Raked TV Madness! Who’s #1?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Who won Raked TV Madness?

As a reminder, here’s the bracket as we saw it last:

After battles in each division, we were left with a fanbase faceoff: Awake versus Fringe. After the previous rounds, it was no surprise that Awake made it into the final. They knocked out defender after defender, including the procedural favorite Castle and best comedy Community because they gathered and conquered by collecting votes here and on Twitter.

On the other side was Fringe, who had a comfortable but less obvious lead in the Supernatural/Fantasy shows. It wasn’t until facing award-winning Mad Men that the fans really rallied — and rally they did. In a competition where the most votes a show got in the first round was eight, by the Final Four competition, Fringe got 120.

But who won the Championship?

Fringe wins!

After seasons of rallying to make sure their show gets renewed, it should be no surprise that Fringe won the Championship, gathering a whopping 75% of the vote. Awake made a solid effort, taking to Twitter to spread the word (and vote), but the multiple dimensions and timelines knocked out the dual realities in the end. But hey, a show that’s been on for just a month made it all the way to the final, almost taking out a cult favorite. Not too shabby.

Thanks to all who voted, and congratulations to Fringe! Now, I suppose you should turn your attention to some other Madness Championship? Nah… Toss in a DVD or check out on demand. Let’s celebrate all of our TV Madness contenders!

Raked TV Madness! The Championship!

Well, that was unexpected…

Wow. If you haven’t been impressed with the competition so far, now’s the time to pay attention. Awake, with a strong lead throughout the tournament, outwitted the witty Community, but not by that large of a margin. The newcomer won with only 58% of the vote.

But the real story here was Fringe, whose fans rushed the court, giving it a phenomenal victory over Mad Men. While this may teach us that cult followings will always beat prestige (at least in voting), it tells us much more that this championship is anyone’s game.

Take a last look at the bracket and then vote!
(Click for a larger image.)

Awake vs. Fringe

Which fans will lead their favorite to the top? Which will be Raked Champion?

Cast your vote by leaving a comment, sending me a tweet, or dropping me an email. The winner will be announced on Monday!

Voting has now closed for this round. Stay tuned for the winner!

Raked TV Madness! The Final Four!

Can you believe we’ve gotten down to the Final Four? I can’t. And honestly, I can’t believe what shows were division champs in their categories!

Pop Pop! Community faced some of the best-ranked shows on TV right now, but the fans rallied, giving the Thursday night show the Comedy crown. Needless to say, #coolcoolcool.

Perhaps the long shot at the outset — having only been on the air for a few weeks — but the no-brainer by now, the fans of Awake kept this show going to win the title of Procedural.

Fringe may be hanging by a thread on Friday nights, but it outsmarted fan favorites like Once Upon a TimeGame of Thrones, and Supernatural. Now it’s got the title of division champ for Supernatural/Fantasy shows.

Given the large numbers in its season five premiere, it should be no surprise that Mad Men prevailed to win the Drama category, having a solid lead against Parenthood.

Now, it’s time to vote for the Final Four!
(Click for a larger image.)

Community vs. Awake
Fringe vs. Mad Men

It’s a fan faceoff with Awake against Community. Both are passionate groups, but who will make it to the championship? And Fringe against Mad Men — two very smart shows! Who will outsmart the other to make it to the final game?

It’s time for you to vote! Let me know your picks in the comments below, send me a tweet, or email me! And spread the word! Help your favorite shows move on!

I’ll be announcing the final matchup — the CHAMPIONSHIP — on Friday, so make your votes count and get them in fast! The winner of the tournament will be chosen on Monday!

Voting for this round is now closed.

Raked TV Madness! The Elite Eight!

Wow. I’m pleased to say that we got some new blood in the competition, with brand-new voters jumping in with their picks both in the comments and on Twitter. Let’s keep that momentum going into the next round — The Elite Eight!

There were some definite surprises in the last round. Awake fans rallied once again to beat out Justified  by a large margin (they’re currently the ones to beat, folks), but Castle overtook Bones with a similar large number of votes. In a closer race, Community took out its 8:00 competitor Big Bang Theory, and with a mere one vote lead, Happy Endings overpowered Emmy-winning Modern Family.

