The Vampire Diaries: True Lies



I quite enjoyed this episode until… Bah!!!! The ending RUINED this episode for me.

Let’s step back. You all know that I’m not a Stefan fan. I find him boring. I find him and Elena boring. And even when he’s evil, I find him boring and lacking in entertainment value. Too harsh? Possibly. But that’s how I feel.

Two seasons ago, we got “evil” Stefan, who gave up his humanity and started following Klaus. Of course, what made this storyline worse was seeing Elena pine and whine over a missing Stefan. Then, at the end of last season, we saw that Silas actually looks like Stefan, so here we go again: an evil version of Stefan. The show hasn’t taken the direction I thought it would, and sure, I guess he’s ok, but he’s nothing special. They could do better.

And now, with the end of this episode, we’re back with ANOTHER evil Stefan. Apparently, somehow, he got out of his water coffin (that’s a good description for it) and ate some dude. So we’ve got blood-lusty Stefan all over again. Who I still find boring! Can’t they find anything else to do with him? Bahhhhh.

The most interesting part of this episode was Matt and Bonnie, frankly. Bonnie’s mysterious disappearance is finally being noticed. And with Matt’s death, he discovered — albeit briefly — that she’s dead. I love how he found out. We never knew the mystery of how the ring worked and why it took someone longer and longer to wake up after being killed, and now we do. Plus, it was the first interaction anyone’s gotten to have with Bonnie that involved touch. And of top of that, it’s one of the few scenes ever that we’ve gotten with only Bonnie and Matt, despite their knowing each other for years. It was just really well done.

Also of interest: the torture scene between Damon and Elena. What could make their relationship hotter? A murderous Elena (take note, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev knows how to do evil right) versus a shirtless, pained Damon? Heck yeah. And Caroline’s response to it was classic.

But what I’m still most intrigued about is the gypsy. What is their agenda? And why Matt? Because he’s one of the only humans left? Thanks to Katherine, he’s not the ONLY human left. And speaking of Katherine, why is she so valuable? I thought it was just Silas’ need for revenge, but I think there’s something bigger at work here. She must be important.

The only part I could care little about is the college mystery death. I really don’t know what’s going on there, and I haven’t been tantalized enough to really want to follow it yet. But I certainly don’t trust Caroline’s new beau, Jesse. There’s something about him that makes me hesitate. Perhaps that’s just too easy, considering the suspicious overtones in his conversation with Elena…holding a stake. If he is evil, it’s almost a disappointment in that case. So if he’s good, it’ll be a great twist. But then again…

I could go back and forth on this one for a while. But right now, I don’t trust him.


The Originals: Always and Forever


THE ORIGINALS: 1.01 “Always and Forever”

There are two ways you could watch this episode: as someone who knows Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah from The Vampire Diaries, or as a newby, someone who doesn’t know anything about the show or its canon. Obviously, I came to the series knowing TVD, and frankly, I also came to the series as someone who wasn’t a fan of either Klaus or Hayley. While I rather like Rebekah, she’s not quite made her mark in the series yet (and I’m going to miss her on TVD) and I like Elijah, I just didn’t know what they were going to do with the series.

What’s more, I wasn’t all that impressed with the episode “The Originals” on TVD last year. Probably because it was very Klaus-centric.

So I was actually quite surprised how much I enjoyed The Originals. I appreciated the balance of introduction to the characters and canon with the nod to fans who’ve known these characters for years now. I also found it impressive that they were able to use just enough of the episode “The Originals” while not making it feel repetitive or tiresome. I don’t know how they did it, but they successfully set up the spinoff.

Plus, they answered one major question for me: How did they become the original vampires? And another: How did Klaus become a hybrid? Both of these were cleared up in flashbacks for me, and I finally found out the answers.

That being said, not all that much happened. If you watched “The Originals” and then watched the first episode of The Originals, the plot didn’t move all that much, with the exception of one stake in Elijah’s heart (but we TVD fans know that wouldn’t kill him anyway). So I don’t know where the series is going to be going. And since I really can’t stand Hayley, I’m not really one to want to spend much time with her (especially with pregnancy mood swings, uggh).

