Be prepared with ‘Surviving Disaster’

Disaster_EndLogoI remember a tip from an episode of Oprah: If you’re stuck in the trunk of a car and you can’t get the hood up, bust out a light, and wave your arm out of it. The cars behind you will see it and call the police.

Here’s another tip: If someone’s shooting at you (say, after being mugged or something), run in a zig zag. It’s much more difficult to aim that way.

These are just a couple life-saving tips. Tips you probably (and hopefully) will never need, but they’re definitely something to keep in mind in case the worse-comes-to-worst becomes reality.

And Spike TV’s here to help. Their new series Surviving Disaster is here to teach you about survival–even where you’d least expect it. Here’s a brief description:

Each week, Navy SEAL [Cade] Courtley tackles worst-case scenarios and equips viewers with the practical information needed to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.  Whether the threat is natural or man-made or on a national or personal level, Courtley speaks directly to the viewers and guides them through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to not only survive the big picture disaster, but endure the many dangerous obstacles that may occur within each catastrophic event.  While leading viewers out of danger, Courtley not only provides helpful tips and hands-on instruction, but swiftly points out common misconceptions and fatal mistakes.  Unlike any other series, “Surviving Disaster” may actually save lives by providing actions that anyone can perform.

The series includes nuclear attack, home invasion, fire, avalanche, lost at sea, hurricane, bio-chemical attack, mall shooting, and earthquake. And that’s just naming some. You can read and see more here.

A series like this, of course, could make me terribly paranoid, but you know, some of this stuff could happen. Fire? Home invasion? Somehow I think that’s something I might just want to know about.

For example, I swung over to Spike TV’s site and found this video on how to deal with a burn victim. While I hope never to come across a burn victim in need of my help, I can’t imagine that having this in the cap for future use would hurt at all.

In case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t your usual reality show, and it might just be worth checking out. The show premieres this Tuesday, September 1.

image courtesy of Spike TV

image courtesy of Spike TV


NBC: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Well, NBC has announced it’s upcoming new shows, as well as some shows that will be picked up. And to be honest, I can’t say I’m over the moon about any of them. Well, maybe one.

What’s original here? NBC seemed to be one of the networks we’re more curious about, what with ER‘s  good-bye and their newest pitch to have Leno have a 10:00 daily talk show. And yes, that Leno plan is still happening.

And while I have mixed feelins about Leno’s show (I think it’s a terrible idea, though at least it will be a backup to reruns at 10:00 on other networks), that now limits NBC to two hours of programming. So what do we have?

Well, in place of ER, we’ve now got two new hospital dramas, one of which has Michelle Trachtenberg as a nurse–something I doubt very heavily. Sorry, Michelle fans, but somehow that just seems odd to me. Can she play an adult? I mean, I saw her relatively try in The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, and it was painful.

We’ve also got Day One, which apparently has someone from Heroes involved (let’s hope season 1) and involves people reacting after a global disaster. Didn’t we do this a few years ago and call it Jericho? The frontrunner of that show is Julia Gonzalo, the most annoying cast member of the lost Eli Stone.

And then what? Parenthood? Oh dear, Maura Tierney, is there no hope left? At least Monica Potter’s finding work after Trust Me was canceled.

But where, oh, where are the original premises? I’m most looking forward to Community, mainly because it stars Joel McHale of The Soup, but from what I’ve read on other blogs, people are less enthused because it’s “just another multi-camera comedy.” I’ll take that any day over another Parks and Recreation, which, by the way, has been renewed.

Speaking of renewals, what about the ones we’re really wondering about? No news on Chuck, and contrary to various reports this weekend, it looks like Medium hasn’t yet been decided on yet, either. From what I can tell, you’ll have to wait until May 19, when they announce the fall schedule.

These are two very popular series. I’m still surprised they’re being debated.

Meanwhile, we can expect the return of Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, reality TV, and at least one Law & Order series.

What else is missing? My Name Is Earl. Again, very surprised.

I should mention that all of these might not be fall shows–some may be winter or “event”–but I think there are some surprises and disappointments here. With such original series as Chuck and, of course, Kings, we’re stuck with the old and the done.