Once Upon a Time easily beat Supernatural, and I was pleased to see that, while in close competition, Fringe took the lead against The Walking Dead and is moving on to the next round. Mad Men easily grabbed the attention of viewers over Boardwalk Empire, but probably the biggest surprise in the competition was Parenthood‘s defeat of Downton Abbey.

Now it’s time to choose the sole survivor for each division. On to the Elite Eight!
(Click for a larger image.)

For those of you who don’t have expert vision or magnifying glasses, here’s the breakdown.

Happy Endings vs. Community

Castle vs. Awake

Once Upon a Time vs. Fringe

Parenthood vs. Mad Men

We’re almost to the Final Four! Which one of these shows will move on to the next round? Who will be the division winner? Let me know your votes in the comments, send me an email, or drop me a line on Twitter. And spread the word. If we’ve learned anything from these winners, those with the most fans voting are the ones that move on!

You’ve only got two days to vote! The Final Four will be up on Wednesday!

This round has now ended. Vote for the Final Four!

Raked TV Madness: The Sweet Sixteen

Thanks so much for all your votes so far! It’s time to reveal the Sweet Sixteen!

But first, a few highlights from the last round. I can’t say I’m too surprised with the Comedies, though I was hoping greedily that Whitney would progress just so Community would have an easy win into the next round. The real surprise, though, was the power in the Awake fans, who could push the newbie show all the way to the winner’s circle — er, box, in this case. I’m a bit surprised to see Fringe make it past Game of Thrones and that Vampire Diaries got so few votes against Once Upon a Time. But Dramas were the ones to watch, each one winning by such a slight margin. Clearly, the competition was fierce.

Now, the Sweet Sixteen! (Click the image for a larger view.)

For those of you who hate the visual, here’s the lineup:

Modern Family vs. Happy Endings
Big Bang Theory vs. Community

Castle vs. Bones
vs. Awake 

Supernatural vs. Once Upon a Time
vs. Walking Dead

vs. Downton Abbey
Mad Men
vs. Boardwalk Empire 

Wow. Thursday night matchups. ABC comedy fights. Whedon faceoffs. AMC action… We’re getting to some tough decisions!

Now it’s your turn to vote! Hop down in the comments and tell me your picks to move on! I’ll announce the next round on Monday, so you have all weekend to vote!

Voting for this round has now ended. Vote for the Elite Eight!

Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Dramas

Round 2 is nearing the end, now that the Comedies, Procedurals, and Supernatural/Fantasy shows are up for voting. Now it’s time for the last addition of Round 2: the Dramas.

I’m saddened to say that One Tree Hill was taken down by the newest star to hit the spotlight Smash. A sea of Bravermans made Parenthood victor over The Good Wife, and Private Practice paled in comparison to the overwhelming zeal for Downton AbbeyHouse had strong competition in Switched at Birth, but snark stepped on switches and House moves on.

Raise a glass for Boardwalk Empire, which has a unanimous win over Secret Life of the American Teenager (thank God!). Mad Men made the lasting impression in this tournament, overtaking HomelandRevenge had a little competition with the long-standing Grey’s Anatomy, showing the ABC alum who’s really boss in primetime. The real surprise here was the win of bubble show Pan Am, which won against Desperate Housewives by a mere one vote.

Now for the next round…

Will the Bravermans take center stage, or will Ivy pull the curtain on this band of misfits? Will Downton Abbey blow the House down? Can the iconic girls of Pan Am last a round against the dangerous characters in Boardwalk Empire? And it’s a battle of the past lives between Don Draper and Emily Thorne; who will be exposed?

Vote now! Leave a comment, tweet me, or email me! You have until Thursday night to decide! Friday, I’ll be announcing the Sweet Sixteen!

Raked TV Madness! Round 2: Supernatural/Fantasy

Round 2 is moving along (take a look at the Comedies and Procedurals), with fans from a number of favorite series stepping up to make sure their show makes it to the Sweet Sixteen. Now it’s time for the Supernatural/Fantasy shows!

Well, the demons did take down the dinosaurs, leaving Supernatural to move on to the next round. With no real surprise given its large reaction by viewers, American Horror Story killed off Alphas. Meanwhile, Vampire Diaries was a unanimous win against The Secret Circle, and in a surprisingly close battle, Once Upon a Time won against Merlin.

