Christmas Challenge: Scrubs

SCRUBS: 1.11 “My Own Personal Jesus”

I love this episode. It’s probably not my favorite episode of Scrubs (they have some fantastic ones), but this one is just great. What’s funny, though, is that, despite how many times I’ve seen it, there are a lot of things I don’t remember. At least, I forgot that certain plots were part of this episode in particular.

For example, take JD’s mistake while taping the birth of the new baby. First, I always wonder why Cox wouldn’t tell JD to replace the tape (if someone handed me a camera, I would figure that it was ready to go). But second, I completely forgot that there were two baby stories in this one episode. I thought this stood on its own elsewhere in the Scrubs canon. But this isn’t really the story that makes me love this episode (clearly, if I forgot it).

But before I get there, I wanted to mention Elliot. She’s another one that I forget about this episode. Her quest to prove that she’s not another woman that’s going to move to pediatrics or gynecology. Because of this stubbornness, she turns away a troubled girl who needs to have her child immediately.

Which all leads me to Turk. Turk’s doubt of God in this episode is really what I love about this episode. Not the doubt in particular, the how much of his story feels like a real Christmas story. After seeing so much violence, pain, and hopelessness on Christmas Eve in the hospital, Turk has doubts about his faith.

But in one of the best moments in the episode, Turk sees a shining light in the sky that makes him run — RUN — to the park, just in time to help the young mother give birth to her Christmas child. I don’t know why, but Turk’s running always gives me goosebumps, even thought it’s slightly comedic in how dramatic it was.

In the end, they have a new baby in the world, and even JD can see that similarities to Jesus’ own Christmas story (even putting people in their own nativity costumes). It’s a beautiful moment, topped off by JD’s statement, “God Bless Us, Everyone.”

Yeah, even the group found that one cheesy. So we leave the show with the characters we love just as they were, a bunch of friends teasing each other this bright and shiny Christmas season.

Recommendation: Definitely watch this episode at Christmastime. It will get you in the spirit and make you laugh at the same time. Plus, it’s one of the few episodes that has religious undertones. And sometimes that’s just nice to see at Christmastime, you know?

#MusicMonday: More Than a Feeling

Boo. Gross. The start of another week? Who wants that?

Well, here at Raked, we think your Monday should rock. At least today. So to start your week off right, we’re here to make that happen. Well, maybe more accurately, Turk and the Crew are. After all, here they are, rocking “More Than a Feeling” with their airband.

Enjoy the tune. We’ll try to fill in a few more of your Mondays with some good tunes, and in case you like this one, go ahead and buy the CD! That’s Boston, of course, not Turk.

Thursday Open Thread: Stupid Rating Stunts

Tonight is a night that no one on Grey’s Anatomy will ever forget. It’s the night that their careers will be forever tainted because they participated in Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Episode.

You know, I really wish I were kidding. But no. This show, that strives to be a dramatic representation of a hospital — no quirks, not fantasy, no make-believe — is doing a musical episode. Now, before you picture McDreamy dancing up and down the hallways, I don’t think it’s that extreme, but in a show like this, a musical episode just doesn’t fit, and I find it incredibly dumb. It’s a stunt, just to get people to watch.

Sadly, because I want to see how much of a trainwreck it is, I’m probably going to fall in that trap, but I’ll be sure to do it on my own TiVo that was homemade on my own time this weekend, so my one eensy viewing will hopefully not help their ratings. You can let me know if my plan won’t work that way. But anyway, all of this is to ask:

What is the stupidest TV rating stunt you’ve seen?

This can be cameo appearances or guest stars. Ridiculous plotlines. “Live” shows (we can thank ER for starting that trend). Fantasy or dream episodes. Heck, even musical episodes.

Actually, I think hospital shows tend to fall in this category a lot. I mean, ER had a helicopter chop off someone’s arm, only to have him recuperate and die once another helicopter fell on him. Grey’s Anatomy had an episode where a bomb was in someone’s chest.

But it’s not just drama that can do too much. Scrubs once did an episode where everyone was some fantastical, medieval character, and Turk and Carla were a two-headed monster. Every time I see that episode rerun, I change the channel. Or what about soaps, when we had the serial killer on Days of Our Lives, only to have them all be alive on some secret island (or was it a room? I forget).

Anyway, there are some stupid stunts on TV, and while they may not all be during sweeps, they are all to get people to watch. So which one bothered you? Let me know in the comments.

Don’t these people know that’s why you do musical theater while you’re on hiatus? Bah.

