Army Wives: Decisions and Consequences

ARMY WIVES: 5.02 “Command Presence”

The premiere of Army Wives last week was just alright, but it tantalized us with drama that Molly, the newborn daughter of Denise, just might not make it. While that drama pulled us along all week, it only lasted about five minutes. Actually, if my watch was right, Molly was out of surgery at 9:06, which meant that if you spent more than six minutes dwelling on it during the week, you’ve spent more time than the episode did. Fortunately, Molly pulled through–and Denise and her future daughter-in-law reunited, so we’re all good to continue.

Meanwhile, Roxy has her hands full with her own child. Replacing TJ with this new actor was a horrid, horrid idea. Not only is he just annoying in his rebellious ways, but he’s a terrible actor. I think I’d be willing to put up with the old TJ acting out, since I’ve grown up with him in the past few years, but with a new face and bad attitude, I just find him annoying.

And while I didn’t want Roxy to be fined $500 for TJ’s thievery, I don’t know how she was so surprised. Of course, Joan couldn’t give her special treatment, and just living on the base should make Roxy realize that getting off scott-free would probably not happen. There are plenty of places where someone could bend the rules; the military is not one of them.

That being said, Joan did get a little up in arms when Roland mentioned that he defended her. The fact that she got so mad (“I don’t need to be defended!”) bothered me a little. If he hadn’t been on her side, I could understand her reaction, but since he was trying to be supportive, I just thought she took it too seriously. Of course, I’m a little biased. I still feel for Roland based on her promise to have another kid and focus on her relationship with him, only to back down as soon as her job got in the way. I just feel like he gets beat up a little sometimes. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the spouse of someone high up on the chain.

Meanwhile, there’s Pamela. Pamela finally decided to stay put in Charleston, and it was a little up in the air as to who the real reason was–Chase or her partner. I have my own speculations about what’s to come…

Speaking of, please follow the jump to read said thoughts, if you don’t want to see them. If I’m right, it’s a spoiler. If I’m wrong, you can easily make fun of me next week once the next episode airs.

Read my hypothesis after the jump!

The next episode clearly shows that someone doesn’t make it. With all four husbands (or ex-husband, if you want to look at Chase in that way), it could really be anyone.

My thoughts? It’s Chase. Methinks that Chase, given that his paperwork to get out of Delta takes a month to go through, is going to get killed during this mission we just saw him head off on. I think that Pamela probably decided to be with him, and, of course, that chance is going to slip through her fingers ASAP–especially since he didn’t get to answer her message. This drama has been going on for years, so to finally find out that she’s made her choice, only to have him die, means that they’ll be getting the most emotion out of this that they can. Plus, Pamela’s already moved off the army base, and she’s still successfully stayed on the show, so it might just work out to keep her on the show.

That being said, they weren’t pulling up to Pamela’s house in those previews, so I could be wrong. But that’s just my take.


One thought on “Army Wives: Decisions and Consequences

  1. Man, that kid playing TJ was such an unconvincing actor. I really think he ruined every scene he was in.

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