Get McHale Mid-Week: The Soup Moves to Wednesday. (Plus, a Giveaway!)

UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Let me know your favorite part about watching The Soup in the comments by Sunday, December 11!


Well, if Joel McHale didn’t have enough on his plate with Community, he’s now got more in his soup bowl.

Starting tomorrow,  The Soup has a new night. The Soup will air on Wednesdays at 10 pm, moving from its Friday timeslot. As a fan of The Soup, I’m actually rather excited. Friday’s always been a busy night for me (it’s hard enough to make sure I sit down and watch Fringe and Say Yes to the Dress, let alone The Soup), so a mid-week airing could certainly help me out. Especially once One Tree Hill is back on the air. That show gives McHale a lot of material.

And that’s not all. With this exciting new move, The Soup is getting a bright and shiny new website and a new mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones tomorrow, which will give fans who download the app exclusive content.

So in honor of the move (and in support of Joel McHale, who needs it, given Community‘s hanging in the balance, sigh), I’m giving away five posters to some Soup-y fans. Just leave a comment below and let me know your favorite part about watching The Soup. I’ll choose five winners at random next Friday, December 9 on Sunday, December 11, so be sure to get your comments in before then!

And don’t forget to check out The Soup tomorrow night!

The giveaway has now ended and winners have been contacted.
Thanks to all who participated!


Why I’m looking forward to ‘Top Model’ cycle 13

I know I don’t talk about it here that much (and let me know if you want that to change), but I really am one of those people that is hooked on America’s Next Top Model. I’m a sucker for the photography. I sigh every time their challenge is to do a commercial because I love seeing the pictures in the end.

And hey, the conflict and ridiculousness of Tyra’s ego is always fun, too. There’s a reason that ANTM is often featured on The Soup.

But this cycle is different. How? Well, we’ve got “short” girls in our midst! Well, “short” is relative, since to models, 5’7″ is a shorty. But this cycle we’ve got girls that are under 5’7″, which means that average girls are in the running. As someone who is of the less-than-tall persuasion, I’m really curious how they’ll do this.

I mean, since this show has started, it’s been tall, tall, tall. If you weren’t at least 5’9″, you would probably not make it to the final five because they just couldn’t see you on the runway. Now no one reaches that bar–literally.

So what will they do? Tell them over and over that they need to appear taller? Or should they accept their shorter stature? Will they feature petite designers? Or will they put these girls in awkward tall situations just to torture them and to see how they come out?

Or will they just force them all to wear eight-inch shoes? I could see that one happening, too.

Ultimately, I just think this will be more of a problem for the judges than anyone else. I mean, they won’t be used to this obstacle. They’ve grown in the modeling world with the typical model, so how will they deal with the atypical group?

Speaking of the judges, from what I recall, Paulina won’t be back this year. Any word whether that’s still true, or whether they’ve picked a new judge? I haven’t seen anything surface about it. Could they only go with three? Miss J, Tyra, and Nigel? Come on, they need someone in there to balance those egos. Let’s bring Twiggy back! (I’m always a fan of Twiggy.)

Anyway, it should be an interesting season. And if you haven’t checked them out yet, The CW has already posted the 13 girls for the season. This bums me out a little bit since now we know who will remain standing after the two-hour premiere episode. Takes a little bit of the surprise out of the episode.

So now I wonder. Is it worth watching? Well, maybe so. Maybe they’ll have some horrible theme like last year’s “high-tech” scenarios (is Tyra wrapped in tin foil?) or the goddess theme (yes, that’s what Tyra’s ego needs). So that might be entertaining enough.

Plus, if you miss that episode, you’ll probably miss that seasons social cause. I hate to make fun of the show for that; I think it’s great to have one cast member dealing with a real social cause that we all should be aware of (think Heather and autism), but the way they play it up just infuriates me. Clearly, they do it more for ratings than anything else.

Anyway, the show starts on Wednesday, September 9. Check it out. And let me know if you want more coverage here. I’m always open to doing more (though I’m not sure what I would say!).

You laugh, you cry, you…say good-bye?

ONE TREE HILL: 6.23 “Forever and Almost Always”

Oh, One Tree Hill sure knows how to make a funny episode. But I’ll get to that a little later. I thoroughly enjoyed Monday’s episode, though. It was great.

