Ghost Whisperer: Headless

GHOST WHISPERER: 5.06 “Head Over Heels”

I’ve been holding off writing about this episode because I can’t quite gather my thoughts. Clearly, it was a Halloween episode. And that wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t that great either. I enjoyed seeing Riley Smith appear in the episode (by the way, yes, he is on twitter), as well as Amy Davidson, but I feel like the ultimate reality of the episode–introducing the ideas of the shadows–was pushed down our throats hardcore.

Let’s look first at the headless horseman. Well, let’s look first at Eli. Man, he was annoying. This could really have been a little spookier, if he hadn’t been slinging jokes constantly. Ignoring that, it’s ok.

Everything just felt so convoluted. Well, no, that’s not true. I felt like the answer was pretty easy. It didn’t surprise me that the father planted the keys. But the fact that first we had to actually have a best friend find out and the father realize his daughter was following him–oh, and let’s identify who owned the mask in the vision and let’s call the little sister “The Barnacle”–it just seemed so messy. I just wanted to take a red pen and take out blocks of text. (The editor in me is coming out.)

And why did the father have to have dementia? That really wasn’t covered. And I always wonder, why does the ghost choose to appear and haunt now, so many years later? This is actually a hole that isn’t discussed on a number of episodes, but it seemed especially prominent now, unless I missed the fact that the father’s dementia was the guy haunting him. But if that’s the case, that just doesn’t seem to be in his character.

But let’s move on. Now we’ve discovered that sometimes, an entire person doesn’t go into the light. Parts must be left behind.

This is intriguing, and I like that Aiden was the one to really reveal this to Melinda. However, I would have liked that to be dragged out more. I liked it better when Sean stumbled over the words when he described the father’s death, so you really wondered what happened. Then bring it up a few episodes later so that when you rewatch the episode, you catch it. That would have been great.

Instead, we have a whole epilogue where Aiden reveals everything and we see a terrible CGI of leaves falling (because when the leaves fall, so will the innocent). It just felt forced. Leave some room for the viewer to put some things together. Suspense without force. That’s what I want.

You know what else I want? Follow up on Sally Stitch and the morgue guy. Those were great setups, but where’s the fallout? Am I demanding too much? Probably so. It is Ghost Whisperer, after all.