True Blood took out The River pretty easily, and in fact, the only vampire that didn’t make it to the next round was Aiden, who was decapitated by Ned Stark of Game of Thrones. Fringe had a strong win in the Friday night battle. Finally, undead walkers lead the charge against Falling Skies, giving Walking Dead the victory.

But who will move on?

American Horror Story is full of the supernatural; will the Winchester brothers be able to conquer these foes? Can the cadre of supernatural beasts and magical powers of Once Upon a Time combat the Salvatores and witches in Vampire Diaries? Even the Observers don’t know who will win the cult battle that is Game of Thrones versus Fringe. And it’s undead versus undead in the Walking Dead/True Blood matchup.

Cast your vote in the comments, tweet me, or send me an email. And check back later tonight when I’ll announce who moves on in the Dramas — all for the reveal of the Sweet Sixteen on Friday!

Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Procedurals

I posted the second round of Comedies yesterday, and now it’s time for the Procedurals! There’s a reason these people are cops and detectives. They’re tough cookies. But the fans have spoken, and we have the survivors for the next round!

It was a brutal battle between SVU and Unforgettable, coming up with a tie. But with tie-breaker power in my hands (muah-ah-ah-ah), one award-winning leading lady overpowered the newcomer. Castle and Bones easily took out their competition with unanimous votes (I’m just waiting for that potential matchup). And the quirky camaraderie of NCIS stepped on family ties by beating Blue Bloods.

Meanwhile, Justified just squeaked by The Closer to take the round. Alcatraz and Southland both had easy (though not unanimous) wins over their rivals. And the Awake fans rallied to push that newbie on to the next round.

Now it’s time for more.

It’s time for Castle to show SVU who’s the king of this tournament. Can Brennan’s scientific analysis outsmart Abby’s wit in the Bones/NCIS matchup? Will Justified shut the doors forever on Alcatraz? And can Southland’s viral fanbase combat two realities’ worth of Awake fans?

Who do you think should move on? Cast your votes in the comments, drop me a tweet, or send me an email. And check back tomorrow, when I’ll announce who’s moving on in both Supernatural/Fantasy and Dramas.

We’re getting closer to the Sweet Sixteen!

Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Comedies

We’re starting Round 2 of Raked TV Madness! The tension is killing me.

First up, the Comedies. If you thought Round 1 was a battle, take a look at Round 2. I tallied the votes, and the fans have spoken.

The Simpsons barely squeaked by newcomer Suburgatory, while Modern Family stomped Glee with 88% of the votes. There were tough fights between the TV alums How I Met Your Mother and The Office, as they fought it out against Happy Endings and Up All Night, respectively, but in a surprise turn of events, both newbies are moving on to the next round.

Big Bang Theory won easily over Cougar Town, and Whitney just barely surpassed Michigan Two and a Half Men with 57% of the vote. New Girl was the surprise but resounding win over Family Guy, but there was a unanimous — you heard me, UNANIMOUS — vote to let Community move on past its quite funny opponent, Parks and Rec.

Now it’s on to the next round.

It’s long-time cartoon madness over unconventional family dynamics in the matchup between The Simpsons and Modern Family. Which family will move on for a chance for fame? Meanwhile, second-season favorite Happy Endings is taking on Up All Night in a fresh comedy faceoff. Big Bang could bring the hammer down on Whitney, but that would pit the winner against whoever wins between Community and New Girl, which is already a tough one to pick!

Tell me now in the comments who you want to move on to the next round (or just email me or tweet me). Then check back tomorrow to see who’s moving on in the Procedurals!

Raked TV Madness – The Dramas (Round 1, Part 2)

It’s the last chance to vote for the round! Let’s finish up the Dramas!

Award winners Mad Men and Homeland face off in the first match. Who deserves the championship trophy? And there’s a Sunday night turf fight, as Pan Am tries to claw its way back into primetime; will Desperate Housewives make way? Will Emily Thorne take out Meredith Grey, like she has the rest of the Hamptons? And will you choose sex or booze in the fight between Secret Life of the American Teenager or Boardwalk Empire?

Vote now in the comments, send me a tweet, or drop me an email with your choices. Tomorrow we’ll start announcing Round 2, so hurry up and vote for any other categories you may have missed! Check them all out here.

Voting has ended for this round. Vote for Round 2!