyler (how, I have no idea), and I guess I wasn’t the only one. Check out this awesome post with a sample letter that guarantees that Tyler is, in fact, deader than a doornail.

    Our Plea to the Writers of V

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