Being Human: Interview with a Vampire

BEING HUMAN: 1.08 “I Want You Back (From the Dead)”

This episode told me one thing: They told us too much in the preview. While I thought the story line with Bernie was interesting, I knew what was going to happen — at least the part about Rebecca turning Bernie — all because of the preview. The element of surprise was gone.

That being said, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. They could have taken him in many different directions, though I did fear that it would become a little too Interview with a Vampire, where the kid would eventually realize he’d never grow up, get disenchanted with his new condition, and so on. We saw a little bit of that since he didn’t want to eat the hospital blood. Did I think he’d die in this same episode? No. I thought they’d drag this on a little bit.

If it were up to me (it never is, by the way), I would have spent a little more time on Bernie while he was alive, to really give some good emphasis on his and Aidan’s relationship, so this episode would have been that much more painful. Of course, I’m a girl who likes to feel her TV shows.

I did feel bad for Aidan at the end, and it was that much more difficult once you realize it was all in vain. Bernie never actually killed anyone (though I was sure it was him at first). Instead, Bishop set it all up, just so that Aidan would get rid of the child vampire.

Now, my real question was why Aidan never told Bishop that it was all Rebecca’s doing. I guess it all goes back to Aidan’s supposed feelings for Rebecca, but since she annoys the crap out of me, I was hoping that he’d rat her out. Thank goodness Aidan didn’t run away with Rebecca and Bernie to be a big, happy family.

By the way, how did they ever explain that Bernie’s body disappeared from the hospital? Or how did they tell Bernie he’d never be able to see his family again? Hmm.

Meanwhile, we had Sally and her new beau, who deals with daily echos of his own death. I found this to be incredibly intriguing, made only that much more interesting when you find out that he likes his echos because it’s the only time he actually feels alive. I liked the two of them together, though I didn’t quite know why it seemed like they couldn’t be, just because he has his echos. She seemed to want to fix him, while he didn’t want to be fixed. Couldn’t they get past that?

(In other news, slight error on the writers’ part. If you noticed, the guy mentioned that he didn’t want to be compared with the guy who killed Sally. Yet, we never saw Sally tell him she was murdered. Oops.)

Finally, we have Josh and his girlfriend…or friend…or…well, that was the question, wasn’t it? She was getting sick of his wavering back and forth, and he just wanted to protect her — and himself. This story was a little less interesting to me, and there’s really not much more to say. I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes.

And that’s that! I have to say, this show is still very entertaining to me. This episode was a little less enthralling than others, and I still enjoyed it. Nice job.


One thought on “Being Human: Interview with a Vampire

  1. This was the 1st ep I saw and was blown away by how awesome and nuanced this show is! I was trying on dresses and looking for shoes online while watching, so next time I know that I need to pay more attention to all the whispering.

    Also, Aiden is all kinds of pretty. matt Bomer might have some competition…. 🙂

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