The 2011 Awards: Part 2

It’s Part 2 of the 2011 Awards! If you haven’t checked them out yet, take a look at Part 1. We’ve got a good mix of winners, and here’s more! As I mentioned before, categories with an asterisk (*) mean that a reader has either suggested the category or the winner.

The 2011 Awards!

Surprise Standout Star: Karine Vanasse, Pan Am. I started watching Pan Am for Christina Ricci. I continued to watch it for Karine Vanasse. She’s an incredible talent. Her portrayal of Colette during the episode where the group headed to Germany and heard Kennedy’s speech, less than twenty years after Colette’s parents were killed in WWII, was absolutely brilliant. I didn’t know her before the series started. Now everybody should.

*Best Use of Music: How I Met Your Mother. I know, I know. HIMYM is not usually considered a highly musical show. But seeing the latest Christmas episode, with the “Symphony of Illumination” gives the show this award. It was creative (and time-consuming to create, I’m sure). And completely worth rewatching the episode for — and I have.

*Worst Use of Music: One Tree Hill. Oh. Dear. God. Make the theme songs stop. OTH tried to be creative this past season with their covers of the theme song, but in a 22-episode season, it became exhausting and annoying. While a handful of artists were creative and talented, most just slowed down “I Don’t Wanna Be” into soulful, indie crap that made my ears bleed.

Best Guy in a Suit: Neal Caffrey, White Collar. Congratulations to Neal, who has won the award for the second straight year in a row.

Best Woman in Heels: Victoria Grayson, Revenge. Step aside, Dr. Isles, we have a new champion. Donning heels and a tight dress in your mansion of a beach house makes one tend to notice you. And we have. We hand the trophy to Victoria, who week to week is able to balance on designer stillettos while still maintaining her vicious glare.

*Best Intro Sequence: Game of Thrones. Not only does the intro sequence give you all the geographic information of this bizarre world without having to say anything, but its primitive, clockwork mechanism reminds you of a genre that fits a medieval mindset. And the accompanying music just goes so well with its epic. And the carvings! Just by looking at that, you can see the history of the four houses without anyone having to tell you anything. It’s just such a wealth of information for the series, and it’s just wonderful.

Best Actor Blog: Jason O’Mara. Jason’s blog is a treat. He’s got videos with cast members and behind the scenes, mixed with personal favorites, like his watching the Irish rugby team playing in the Rugby World Cup. Plus, he gives you his real accent. It’s a fun one.

Best Twitter Bug: Michael Cudlitz. Sure, there are a lot of actors out there who tweet, and some even respond to you. But few interact with people as directly and as often as Michael Cudlitz does — even after Southland found a comfortable seat at TNT. Michael strikes a good balance with interacting with his fans and giving us up-to-date news on Southland.

Best Surprise Success: Happy Endings. Did anyone else think that the show that replaced Mr. Sunshine last spring would be such a hit today? I certainly didn’t. Most late-spring shows don’t go anywhere. But I’m happy to ride in Max’s 80s limo with the gang now!

Most Unrealistic Survival Story: Lydia Davis, Revenge. There is absolutely no way this woman would have fallen from her penthouse apartment, onto a parked taxi, and survived. It just wouldn’t happen. No way. Absolutely not. Nope. Nuh-uh. Wrong.

Best Running Gag: The Douchebag Jar, New Girl. Oh, the douchebag jar for Schmidt. That was fantastic — and still is.

Biggest Casting Mistake: Lily, Modern Family. Not only is the new Lily less cute and more annoying, but recasting the child for an older version took away some of the cute life moments that were seeing and loving about Lily. Her first word? Her first few steps? We got nothing but this kid who, frankly, could use some cutie-pie tips.

*Most Shocking Death: Ned Stark, Game of Thrones. Um, they killed off the lead actor in the series — the one that all the promos were based on — and then put his head on a stake on top of the castle for his eldest daughter to look at. What more can I say? Oh, perhaps I should put a new category on here…

Person We Most Want Dead: The sniveling little Prince Joffrey, Game of Thrones. ‘Nuff said.

Most Satisfying Kill: Tyler, V. Finally, after two seasons of his being the most annoying teenager on television, we saw Tyler get killed by his girlfriend’s alien doppelganger. Huzzah! If only that had happened a season earlier. Perhaps more fans would have continued watching.

Best Period Piece: Mad Men. Seeing as I’ve finally caught up (the shame was hurting too much), I now see what everyone’s been talking about. Mad Men wins, by a landslide. Sorry, Pan Am.


We’re not done yet!
Check back tomorrow for the final batch of winners!


Thursday Open Thread: Who’s your TV fashion guru?

As I sit here in snowy Boston, I’m reminded of when I would watch Gilmore Girls and think about how Lorelai would always have the best coats. I always wanted her selection. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say Lorelai Gilmore was a fashionista (she did wear sweatpants with words across the butt in one episode), but she did have some good style from time to time. So on that note…

Who’s your TV fashion guru? Whose clothes or style do you wish you had?