Thursday Open Thread: Songs that Remind You of Shows

Yesterday as I was driving to work, I rocked out to Gavin DeGraw‘s “I Don’t Wanna Be” on the radio. It got me thinking, of course, about One Tree Hill–not only because it’s the theme song (though I love how they’re incorporating various covers of the song every week), but because One Tree Hill really made a solid effort to support Gavin DeGraw, much like they’ve done for Kate Voegele and Wakey Wakey. In fact, when I hear “Almost Everything,” I can only think of the OTH character and his finishing the album to get over his unrequited love. Or “Brooklyn” and the OTH promo that used it.

So what songs or artists remind you of shows?

It can be a fun or painful question. Painful, why? Well, let’s just say that every time I hear “With or Without You,” I think of Rachel looking lamentingly out her apartment window on Friends. I don’t generally like to think of Ross and Rachel out of any famous TV couple.

On the other hand, I love Joshua Radin and Colin Hay’s “Overkill,” and I love that both of them remind me of Scrubs. It’s funny. Some of these songs don’t even play important roles in the shows, but I still think of them. It doesn’t have to be a theme song to remind you of something, you know?

So what’s on your TV soundtrack, and what show does it remind you of? It can be a promo, episode montage, or hey, I’ll even throw in a theme song. After all, do any of you not think of Dawson’s Creek when you hear “I Don’t Want to Wait”?

Now, I put a TON of links up there to artists and even clips, so instead of an image, how about something adorable and cute?

Unrelated to the show, they just put this up as a cold open. Love it.

Thursday Open Thread: Name your TV musical

A few years ago, there was a good stream of musical episodes. Buffy, Scrubs–just to name two of my favorites. There was a slight renewal in musicals this spring when FOX was hyping Glee, but why not ask for more?

What show would you like to see a musical episode of?

Now, Eli Stone would have been a natural choice, but it’s not on the air anymore (and in some episodes, it was pretty close). But now, if I could choose, I think Drop Dead Diva could pull it off, even if it was a dream. They had some great fun in the season opener, and frankly, Brooke Elliot has a fantastic voice. Even Margaret Cho got to sing. Plus, they’ve got two ex-dancers in the cast, so it’s just adding up to some fun.

What about you? Or would you want to see any at all? I’ll leave you with some fun YouTube clips of some fun TV musical numbers. Not too many, but a couple.

The best part about that video are the cheesy firetrucks that go by when they sing the word, “Burn.”

Thursday Open Thread: Wedding episodes

Ok, this might pain some of my male readers, but here goes nothing.

I’m actually attending a friend’s wedding tomorrow–as a bridesmaid, no less–so I’ve got weddings on the brain. Plus, there are sites everywhere spouting spoilers about possible engagements on upcoming season finales (or in the episodes leading up to them), and heck, it’s a major plot point in Life Unexpected, among other shows–who’s not being bombarded? Add in the fact that NBC has two hours of the Pam/Jim saga on tonight  (er, I mean, The Office), one of which is the wedding episode, so it’s all weddings weddings weddings all over TV.

I mean, when we’re nearing the end of a season, it’s time for weddings or character deaths, so let’s focus on weddings!

What’s your favorite TV wedding episode?

I have to say, I recently watched a rerun of Turk and Carla’s wedding on Scrubs and I forgot how funny that episode was. And, of course, I have to give a shoutout to Buffy just because Anya’s dress choices were just that humorous (even if the episode might not be all happy-go-lucky all the time, but hey, that’s Buffy).

But really, my vote goes out to an oldie but goodie. We’re talking Cass and Lila on Another World. Yes, a soap. It was the series finale of the show, and Cass gets kidnapped by a gorilla and held hostage in a tree. In order to get the gorilla to let go of Cass, the cast has to sing “Get Up Offa That Thing” to her. You think I’m making this up. I’m not. So yes, folks, that one gets my vote.

What about you?

image from

I was really trying to find video or images from that gorilla scene on Another World. Sadly, since it was in the 1990s, of course, there’s little online. But really you just had to see it. In fact, I think I still have it on VHS somewhere.

Worried about ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Better Off Ted’?

If you’re anything like me, you were all ready to nestle into the couch and watch a new episode of Scrubs this week. Ok, maybe you don’t nestle. Maybe you were going to plop down in your leather recliner and watch Scrubs this week. Either way, you were probably very disappointed.

Why? Well, the final two episodes of Scrubs have been moved once again. This time, to March 10 and March 17. Two episodes. Two 30-minute chunks of time that ABC can’t seem to make room for.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’re already wondering if Scrubs will be picked up next season. For that matter, what about Better Off Ted?

