A Twilight Recast: Bye-bye Victoria

Oh boo.

I don’t even care about Twilight, but this newest news really makes me sad. Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria in the original Twilight movie has been recast, according to this E! Online article. Supposedly, she had a ten-day conflict and they decided to recast her for the movie Eclipse, which is just starting to film. Replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard would just save more money.

According to the article, the cast members of Twilight are a little bummed, since Lefevre was basically a mother hen to the group. She was only 30, but the rest of the group is a good ten (or so) years younger.

So why do I care? I personally like Lefevre. For any of you who have read some of my posts in the past, you might recall that I bring up a certain ABC Family movie See Jane Date. Well, Lefevre was in that, playing one of Jane’s best friends–and a fun one at that. For things that I like, I tend to follow their work.

And honestly, this seemed like a break for her. I mean, she really hasn’t been in that much except for tiny roles, Twilight included. You really wouldn’t have noticed her except for the final scene of the movie, when it’s rather clear that she’ll be back for vengeance. Or, of course, if you read the books.

So yeah, it kinda bugs me that they’re recasting over such a lame excuse. If they refuse to fire the kid playing Jacob when he clearly can’t be the giant size he needs to be, why should they get rid of Lefevre?

You know what this means, right? Now I’m basically watching these movies for Michael Welch, who played Mike in the films. Why him? Well, he was Luke in one of my favorite series, Joan of Arcadia. I mean it. I’ll follow my favorite people.

Well, at least Lefevre is in the next installment New Moon, but that’s almost even more frustrating. Having two movies of a series and then changing the cast. Annoying. I mean, the only reason Harry Potter changed actors mid-through for Dumbledore was because the actor passed away. And look how many movies they’ve had.

There’s something about loyalty that’s missing here. I mean, is money really the issue? This movie’s going to make a ton, and I’m sure there are higher paid stars that they could weed out. This is just disappointing.

Maybe I’m too invested. Some fans out there probably don’t care if Victoria is now played by a random new redhead.

But not me. I liked her. Boo, Twilight.  Boo.


Nothing special during ‘Labor’


I’m a big fan of ABC Family original movies–well, some of them. The tweenager movies aren’t so great, but their romantic comedies are usually pretty cute. But I must say, Lindsay Lohan’s newest film wasn’t that great.

I’m surprised that this show was at first considered to go into theaters. It was big news when they announced that it was going to become a TV movie instead. But you know what? It was the right move.

There wasn’t much special about this movie. And there wasn’t that much special about Lindsay Lohan’s character Thea. And by that I mean, she wasn’t that adorable.

Usually, in the ABC Family romantic comedies, the leading lady is instantly adorable and likeable, even when they’re being deceptive (think Melissa Joan Hart in her handful of movies). Lindsay Lohan? It’s not that didn’t like her, but she didn’t really grab me as someone that I particularly liked. She was just…there. In fact, I had no opinion of her at all. I thought it was kinda cute to see her start to accept the pregnancy, but that was about it. Nothing more.

And as a personal pet peeve, the errors in the story bugged me more than anything. First (and I took a quick perusal of the web to make sure I’m right on this), I don’t think there’s a law saying you can’t fire a pregnant woman. There are rules that say you can’t fire a woman for being pregnant, or for taking time off for pregnancy (sick days, doctor’s appointments, maternity leave), or for being unable to do parts of her job because she is pregnant, etc. However, I don’t think that if Thea was being fired because of how bad she did at her job, pregnancy would save her. These two things have nothing in common, and pregnancy has nothing to do with the decision to let her go.

Also, as someone who’s quite familiar with the publishing industry, the setting of her job was quite erroneous. If you’re interested in my take, just leave a comment and ask (I’ll either comment back or email directly). I won’t spill it all here, as it’s my own personal interests, but I at least wanted to call it out.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad movie. It just wasn’t spectacular. I’d choose it over that Ashley Tisdale one with the phone (blah). But hey, it did the job for a cute movie on a Sunday night. Kept me watching something while organizing computer files.

Wait, was that a compliment or not? You decide.

Selena Gomez: That girl can dance


So I’m another week behind on Desperate Housewives solely because I chose to watch the ABC Family Channel movie Another Cinderella Story. I’ve always been a fan of ABC Family’s movies like Celeste in the City and See Jane Date (my ultimate favorite), but lately they’ve turned more to the tween crowd. After all Picture This sucked. But I wanted to try this one out because I wanted to see if Picture This was a fluke, and I love dance movies.

I’d seen Hilary Duff’s Cinderella Story before, so I was aware of the premise: girl is treated like a servant by her step-mom and has two super-annoying, wannabe-popular stepsisters; girl goes to masquerade ball and meets her dream guy, who just happens to be the most popular guy in school and the ex of the most popular girl; girl gets humiliated but ultimately she gets the guy.

The same thing was here, but different. I was seriously expecting it to be the same thing, maybe with one or more tweaks, but I’d say the successfully took a framework and applied a different story. It was more like a map, hitting main landmarks along the way: step-mother, step-sisters, masquerade.

Here, Selena Gomez (Mary) is our star, but she’s not related to the “pop star” step-mom (the fact that this woman is still famous was unbelievable, unless they were unsuccessfully trying to make her a has-been that thought she was still a star). Instead, the woman took her in as an orphan solely to have her as a servant, therefore becoming the legal guardian.

And the premise is a dance competition, where a famous pop star/dancer comes back home to host it. Selena and said star meet and fall for each other through dance. Sounds lame, I know, but I loved the choreography, so it made it watchable.

Of course, the usual obstacles unfold: step-mother sabotages Mary’s chance at an audition at a dance school; popular girl sabotages Mary’s relationship with pop star; and step-sisters humiliate Mary.

The most obnoxious part of this entire movie was the step-sisters, honestly. Or just one. The one with the braces. I never learned either of their names, which goes to show you how terrible these characters are, and the braces girl just was a terrible actress and character all around. Why even her own sister would hang out with her, I don’t know. In fact, if it wasn’t for the dancing, I think I might’ve had to do something drastic–and I don’t mean change the channel.

But the dancing was awesome. I very much enjoyed watching all the dance numbers at the end (though with all the quality talent there, I don’t know how the step-sisters even got in it). They were pretty awesome–boys and girls alike. Of course, with said numbers, the story ends happily. Well, of course, except for the step-mom, who breaks both her legs.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the best movie out there, and I won’t be rushing to the stores to buy it. But it was a good fluff movie and had some kick-ass dance moves in there, so it was worth seeing some of it just that one time.

And now that it’s over, maybe I can finally get that Selena Gomez song out of my head that’s been playing over and over and over in the ads. Seriously, it’s been there for days.