This could be a fun one because it doesn’t have to be someone fictional. If Heidi Klum rocks your boat, you could easily choose her, since she hosts two reality shows. However, if you choose Padme from Top Chef, I might mock you relentlessly. She might have had fashion for a while, but lately, it’s been falling a little flat.

For me, well, it’s not Lorelai. Nor is it Brooke from One Tree Hill, who I called out for being on the leading edge of fashion. Perhaps she’s just too high fashion for me.

I think for a female, I’d have to choose Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Sure, it might have put her in debt, but she looked darn good going poor. For a man – this one’s easy. I already chose him for “Best Man in a Suit.” That’s right. Neal Caffrey in White Collar.

Let me know, in the comments.

Of course, why does your fashion need to be today’s? Maybe Kelly Kapowski is your icon. I won’t judge.

2010 Awards, Part 2

Alright. So you saw the first set, now let’s move on to more! More awards and more reader picks. Once again, if the award has an asterisk, it’s a Reader Pick, with or without my explanation. If they added one, it’s there! If they didn’t, well, that just leaves me to give a reason <malicious laugh>.

So here we go!

The 2010 Awards!
Part 2

Best Guy in a Suit: Neal Caffrey, White Collar. Step aside, Barney. There’s someone else suiting up now, and damn, he looks good.

Best Woman in Heels: Maura Isles, Rizzoli & Isles. This woman sure gets a lot done in four-inch heels and a pressed dress, even when dealing with dead bodies.

* Most Wasted Potential: Glee. It’s true. For a show with a huge fanbase and mad props for creating a new TV genre, they lost their way by focusing on huge guest stars and a big production instead of a cohesive storyline.

Least Necessary Procedural: Law & Order: CSI edition. Oh, is that not a real show? I thought it was. It’s on every night for two hours at least, right? And it airs on every network? Wait, these aren’t all the same show?

Most Ridiculous Premise for a Procedural: Castle. Ok, I know you fans out there must like it, but the idea that a successful novelist gets to spend his time on all these huge cases as a partner of a detective is rather incredible.

Worst Show We’re All Watching: The Office. Where did the funny go? It’s run its course, but we all still watch it. And most of us don’t know why.

Didn’t I Used to Be an Important Character? Award: Alaric, The Vampire Diaries. Well, it’s true, right? Now he’s arm candy, and occasionally says something smart from a book.

Best Vampire Teeth: The Vampire Diaries. With the eyes and the subtle teeth, yes, the vamps in TVD certainly get the prize.

Worst Vampire Teeth: True Blood. I haven’t tried to watch this series, solely because these teeth are so bad and look so fake. Plus, I hear they make a sound when they come out.

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Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010

This one was rough. It really made me realize that I’m not nearly watching enough TV. There were years ago when I could list ten TV deaths in an instant. This one took thought, especially when you considered that they had to have some significance. How do you define significance? Well, that’s what you’ll have to read below to see.

Note to readers: Please consider that this will include spoilers if you’re not caught up on the most recent seasons or episodes of your recent shows. So if you want to skip out, I’d stop reading now. (Note, look up. If you’re catching up on one of the series above, I’d stop reading.)

So I now present you with the Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010. I had to get some help from JC on this one. Consider this my grateful shoutout.

Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010
(in no particular order)

1. Rita, Dexter. As someone that was a late-comer to Dexter, it was pretty jarring coming across the internet the day after Rita was found dead in a bathtub, with her son crying on the floor, sitting in her own blood. The fans were going crazy, and even I had to jump ahead and watch the horrifying clip. It was a moment full of horror and feeling–the latter one being a bit of a surprise in the world of Dexter.

2. Amy, The Walking Dead. In a show about the zombie apocalypse, it only makes sense that one of the characters will eventually get eaten by zombies. Sure, I should have seen it coming, considering that the episode this death takes place in opened with an extended scene showing Amy and Andrea sharing childhood memories of their parents. Of course one of them was about to bite the dust! But anyway, the episode itself hyped us up for a reapperance by the rampaging, one-handed Merle. Instead, zombies suddenly attack the camp, and Amy can barely get out the phrase, “We’re all out of toilet paper!” before a bloodthirsty shambler quite graphically bites a football-sized chunk of flesh out of her neck. It was ugly. She dies in her sisters arms, and is later shot through the head by said sister as she begins to re-awaken as a zombie. Ouch.

3. Topher, Dollhouse. Dollhouse barely made it into 2010, but it sure got its own body count. Topher was certainly one that stood out. The poor guy went crazy after bringing about the “Brainpocalypse,” only to save the world in the end. We all knew it would happen, as he walked the device to Adelle’s office, but we had that glimmer of hope–comfort?–as he turned to the wall to see all the faces already lost. Then BAM. He was gone.

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White Collar Giveaway, Comin’ Atcha

No open thread this week. Instead, we’ve got something more fun: A giveaway!