Well, they’re both on the bubble, and are currently in “burn-off” mode, where all ABC’s trying to do is burn off the episodes. But at least Scrubs has a burnoff date, even if it does keep moving around. Better Off Ted isn’t even on the schedule yet with its final two episodes.

Now, I have to say that part of me is an optimist. A rather sarcastic optimist, but I am hoping that this move for Scrubs is to allow the show one last chance (well, two last chances) to gain viewership and to prove that it’s worth being renewed. I mean, if they showed it this week, wouldn’t it have lost viewers to the Olympics? Quite possibly.

So that’s my glass-half-full hope. But sadly, there’s worse news.

It’s no surprise that Sarah Chalke is finding other work. I mean, she’s not a regular on Scrubs anymore. But today we just discovered that Donald Faison–Turk–has signed on to a new pilot. Now, while the new cast really does focus on the newbies, Turk is still a main character. Would we have a Turk-less Scrubs? Or a Scrub-less Faison?

And it’s not just Scrubs. It looks like one of the leading ladies on Better Off Ted is looking for greener pastures. Andrea Anders, who plays Linda, has just signed on for Mr. Sunshine, another upcoming comedy for ABC. I’m not the biggest fan of hers (sorry, but Joey was just a wrong choice), but somehow seeing main characters signing up for other projects really isn’t what you want to see if you’re hoping for renewal.

But they are ABC shows, and as we’ve seen with other castmates–say, Christa Miller, who is on Cougar Town but also appeared in Scrubs as a guest star this season–there’s always an opportunity to do both. But for some reason, my optimism is wavering…

So if you like the shows and want them to stick, you better watch them when they return. And it couldn’t hurt to let ABC know you’re a fan. After all, a last ditch effort is better than no effort at all.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like Anders isn’t the only one leaving the office. Ted himself, Jay Harrington, just signed on for a pilot with NBC. Looks like Better Off Ted is probably dead. Whether we’re better off, we’ll never know.

Scrubs: 6?

SCRUBS: 9.09 “Our Stuff Gets Real”

Raked is learning to count.


Is it just me, or did we just see the sixth episode that Zach Braff signed on for in this newest season of Scrubs? We all know that Braff only signed on for six episodes, and we already weirdly said good-bye to him as a professor a couple weeks ago.

But this week he was back, dealing with his soon-to-be-papa issues with Elliot. (By the way, if you haven’t heard the Sarah Chalke just became a mommy in real life on Christmas Eve, check it out.) I actually enjoyed this storyline, possibly because of the deep moment between Elliot and Dr. Cox at the end of the episode. Everything changes. Cox was right.

Actually, Cox was a great addition to this episode entirely. I was thrilled to see Jordan back (despite how much plastic surgery is in her face), because I love seeing Cox and Jordan interact. And seeing Lucy’s discovery that Cox was “the nice one” was even better.

It was a bit of a sad topic, though, once Cox really realized that writing a will isn’t just signing some sheet of paper. He was facing his own mortality, which strangely enough, I don’t think we’ve seen him do on this series at all. Others, sure. His brother-in-law, yes. But not his own.

And what about Lucy? I think from the start we knew that she wouldn’t be able to cut into Ben. That’s why most students don’t name their cadavers. And I like that Turk helped her through it, though the scene where she’s telling Ben it will hurt but help didn’t make much sense…what with the fact that he’s dead. But ultimately, the lesson was learned, and that’s what it was all about, right?

In other news, sometimes I still picture Turk and JD playing hide and seek side by side…

Speaking of, let’s go back to JD. Now that we’ve seen his sixth episode, and there are four left, what do you think? Will we see the baby Dorian born? Will we get to find out anything about him? Will we just see Elliot give birth with no JD? Or will we just see a baby later and assume it happened?

Or perhaps we won’t see it at all, since now the show is about a certain group of med students.

I hope we do. I know the baby bump wasn’t added for the show itself, but it’d be nice to play it out. Speaking of playing it out, do we know whether this will continue on, or if the final four episodes will be our last?

And if you haven’t heard, in true Scrubs fashion, they’re rearranging the schedule again. The last two episodes will now be on Wednesday night. See details (and schedule) here. They do reference this as the end of the season. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else.

Scrubs: A double dose

SCRUBS: 9.07 “Our White Coats”
SCRUBS: 9.08 “Our Couples”

Bah. I hate one thing. ABC aired both of these on the same night but half an hour apart. I understand why: If you’re planning on watching Scrubs, that gets you to watch at least one episode of Better Off Ted, and vice versa. Unfortunately, that 30-minute break has somehow screwed my head up a bit and caused problems with remembering what happened in each episode and what I liked and didn’t like. Add in the fact that we just saw a new episode last Friday, and I’m just all sorts of confused.