So here’s what I suggest. If you don’t like what you see, and you’re waiting for your favorite NBC show to appear, you better get moving. Write to NBC, post blogs, do what you must. You’re running out of time, and we’re running out of quality.

Why I don’t have to watch The Amazing Race

THE AMAZING RACE: 14.01 “Don’t Let a Cheese Hit Me”

Well, you heard why I was forced to watch The Amazing Race. Well, I’ve been relieved from my duty.

The girl from my home town was kicked off last night. Not much of a run–haha, pardon the pun.

I’m a little disappointed, though I’m glad I don’t need to continue watching the show. I was rooting for her. It’d be fun to see how far she goes, and it’s always disappointing to be the first one gone. But this isn’t exactly my type of show.

Now, I can see how people get interested in this show. Right now, there were too many contestants for me to keep up with, and some stuck coats on that weren’t their team color so I kept getting confused or forgetting about couples. I mean, I remembered the main ones: red heads, orange team, stewardesses, deaf son and mom, gay dad and son, brother and sister. Oh and the hillbillies, as they called themselves. The rest all got stuck between the cracks.

I think once you watch a few episodes, you get into the characters more (like any reality TV series), but as a newby, I’m fine with not watching anymore. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. I did find a team that’s still in the running that I wouldn’t mind winning.

I must give props to the writers, though. Those were some odd challenges. I mean, cheese down a hill? Yodlers? Wow. There are some definite things to make you interested. JC and I were discussing how we’d kill each other if we were a team and who would do the bungee jump.

But in the end, I was disappointed that the ones that seem like they’d best fit winning didn’t. I’m sorry, but the Virginia couple should have gone home as opposed to the team I was rooting for (though, really, piggyback to the finish line?). I think I’d be much more entertained with seeing people who try to win try to win as opposed to seeing that old lady whine and groan. Maybe that’s just me, though. Me and my crazy ways. Other people, they like watching self-proclaimed “hillbillies.”

But in the end, it is a race. Enough of my prattling. The last ones go home.

Why I’m forced to watch The Amazing Race

I’ve never seen The Amazing Race. You can tell by this blog that I don’t tend to watch much reality television, with the exceptions of Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model. Ok, so I did watch many an episode of Deal or No Deal, but it’s syndicated and on all the time. Plus, it’s a game show, so I don’t know if it really counts.

But starting February 15 (well, a couple days after that because I’ll be out of town and therefore have to TiVo), I’ll be forced to watch The Amazing Race.

Now, it is Emmy Award-winning, so I guess I can’t complain. At least it’s not one of those “housewives” shows, but I really don’t know the premise of this show except people with tanks, shorts, and backpacks run all over the place for…something. And sometimes they run out of money, and the episode teasers make that sound like a really big deal. If anyone has words of wisdom, please share.

The reason I’m forced to watch this show is because I know–well, knew–someone on it. One of this season’s contestants just happened to be from my home town, and now, I want to see how far she goes.

Why is that? I haven’t had contact with this person in years (no, I won’t tell you who it is quite yet–you’ll probably know based on when I stop watching), but I still want to see how this person does. Well, how the team does.

Anyway, meet the teams here. Let me know who you’re rooting for and whether it’d be of interest for me to blog about it. Are you a big fan? Let me know if you have hunches.

Should be an interesting ride. Or run. Or…what do they do?!

Do you hate ABC? I hate ABC.

Seriously. It’s bad enough that ABC is cancelling our favorite shows. Well, one of my favorite shows: Eli Stone. Then, of course, there’s the cult following of Pushing Daisies, as well as Dirty Sexy Money.

So they’re cancelling our shows. And we’re lucky that two out of three are getting “finales.” I say “finales” because if they were true finales, we would have a normal, timely ending because the show was allotted its usual 22 episodes for the season. But no, ABC is cutting the season and figured they’d be nice by giving them 4 more episodes to compile a “finale.” And that’s not even for all three.