But TVD always made good use of witchcraft in TVD, so I bet we’ll have just as much fun — if not more — in good ol’ New Orleans. I guess we’ll see.

…That’s if anyone tunes in tonight and every other Tuesday night hereafter. Why they separated this show from TVD, I’ll never know.

The Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 5.01 “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

And we’re back in Mystic Falls — well, sort of. More accurately, we’ve just started TVD: The College Years. Elena and Caroline are off at college, which, to my surprise, is not a conveniently located community college in Mystic Falls. They are still under the impression that Bonnie is alive and off seeing the world. Stephan is still under water while Silas goes around with the same face. And Tyler is apparently off helping fellow wolves, the usual absentee.

Let’s start with Tyler, as I’m pretty disappointed with what they’re doing with him so far. I’m not the biggest fan of Tyler — he’s fine enough — but I am a fan of Caroline’s. So it’s bugging me that they’re wasting so much of her energy on an absent character. Last season, we spent way too much time with Caroline pining over a missing Tyler — even to the point where she was leaving messages on his phone (despite her knowing he had to go off the grid). At least last season we had Klaus to add a little sexual tension for her on the show. This season, not so far. I’m just bored with the Caroline/Tyler drama…when you never actually get to see any of it.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Elena are now at college. I’m intrigued by the mystery, but I’m still skeptical of the entire college storyline. At least there’s a mystery for them to follow there, but why put them in college anyway? They’re vampires; why not just have them live their lives outside of school? Do we really have so little to do with these characters that we have to throw in dorm rooms and frat parties? (By the way, I’m pretty sure their dorm room is bigger than my entire apartment. I hope some compulsion came into play with the room assignments.)

I’m also a little skeptical that these two girls wouldn’t realize something is up with Bonnie yet. Even if she was traveling around, don’t they find it odd that she hasn’t called? Emailed, sure, but somehow I’d find it surprising that they wouldn’t demand to hear a voice. It’s just too convenient.

In interesting news, we have Silas. Now, here’s where the show surprised me. I thought for sure that we’d have a few weeks where people really thought they were talking to Stephan, not Silas. But right off the bat, he identified himself. Sure, three months have gone by in their world, but to us, the viewers, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more deception from him, taking advantage of his shadow self being such a selfless, goody-goody vampire.

That being said, at least he’s more entertaining (slightly) than evil Stephan. There’s less debate about his humanity (that’s left for Stephan’s hallucinations, yawn), and he doesn’t seem to care whether the world knows about supernatural beings. So there are some definite interesting things that can happen.

So I’ll go with it for now. I didn’t know what to expect for this season as it transitioned out of high school, and so far, it’s taken some directions I didn’t expect. Now let’s see what they do with them.

UPDATE: Matt! I forgot about Matt! Possibly the most interesting part of this episode was the new magic that seemed to overtake Matt near the end of the episode. That’s what I’m most curious about — and I cared much more about that than anything having to do with Silas (I automatically dislike Silas because he reminds me of boring old Stephan). Not sure what they might’ve done to or with Matt — but let’s hope it’s not another threesome. Matt’s a good boy, after all.

Finally, Last Week on Vampire Diaries…

tvd jeremyTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.15 “Stand by Me”

Why did it take me this long to write about last week’s episode? It certainly didn’t take me this long to watch it. But to process it…yes, that took me a while.

Now, let’s do our best to not break down into tears again while thinking about this episode. Because last week was rough. I didn’t go full-on Elena, but I certainly didn’t handle myself as well as Caroline, Stefan, and Damon. Put me somewhere in Matt’s camp. Ok, maybe not that bad. But there were tears.

Jeremy is dead, folks. While I hoped the ring would do its job, I forgot about the “supernatural being” rule. Since Jeremy became a hunter, that means he no longer is safe. And now we see that. Poor Jeremy is dead, and honestly, the whole TVD camp seems to be in ruins.

I know I said this last week, but Jeremy’s death makes sense, given that I have no idea where we’d take him from here. That being said, I’m going to miss Jeremy, and I doubt I’m the only one. Why else would we have the last image of him being enveloped in flames, much like the old kings that were set ablaze, floating in the water. There was something noble and heroic about Jeremy, and while I’m not sure I can say he was the glue that kept the group together, he certainly played a large role.

