No ‘Bones’ about it

BONES: 4.07 “The Skull in the Sculpture”

Sorry my title’s lame. I had to use it at some point, right?

Anyway, Wednesday’s episode of Bones was good. To be honest, maybe it was the sickness I was fighting, but I couldn’t quite concentrate on it. I could concentrate on the main plot, but I kept missing one-liner after one-liner–which is unfortunate, because there were many. Fortunately, I TiVoed it, which meant that I had the rewind button.

The main one-liners happened to be from or in response to a returning guest star, Carla Gallo. Now, I love her. I watched her in Undeclared and a few episodes of Carnivale. I tend to really enjoy whatever she’s on. And she didn’t disappoint in Bones. She had that strange quirky side that all of the characters seem to have; unfortunately, to them, she’s just too obnoxious to keep around!

Oh, and she breaks things like skulls. Whoops.

But anyway, I’ll be disappointed that she won’t be the new Zack, but on the bright side, we still don’t have a new Zack! I love that they can’t seem to replace him. It’s such a fun little element they’ve brought into this season. I do wonder if Daisy will be returning anyway, if only because she’s Sweets’ sweetie.

The rest of the episode was straight-forward. I enjoyed seeing Vicki Lewis also guest. I must admit, at first I didn’t even recognize her. As a fan of NewsRadio, I’m prone to picking out alums, but she missed my sharp eye–even after I saw her name pass by the guest star list. Anyway, she did a great job, I’d say, even if she did smush a guy like a bug.

Sadly, I don’t have much else to say. I almost fear to say that I saw a little bit of the ending coming. I kinda could see that Vicki was going to be one of the suspects, despite everyone ignoring her. Perhaps it was her callous attitude? The fact that she didn’t care? I’m not sure. But I hope every episode isn’t so predictable.

And then there is Angela. It was interesting to see that she had a swinging side, but it didn’t grab my attention much. Then again, perhaps it’s because I’m fan of Buffy, so the whole lesbian kiss thing isn’t new to me. I suppose we needed to see that someone cared about the case and was fighting for someone–and that she’s still struggling with relationship troubles.

But Hodgins and the jaws of life: That was just great.

As always, I’m opening this up to thoughts from our veteran watchers. I’m still new, so let me know if you disagree or agree!


Back to (summer) school

Greek: 1.1 The Pilot

ABC Family has started another series to grab the attention of the late teen/young adult crowd (ok, maybe just late teen and I need to grow up a little). After wincing through the commercials for this series, I really didn’t want to sit down and watch the show. It looked like just another stereotypical college show, and as far as those go, none can add up to the wonder of Undeclared, so I didn’t want to waste my time. But then again, it is summer, and nothing but reruns are on, so I decided, why not watch and review.

Here’s my review: It was ok. Not great. Not awesome. But not bad. Just ok.

My main concern for the show is that Casey, the female lead, is not really likable right now. I don’t really like watching her. I find her cold and irritating. I had a moment’s pity for her when she discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity, but then it was lost again with her choice to sleep with Cappie (by the way, what a stereotypical college slacker party kid’s name).

Plus, the sorority girls are too…much. Yes, some sororities, I’m sure, are like that, but I feel like to make a show like this worth it–to make a show based on Greek life successful–you have to move past the blonde stereotypes. If you don’t want to do that, make it FUNNY. Beyond the first scene, they were just annoying.

The redeeming people in this show, though, are the men. Perhaps not the flat character of Evan, but Rusty, Calvin, and even Cappie. These people you can see in real life. We feel for Cappie and his relentless attachment to Casey (though we have no idea why and picturing them dating for a year is a little hard to believe).

And you really want to like Rusty. He’s great. Very similar to Steven Karp in Undeclared with his college excitement and good heart to be honest. While it might not be a fair comparison in other directions, it is nice to see a likable lead. I’m just hoping we can keep him fresh and not fall back on rerun storylines. It’s about creating the character and then bringing him into a unique self. I’m afraid there might be a struggle up ahead for the writers in this department. Especially now that I’ve made his shoes those of Steven Karp’s.

I think the roommate character could bring about the humor the show needs, but we’re not there yet. The first impressions of him are Christian music, a huge crucifix, a Bible, and a Confederate flag. Ok… Looking at the last object alone, where is the Southern accent? I hate to fall to stereotypes myself, but that’s what he’s supposed to be! If you’re going to hint at it and try to make him comical, just do it. Go all the way. Over the top! I do think he could bring about some interesting stuff…

And hey, how about that, we have a little teaser of a story arch with the “drunken” *cough cough* homosexual night between Calvin and a frat boy. That could get interesting, but let’s hope it’s after we get past this girly cat fight that’s inevitably going to happen between Casey and the girl who slept with Evan.

So anyway, it’s got it’s ups and downs. For a pilot, it was ok. I’ll tune into the next episode if I remember. The bad part is, they’ve made a pilot for people to say “if I remember.” We’ll see what happens.

One last thing, in case you were wondering, yes, that was LonelyGirl15 in that one sorority scene for all of you with sharp eyes. It looks like Jessica Rose is moving out of YouTube. Let’s see if any fans follow; she will be in upcoming episodes.