I think it’s great that with a storyline like Peyton and Lucas’, they can really make a meaningful episode that makes you laugh at the same time. I don’t know why it wouldn’t have occurred to me that with white rose petals will come a bloodbath, but it should have. It’s a very artistic way to counterbalance the fright of Peyton’s collapse.

The promos for next week’s episode do not look good. Will Peyton die? I don’t know. But if you haven’t heard the news, both Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray will be leaving the show, so death is a good way to write her out. (I’ve heard some vague spoilers if you’re interested, but you’ll need to comment and ask–preferably leave a Twitter name or email address.)

Beyond that, though, it was just a fun episode. Maybe not for Nathan and Brooke. Nathan was bummed since he wasn’t called up to the NBA, and Brooke had to face her lost love–plus mini-Brooke!

Ok, that was just hilarious. Methinks The Soup will have much to say about the return of Nick Lachey.

Anyway, I loved Skills and Jamie. Loved that no parents were there (including any awkward Dan appearances). Can’t say I loved Mia, as I was getting really sick of her and Chase’s discussion of slutty wedding sex (btw, who thinks that Nathan and Haley just made another baby? I do!), but that’s just because those two are boring. I hope they don’t become regulars now that Lucas and Peyton will be gone.

Ok, favorite parts and lines.

  • “You teased him about his boy band.” – Peyton to Julian, after Nich Lachey punches him in the face.
  • “Poison? You’re going to go with that?” – Peyton to Haley, after she starts spouting Poison lyrics.
  • “Just go with whatever I told you before Lindsey’s wedding.” – Nathan to Lucas.
  • The entire Skills/Jamie part. The leash, to make sure that he didn’t get kidnapped, like at Lindsey’s wedding. The fact that the leash was then attached to a dog without his knowing. Finally, Haley’s “Really, Skills?” when Jamie disappears to play with said dog.

Overall, it was just fun. I really enjoyed it. Oh, and Julian’s speech to Brooke’s mother? Wow. I never really cared much for Julian–he was ok and stuff, but nothing much more–but that was awesome.

A mother, a child, and a motherless child

ONE TREE HILL: 6.22 “Show Me How to Live”

This was a very sad episode of One Tree Hill. I mean, really sad.

First, you have Peyton making her good-bye video for her unborn child. So of course that was going to be sad (and cheesy–her 100 songs to live by? Really?).

But then we moved on to Brooke, who has to give up Sam. I’m actually surprised that Sam disappeared so quickly, honestly. I mean, it was just last week that she started talking to her mom (and sorry I didn’t review last week’s ep, btw, I think I was just too blocked because of the horrendous wig that Peyton wore throughout the episode).

But really, I thought that we’d have more tensions about Sam with Victoria. And maybe some sort of confrontation between Brooke and Sam’s birth mother.

Didn’t it just seem too easy? That Sam’s mom would just suddenly want her back? That this woman who works in a diner has the perfect house with the white picket fence that Sam has always wanted? (I bet she rents.)

I mean, sure, it wasn’t easy for Brooke, who had to give her up. I mean, Brooke can see her any time, I’m sure, but ultimately, she lost her daughter. I do think that this opens up doors for Victoria to step in. Whether that means being a mother or taking advantage of vulnerability, I guess we’ll see.

And what about Victoria? I still doubt that Brooke’s decision to divorce her as her mother had that much of an impact, and needing Brooke in the business doesn’t mean that she needs her in life, so what’s her angle? I don’t believe her softer side quite yet.

Meanwhile, in a way of lightening the mood (unsuccessfully), we have Skills on a date with Jamie’s teacher…with random kid in tow. This didn’t humor me all that much. It was a bit cliched.

Oh, and in other news, did anyone else hate the picture they chose for Mia’s CD cover? It’s unfortunate they chose it for the actual Kate Voegele CD. As much as I love her music, it looks like she’s sitting on the crapper. I think they could have done better. Feel free to argue with me. Look at it here.

(By the way, apparently they’re combining the fictional Mia release and the real Kate Voegele release in the season finale. If you want more info, comment.)

Anyway, overall, the episode was successful in its sadness. Next week looks funny, though. One Tree Hill weddings always have excitement, and hey, Nick Lachey is back. Maybe he’ll give more for The Soup to talk about.

NBC: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Well, NBC has announced it’s upcoming new shows, as well as some shows that will be picked up. And to be honest, I can’t say I’m over the moon about any of them. Well, maybe one.