But with him gone — and with Elena’s humanity turned off — the game has changed. I personally think Damon made a mistake, telling Elena to turn it off. From my couch, I wanted him to just tell her to stop crying, calm down, or put the match away (of course, that would make for some boring television). Now that her humanity is hidden, she has no sentimentality, no caring, no passion. In fact, will she even continue to love Damon? Perhaps he’ll have a surprise coming soon.

I am sad to see her house go. I think we’ll hit some horribly nostalgic moment when she realizes all she threw away in that moment, whenever her humanity is turned on again (I wonder how long that will be).

Meanwhile, there’s Bonnie. Now, Bonnie seems to have drunk a whole lot of island Kool-aid while she was gone. She’s willing to kill twelve people, just to get her Grams and Jeremy back — along with a whole lot of big bads. Perhaps Shane got in her head, but from what we saw at the end of the episode, she certainly isn’t talking to Shane anymore. She’s talking to a figment — whether it’s a hallucination like when she saw Grams, or whether it is Silas impersonating Shane. Either way, it’s not the man Rebekah found on the ground of the island in her search for Katherine.

I think all the tables have turned now. Elena isn’t who she used to be. And neither is Bonnie. Any guesses as to what will happen next?

Catching up on The Vampire Diaries

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 5.14  “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Yes, I have been watching The Vampire Diaries. With all the developments lately, how could I not? But I do have my loyalties. And since Community is back and hanging by a thread, and TVD has already been picked up for next season, I have no hesitation watching it late. Just saying.

But when I do miss it, it drive me crazy until I can reach an hour space where I can catch up. And last week was hard. Like, really hard. I didn’t get to catch up until Tuesday because of travel. Now, on the bright side, this means I had only two days to wait to see what happens next after such a big cliffhanger.

Jeremy, it seems, may be dead. Killed by Silas (and Katherine, by association), Jeremy now lies lifeless on the floor of the cavern he went into. But here’s the catch: He was wearing his ring. Which means, he could end up popping back into life. But as we learned through both Jeremy and Alaric, the more you use the ring, the less effective it is (or the more it changes you) and with Jeremy now a Hunter, who knows if the ring even works anymore. Either way, there’s a good chance that little Jeremy Gilbert is gone.

What I most appreciated in this scene was Bonnie. Not only was she hurt in the process, stabbed by another Hunter, but she had to watch as Jeremy’s lifeless body fell to the ground. I do wonder why Bonnie didn’t really react (if anything, I’d scream), but the look on her face gave us impact enough.

The cure is now in Katherine’s possession. And if Jeremy is dead, Silas is now awake and most likely will be haunted by Jeremy’s ghost, given the Hunter’s curse (so I guess the young Gilbert may be out of our lives but potentially not off our TV screens). Who knows what terror Silas will bring; I’m just glad that this means we might have a different big bad than Klaus.

As for the cure, what did you think about the big “twist” that there was only one dose? Personally, this isn’t all that surprising. Given how everyone first started saying it was for Elena when they heard about it a long time ago, I just figured there was only one. Only recently did I start wondering why everyone seemed to want to take it. Why Katherine wants it, I have no idea (somehow, I don’t see Katherine wanting to be human), but I am disappointed Rebekah didn’t get it. While she’s bad and all that, she really seems to be the one that needs it the most or wants it the most (perhaps I’m just falling for her puppy dog eyes).

Either way, it looks like we’ve got some pretty heavy things coming up. I really don’t want Jeremy to be dead, but given all that he’s gone through in the last five seasons, what else is there for him to do? His back-and-forth with Bonnie felt a little too much like an ongoing good-bye speech to me, so I think this just might be his time.

It’s dark and it’s morbid, but it might be exciting for the series.

Catching Up on The Vampire Diaries

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.12 “A View to a Kill”

It’s vampire day. Why? Because I’m woefully behind in writing about both Vampire Diaries and Being Human, and I want to catch up today. Let’s see how this goes.

It’s been a wild ride on TVD, what with Damon trying to kill Jeremy, Stefan aligning with Rebekah, and frankly, Kol just being around. This week, Kol’s reign of terror finally came to an end — but a whole new terror is starting.