Sigh. This review might suck. Call me out on it.

I can’t really say we saw new material in these episodes–at least where Lucy is concerned. The question of why you want to be a doctor has been answered by many characters on many shows. I did appreciate everyone else’s answers as she was on her journey to find her own, but the ultimate answer of, “All of those reasons,” was not exactly new and glass shattering. But it’s uplifting, right?

The key element of the first episode was really the reveal of Drew’s background–and boy was it a goody! I keep imagining his nerd self in class so many years ago. That was great. And the fact that he bulldozed the guy on stage. That was even better.

I really like Drew. He’s a fun element to have, and he’s a great compliment to Dr. Cox, as we saw in the Friday episode. And his relationship with Denise just keeps getting better. Who would have thought that Denise would have cared that he wanted her to dress up–even if it was an incorrect assumption? It was so nice that he basically said that he didn’t want to change her. And yet, she did it anyway (somewhat ’80s-ish in style, but she did it).

Meanwhile, in the second half hour, we had Lucy’s dilemma over…status…with Cole. I’m not entirely sure what I think about the fact that they’re officially together–it wasn’t really a relationship that I was all that invested in–but it was kinda funny. Just to see her try to deny it, and to see how much of an idiot Cole is. Well, they were funny scenes.

I think in this episode (though it could have been stuffed in the previous one) was Turk’s surgery on Dr. Cox’s patient. Again, not a new storyline, but we had a different element here. Both Turk and Dr. Cox were looking to extend this man’s life. And it’s not surprising how Dr. Cox reacted when the patient died. What was new here is that instead of having JD approach Cox afterward, we had to watch Turk do it. It was quite interesting. It’s actually nice to see something new in the characters we’ve watching over the past eight years. I guess that’s something we need to give this revamp credit for.

Please let me know if there’s something I missed. I feel like I need to rewatch them either back-to-back or spaced out by a week to see if I actually am right about what happened. For all I know, I’m describing something that happened in season 7.

Just kidding.

Scrubs: Taking applications for the new JD

SCRUBS: 9.06 “Our New Girl-Bro”

Our first JD-less episode. How do you think Lucy did?

Well, I’d say she did rather well. It was a pretty standard episode; we kinda knew where it would go. I loved the obsession with Elliott–how Elliott seemed to be Lucy’s hero. She’s the woman that has it all, after all.

I know Lucy’s supposed to be the new JD, but she really reminds me of a young Elliott. Juggling all the things she’s trying to do while still remaining on top of her med school studies. Even the calls to her dad seemed to remind me of Elliott for some reason (which is strange, since Elliott and her dad didn’t have the strongest bond).

So the infatuation with Elliott seemed to fit. And so did the overall lesson. Elliott’s always been about making time for yourself, or the hospital will eat you alive (think Denise of last season). So it’s no surprise that she had the same message for Lucy.

I still wonder, though, how Lucy will manage on her own. We’ve seen her character lean on JD, and now she’s leaning on Elliott. Can Lucy really be the new narrator? She hasn’t had all that much interaction with Turk, and even her interactions with Dr. Cox are few and far between–and pretty standard Cox fare. It seems like the only way we’re keeping her interesting is by putting her with our favorite old characters, characters that aren’t supposed to be on the show anymore. We can’t bring in a guest star every time she needs a storyline. Can we?

The really interesting parts of the episode, though, were Turk’s auditions for JD’s replacement (I loved that even Kelso got a chance–and was almost Turk’s pick, too!). Who would have ever thought it’d be Denise who would grab Turk’s attention. She’s basically the opposite of JD, but they sure would be fun to watch together.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Drew’s attempts to make Cole do the worst things possible in the hospital were my favorite. You know, CS is right: I think Drew is a much more interesting character to follow than Lucy. It’s unfortunate that we aren’t hearing his own thoughts day-to-day in the hospital. Especially the way he and Dr. Cox interact. It’s different, new, and entertaining–all in one!

Do I believe that Cole desperately needed to improve his grade for his father (even though we found out later that it was an alphabetical list)? Well, that was hard to swallow. It was a pretty swift turnaround, and it seemed a little more jarring than anything else. But it was funny. So I guess I can’t complain.

So far, it looks like Scrubs is doing ok post-JD. What do you think? Can they keep it up? Can Lucy handle it?

Maybe she should call her dad and ask…