What’s original here? NBC seemed to be one of the networks we’re more curious about, what with ER‘s  good-bye and their newest pitch to have Leno have a 10:00 daily talk show. And yes, that Leno plan is still happening.

And while I have mixed feelins about Leno’s show (I think it’s a terrible idea, though at least it will be a backup to reruns at 10:00 on other networks), that now limits NBC to two hours of programming. So what do we have?

Well, in place of ER, we’ve now got two new hospital dramas, one of which has Michelle Trachtenberg as a nurse–something I doubt very heavily. Sorry, Michelle fans, but somehow that just seems odd to me. Can she play an adult? I mean, I saw her relatively try in The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, and it was painful.

We’ve also got Day One, which apparently has someone from Heroes involved (let’s hope season 1) and involves people reacting after a global disaster. Didn’t we do this a few years ago and call it Jericho? The frontrunner of that show is Julia Gonzalo, the most annoying cast member of the lost Eli Stone.

And then what? Parenthood? Oh dear, Maura Tierney, is there no hope left? At least Monica Potter’s finding work after Trust Me was canceled.

But where, oh, where are the original premises? I’m most looking forward to Community, mainly because it stars Joel McHale of The Soup, but from what I’ve read on other blogs, people are less enthused because it’s “just another multi-camera comedy.” I’ll take that any day over another Parks and Recreation, which, by the way, has been renewed.

Speaking of renewals, what about the ones we’re really wondering about? No news on Chuck, and contrary to various reports this weekend, it looks like Medium hasn’t yet been decided on yet, either. From what I can tell, you’ll have to wait until May 19, when they announce the fall schedule.

These are two very popular series. I’m still surprised they’re being debated.

Meanwhile, we can expect the return of Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, reality TV, and at least one Law & Order series.

What else is missing? My Name Is Earl. Again, very surprised.

I should mention that all of these might not be fall shows–some may be winter or “event”–but I think there are some surprises and disappointments here. With such original series as Chuck and, of course, Kings, we’re stuck with the old and the done.

So here’s what I suggest. If you don’t like what you see, and you’re waiting for your favorite NBC show to appear, you better get moving. Write to NBC, post blogs, do what you must. You’re running out of time, and we’re running out of quality.

Mondays are hard

Especially when we’ve had a weekend of reruns, and there’s little to say about TV. I covered the Oscars (and sadly, I think my opinions run against the crowd). And of course there was Dollhouse. But then nothing.

So what can you do for excitement on a Monday? Well, first, if you’re a Buffy fan, watch this: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Abridged). It’s great. Of course, if you haven’t seen the full series of Buffy yet (I’m talking to you, JC), then perhaps you should hold off. But the way it’s synced up with the music is fantastic.

In other news, some new players have been mentioned for upcoming series. On in particular that strikes my eye is Joel McHale (of The Soup), who’s going to be in NBC’s show Community. I know nothing about it, but I thoroughly enjoy Joel McHale. Of course, a TV series will make it difficult for him to tour Boston with his standup–I’m not sure which I want more. Here’s the one-liner from the article I read this from:

The Sony-produced “Community” is described as “Stripes” in a community college and centers on Jeff (McHale), a lawyer who is back at school after his college degree is deemed invalid.

What do you think of him acting? I’m not sure. I hope they don’t ruin him. And I hope he still does The Soup.

In other news from that same article, Marc Blucas–yes, Buffy fans, Riley–is going to be in a show called See Cate Run. Other than the annoyance at spelling “Cate” that way, I have no opinion of this show as I no nothing about hit. But supposedly,

The ABC Studios-produced “Cate” centers on C.C. (Amy Smart), a young prosecuting attorney who one day is going to be a serious contender for U.S. president. Lapira (“21”) will play an attorney who works with C.C. and is her roommate. Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) will play a legendary campaign guru who sees C.C.’s potential.

Wait-wait! I just did a double take. Does that say Amy Smart is going to be contender for U.S. President?!?!?! Ok, I might take back my statement about having no opinion. You can tell me “I told you so!” later, but I see this as a flop. Sorry, Marc. And Amy. I like Amy Smart, but what odd casting!

Read the rest of the article if you’d like. There are some other interesting things on there, and others that are just ho-hum. I don’t think I’ll really decide on anything until more definitive descriptions and possibly trailers are available (or at least air dates), but anyway, that’s your Monday interesting stuff post.