I’ll give Klaus some credit. I’ve never been a fan of his. I’ve never found him all too threatening, even after killing eleven hybrids, and I once called him one of the lamest villains ever. But after seeing his brother killed, suddenly I could see how Klaus was threatening. Why haven’t see ever seen him mad before? Suddenly, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Bring it on!

Now, as for Kol, I loved Elena’s plan to kill him. However, did anyone thing it was a bit too easy? I am laughing at myself, thinking this, just because Elena did get stabbed through the stomach and pinned to a wall, and Jeremy almost got both arms lopped off. But still, Kol was killed pretty quickly. And Hunter Jeremy wasn’t even at full strength yet.

I actually liked Kol’s presence in the show, and I wouldn’t have minded his hanging around for another episode or two, in the pursuit of his death. But hey, at least we’re getting closer to the cure.

Ugh, the cure. The cure! I’ll give it to TVD: they can do some great episodes. But their story arcs are lacking. And the cure storyline just doesn’t grab me. At this point, I’m sure they’ll release Silas, and then he’ll be the big bad from here on out — this has finale written all over it. But I don’t think Elena’s suddenly going to be human again, and if she is, I’m already rolling my eyes. Because we’ll be back to her wondering who she wants to be with, torn because Stefan slept with Rebekah, and still wondering how much she really cares for Damon, who she’ll realize might be a bad guy all over again.

Ok, I’ll confess: I just want her and Damon together already.

But you get what I’m saying. In other news, Bonnie’s becoming an uber-powerful super witch, which is pretty cool. But then again, I’ve been spoiled with such a storyline in Buffy, so I have high standards. I’m more just disappointed that she’s stuck surrounding herself with the evil professor, her dad (who I never really wondered about), and a vampire mom (was I the only one who didn’t know she had a vamp mom?). I just want her to have better material.

Anyway, things are moving forward, and I am enjoying the ride. I just am not quite sure I’m going to love the destination.

Vampire Diaries: O Come, All Ye Faithful

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.09 “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

Whoa. As always, TVD delivers in another finale. True, this was only the mid-season finale, but it didn’t make the ending any less shocking.

Let’s see, what happened. In the very nice, sweet category: Jeremy still has feelings for Bonnie and was able to use that to detour his hunter lust. In the heartbreaking category: Damon let Elena go, in the hopes that she won’t be sired to him anymore. And in the haha, well, you deserve it because you suck category: Stefan got all pissy because he found out Elena slept with Damon. And by the way, Caroline, are you unable to keep a secret? Geez.

I’m not going to be too mad at Caroline, though, because she’s got some rough times coming, now that Tyler’s on the run from Klaus. It looks lik ethe big plan to put down the Big Bad went wrong — or more accurately, was sabotaged — and now, not only are the many hybrids dead, but Klaus is looking for Tyler next. And he’ll do what he has to do to get his revenge, even if that means taking out the only human in Tyler’s life: his mother.

Now, while his mother’s death was shocking, I can’t say I felt too much. She hasn’t been in the series all that much (now, if it were Caroline’s mother, that’d be different), but I can only imagine the repercussions. This isn’t going to be pretty, folks.

Meanwhile, April seems to have stumbled into the supernatural, not only by seeing Caroline undead; then seeing if not Klaus actually rip out a heart, seeing what remained; and now seeing her friend corpsified with a big stake in her heart. While April’s a nice girl, I somehow doubt she’s going to take the side of the good guys when her friend’s in a coffin. She just may be a fan of the Originals.

But last and, well, least, let’s discuss the cure. We’ve discovered the real story behind the cure, that it was developed by an immortal who was left immortal and alone when his love was killed. He finally came up with a cure, but was buried alive with it.

Now, that’s all well and good. But somehow, I still think this “cure” is too good to be true. I doubt you just become human again. If you were immortal, hoping for death, wouldn’t the “cure” be death? And if you’re a hunter, protecting the cure, why would it turn vampires human? Wouldn’t it just kill them?

I still think the cure is just a dumb ploy, and I’m not falling for it. But maybe I’m just cynical. But what keeps me watching? Well, there’s always the love between a certain vampire and his sired gal.