What’s more? How about waiting…

And waiting…

And waiting…

For the remaining episodes? That’s right, according to the newest report here, we won’t get to see the remaining episode of the shows until this SUMMER.

That’s right. We won’t find any conclusions until at least June. Just enough time to forget the shows were even ever long, let alone any storylines that had been processing or building. Taylor’s baby would be born by June if Eli Stone were real. Uggh.

How is this fair? The shows probably have about four episodes left each, I bet. Why not just put them through the Christmas hiatus and just let us finish them out? Or maybe start some of the mid-season shows later. Stop showing multiple hours of Scrubs a week and show these shows. After all, last week’s episode of Pushing Daisies was overtaken by the encore episodes of Scrubs that premiered the day before.

I’m sure there are time slots. I don’t even know if anyone’s watching all the reality crap they’ve filled their holes with.

I’m really frustrated. Bad enough that they cancelled, but now they’re treating the shows and the fans crappily. Down with ABC. Grrrr.

What’s on tonight? Tuesday edition.

What’s on tonight, America? Well, not The Secret Life for our sakes. ABC Family’s finally giving us a break from that crappy show. No, I did not watch last night’s episode. No, I don’t want to know what happens. And yes, I wouldn’t mind pushing the entire cast and the creator, Brenda Hampton, into a lake. Much like Luke did to Jess in Gilmore Girls.

ABC’s got some new shows premiering. Homeland Security USA is a new heart-warmer for all you that need some of that action. (Might also let you appreciate delays with airport security, who knows!) The real ABC story, though, is the new episodes of Scrubs, which makes its move from NBC to ABC tonight. I’ll definitely be catching that. Then there’s a new episode of Primetime: What Would You Do?. I don’t even know what that show is.

CBS has a full night of new episodes of old favorites for you crime buffs out there: NCIS, The Mentalist, and Without a Trace.

NBC brings us back to “reality” with a two-hour Biggest Loser: Couples and then follows it up with a new Law and Order: SVU. Not exactly my night of TV, but I guess some people like that.

The CW is giving new episodes of Privileged and 90210. I’m not an avid watcher of these shows, but I know some people are big fans, so I hope you all enjoy it! I’ll be on the Scrubs train.

And as for FOX: a big nothing new after last night’s failure of a Fiesta Bowl (as a Buckeye fan, I’m heartbroken). Too bad. I’m looking forward to new Fringe.

What’s on tonight?

I don’t normally tell people what’s new on TV each night, but with the mid-season premieres starting again, I feel like some might slip under the radar. So here are some new episodes to note tonight–even if some of them suck and you shouldn’t watch them, like Secret Life.

So let’s start with that. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after that painful marathon yesterday (that fortunately I missed), ABC Family is premiering the first episode of the new season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Here’s my suggestion: Don’t watch it. Let this terrible show fail and get off television because it’s ruining the entire silver screen for the rest of us. The thought of the show makes me want to hurl. Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling empathetic morning sickness from the main character. No, that would assume the show would make you feel something other than blind pain. The show is just that bad.

ABC has two hours of The Bachelor and then True Beauty. Reality TV. ‘Nuff said. I won’t be watching these, but if you’re a reality TV fan, I’m not going to stop you. I think you should tune into scripted shows, but apparently people are all over it. Who knows.

CBS has nothing new, but I’ll be watching reruns of my comedy favorites. You know what they are.

NBC has Superstars of Dance. I didn’t watch this last night, but the promos seemed intriguing. I just don’t know if I can watch two hours of it in one night. Then they’ve got Momma’s Boys. Ok, reality TVers, I will judge you if you watch this. Sorry. I will.

The CW has a new Gossip Girl. I don’t watch it (again, I’m a CBS comedy girl for this hour), but it looks like Chuck Bass falls from something high, so maybe you angsters want to check that out. I WILL be watching the new episode of One Tree Hill. I’m excited about that.

Last but not least, FOX has got the Fiesta Bowl. You can bet I’ll be flipping back and forth to this. Ohio State, baby! (Not that they have the best track record with bowl games, but if you’re a fan, you root for who you root for.) Go Buckeyes!