That’s right! I’m giving away a great White Collar gift bag to one lucky reader. Want the details? Here they are:

USA Network kicks off your Tuesday evening with the best looking night on television! Watch the return of White Collar at 9pm. One of the fall season’s most critically acclaimed dramas, stars Matt Bomer , Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason.  Visit the official White Collar website for games, photos and weekly prizes. Visit USA Network’s Character Arcade to play games, challenge friends and for more chances to win prizes!


Gift Bag includes:
–Modern Gentleman’s Guide
–White Collar Hat
–White Collar T-Shirt
–White Collar Season 1 DVD


Entering’s easy. Just leave a comment below and let me know who your favorite character is on White Collar–and why! Make sure to leave an email address so that I can get in touch with you.

There’s only one entry per person, and this contest is only open to residents of US and Canada, so please don’t enter if that isn’t you.

Entries are open until the evening of Tuesday, August 10. I’ll be choose one winner at random right after the show airs on the east coast, so you better have your comment in! I’ll then contact a winner via email and you’ll have 24 hours to reply or I’ll need to move on to another winner. That means check your email–you don’t want to miss out. You might get an incredible bag of White Collar goodies!

And of course, don’t forget to watch the show on Tuesday nights! They aren’t kidding about it being the best looking thing on TV.

The giveaway has ended and a winner has been contacted.
Thanks to all those who entered!

*Prize courtesy of USA Network. Prize pack value: $112

Tiffani Thiessen on ‘White Collar’

Have you been watching White Collar? You should be. It’s definitely one of my summer favorites.

I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a conference call last week with White Collar costar Tiffani Thiessen. As you know, I got to talk to Tiffani last fall, and while she might still be playing the same Elizabeth Burke as last season, she’s got a brand-new role in real life–a mother!

Tiffani gave birth just a few weeks ago to her new daughter, Harper, so  it was fun listening to how her life has changed while balancing the show–and her experience and thoughts as someone who’s grown up in the television industry since her teenage years.

Take a look at some highlights of the call below, and don’t forget to check out Tiffani on White Collar tonight (and every Tuesday night) on USA.


On Elizabeth:

I think probably the biggest thing that I was drawn to her character, even from the beginning when I read the script and even more so now that we’ve gotten to know her a lot more on the show is that she plays a woman that I strive to be every day.  She really is a woman who takes her marriage, it’s very important to her and her relationship with her husband and her home life, but as well really balances her career.  And I strive to do that every single day of my life, and now that I add the title “Mother” to it it’s even more so.

She’s very diplomatic, which I really like.  She’s very reasonable.  She seems to be a person that has a sense of knowing where to go down the middle when she’s helping the relationship between Peter and Neal, and I like that about her a lot.  She’s almost like a little therapist or something.  She always takes the middle road of really trying to get the boys to see both sides and I like that about her a lot.  She’s very diplomatic.  I like that she’s passionate.  She’s extremely passionate about everything that she does, and her marriage, her career and her relationships and all that.  I don’t know, I really admire her a lot.

On filming season two:

It’s a very different season for me than it was last year.  I just gave birth five weeks ago, almost five weeks ago, so I actually have been away.  What we did was because I couldn’t travel or fly because I was really, really pregnant when the season started, we actually ended up shooting, which I’m sure you might have seen on the premiere episode this season, my one scene, a lot of those episodes in the first six episodes I shot here in Los Angeles on a studio with a green screen behind me.  The two scenes I did with Tim and then the rest of them I did where I was pretending to be in San Francisco, that’s where you’ll start to see my character on an event, because I couldn’t be right in New York City to shoot with the rest of the cast.

I’m a bit away, I’m not in the first six episodes that much, but it was really interesting to see how they can maneuver me in the sense of making me look like I’m not as pregnant and shooting me from the waist up and not really showing.  I actually haven’t seen the cast and I actually leave next week to go back to New York and finish off the season with them, so I’m excited.

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Thursday Open Thread: How’s your summer?

Mad props for Adam from TVDoneWright for coming up with this great open thread topic, and I have to say, it’s something that JC and I have been discussing over the last few weeks. And I’m sure you’ve felt it, too, what with how slow this site has been updating.

How’s your summer treating you? Too slow or just right?

I’m not saying there’s nothing on. I mean, give me Leverage and White Collar, and I’m all set. TNT and USA are packed with new TV episodes–and some new shows–so I shouldn’t be complaining. But somehow, most of them have fallen on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I tend to forget when shows air. (Good thing I have a TiVo!) It’s almost as though the competition between the networks–putting their best shows against each other on the same night–is making me not watch instead of balancing between the two. That’s bad.

I happened to stumble across a new episode of Psych yesterday, and it was hilarious. Just the fact that I wasn’t keeping my eye out is sad! Madness, really.

For me, the summer’s just been dragging. I love my cable shows, but I need something more. What about you? Are you happy with your summer viewing experience, or do you want more more more? Can you wait until fall?

Let me know in the comments!

image courtesy of USA

I’m seriously forgetting to catch this man live on Tuesday night? How is that possible?