Um, did ‘The Best Years’ just end?

I’ve been really behind in my writing about The Best Years. Mainly because I’ve been behind in watching the last few episodes of The Best Years. I mean, if you compare this season with the previous one, it just doesn’t compare. There’s very little that has happened compared to cocaine overdoses, hit and runs, incestuous abuse, club break-ins, and more.

But I was very surprised when I caught up on the last three episodes of season two that they seem to be the last three episodes of season two. Did the season just end? More so, did the series just end?

Here’s what clued me in: Sam’s ending voiceover referred to the series title. That generally means there’s an ending. Plus, I saw no previews for the next episode.

It didn’t seem to feel like a finale, though. I mean, sure, Poppy and Del were happy in the end (weird couple, by the way, though I’m glad Del is happy). And Robyn and Noah got back together. Plus, I guess there was a cliffhanger, what with Rich’s leaving to be an intern for six months or forever (so much for a college degree…).

So I guess on paper, it reads season finale. Of course, it was a very abbreviated season that aired long after the first season, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s coming back. But it has to, right? I mean, I feel like things are unresolved.

But then again, they kind-of are. We don’t seem to have any more of Sam’s family issues. Now that she’s getting $300 a week or her column, I guess she doesn’t have to worry about money anymore. She’s in a relationship. All of her friends are in a relationship, except Kat, who seems quite content with helping others through her “Catherines” group (also weird).

The only question really worth asking is what will happen with Rich, who I don’t even care about anyway.

I really wonder if we’ll see anymore of the show, which is really disappointing. I was so into the first season (you can tell by my two recap reviews), and I really got to know the characters. I was disappointed that most of them didn’t return for season two–especially Trent–and that the action disappeared. Now season two seems to have slipped through my fingers.

Am I wrong? Will there be more to see? I’m less familiar with The N, so I’m not sure how their seasons work. Does anyone have any info out there that you can send to little blog writers like me?

If this is the end, it really does disappoint. Maybe I’ll just go sit in my room and rewatch season one. Reminisce about the good ol’ days and make up my own seasons two and three.


Recap Reviews: The Best Years Season 1, Disk 1

the-best-yearsTHE BEST YEARS SEASON 1: Disk 1 (Episodes 1-4)

The good thing about having nothing on currently on Tuesday nights (ok, so Reaper was on and I missed again, bad me) is that I can catch up on my nifty Recap Reviews.

For example, last night, I caught up with this show, The Best Years. Now, I don’t get The N network, so this show is new to me. But it’s your basic girl goes to college and meets new people–in a drama. Of course, this particular girl is one that was tossed from foster home to foster home and is trying to make it in the big world on her own with a full scholarship (one that doesn’t even cover a meal plan). Oh, yeah. Plus, she and her friends see someone die on their second day of O-week (or Frosh week, as they called it).

To be honest, it’s a twist that you don’t see coming, especially if all you’ve read is the back panel of the DVD set. But then again, that makes all the difference. It adds a sense of originality, plus a deeper crack between all the characters, that would otherwise just be a show with stereotypical characters that we’ve seen time and time again.

I’ve only watched the first disk so far, which means the first four episodes, but so far, I’m intrigued by the show. Sure, it’s got your regular college issues: sorority rush and trouble with the RA. And of course, there’s over-the-top characterization, like the fact that the star of the basketball team has his own calendar, and girls are dying to win a date with him. (The winner, of course, was the lunch lady. And why wouldn’t it be?) Throw in some less-than-complicated love triangles, and you’re set. Oh, and the occasional (cough, cough, every episode) underage drinking, of course.

But otherwise, it’s a fun watch. I mean, the fact that I could sit down and watch four episodes in a row should give you a good feeling. Plus, I found this nice New York Times article from when it was first aired, and I don’t appear to be the only one. It’s no Undeclared, but what can be? If you prefer more of the Dawson’s Creek and Felicity dramas, this might be more up your alley.

Anyway, I’ll dive into more as I find time to watch the rest of the season. If you’ve got The N, I hear season 2 is coming on this spring, so if you want to check it out, looks like you’ve got options. Plus, the show takes place in Boston (at a fictional university), so you get some great shots of the city now and again. From a Bostoner’s perspective, I like it, though sometimes there are a few too many between scenes.

One final note: I must say that I’m glad I’m no longer in college. After seeing some of those dresses those girls had to wear to go party, I’m so glad I was in the black pants and sparkly top crowd way back when.