It’s Curtains for Some ‘Smash’ Cast Members

Well, with the first season over, it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to happen in season two for our favorite shows. One of the shows that’s moving to the top of my list is certainly Smash. And clearly it’s on the minds of those in charge, too, since two four (new update below!) cast members are leaving the show.

Who? Well, keep reading to find out.

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Moment of the Week: The Royal Wedding (Duh)

I’ve done a pretty good job not mentioning the Royal Wedding of William and Kate (beyond one TV movie review), so please don’t be too angry with the fact that I’ve chosen it as the Moment of the Week. But you can’t deny that it was a huge moment — especially for you British readers — so here we go, the Moment of the Week.

Here are my top four reasons:

  • We love weddings! With Say Yes to the Dress as a guilty pleasure show and having just gotten married in the past year, I’m a big fan of weddings.
  • The Brits know how to throw a party. You knew this was going to be one huge event. Bring on the flowers.
  • The hats! Oh, the HATS! British wedding? Hats everywhere? I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, and I’m even considering wearing a huge hat there! Ok, I won’t, but still.
  • The hype is over! You don’t need to block your eyes every time you open a new webpage or change the channel due to people speculating what might be seen on the big day. You can see it, but soon, it will all be in the past.

So here’s our Moment of the Week: The Royal Wedding. You can find even more (including video!) here and a pretty decent photo slideshow here.

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Southland: Back on the Streets

Good news for fans of non-procedural cop dramas:

Southland has been renewed for a third season by TNT!

Needless to say, I’m very happy. This has been one of my favorite shows since its first episode. The press release linked above is a bit sparse on details, but it does mention that the network has ordered 10 new shows for the next season, which was larger than the original seven episode order by NBC. The release also notes that Southland has the youngest median age of any TNT original series, which, hopefully, is a good sign.

I do wonder if the budget will be reduced for each episode, and I’m curious, as Alan Seppinwall voices here, how many of the admittedly large cast will return.

Right now, though, I’m just going to enjoy this announcement. One of the best written shows on TV is back. Give it time, TNT, and this show will grow bigger and bigger. I promise.

Take a chance on ‘Fringe’

Contrary to popular belief about TV shows these days, it looks like networks might just be stepping out of their comfort zones and banking on the little guys.

This weekend, it was announced that FOX picked up the paranormal series Fringe for a third season. If I may say so myself, thank God. Not only do I get concerned with people like Joshua Jackson are out of work, but this show is one of the few creative shows left on air–and while, sure, it might have some X-File ancestors, it certainly has taken its own road to mysteries and story arcs.

I have to admit, I’ve been a bad Fringer, since I desperately need to catch up on this season. The Thursday time slot has really made it impossible to watch–as I’m sure many agree. In fact, that’s probably why the ratings went down so low and made this one a bubble show.

But now I know that any time invested in catchup will be worth it, knowing it’s back next season. Let’s just hope it gets back to a better night.

Another underdog keeping his doghouse? Community! Thank God for small favors. Community also got a pickup, and we’ve got this entertaining moment to take from it. Basically, Dan Harmon taped his cast when he told them the news. Check out the video below and read the entire post here.

So looks like next year’s TV might not be a waste after all.

It’s Summer-time in the ‘Dollhouse’

I know you all heard the rumors that Joss Whedon was trying to get Summer Glau to be in an episode of Dollhouse. And I’m sure a lot of your were all for it (after all, I was).

Well, Joss Whedon seems to have one-upped you. Not only is she appearing in an episode, but Summer Glau is joining the cast of Dollhouse as a recurring character. Summer will play Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a secret past with Echo.

It looks like we’ve got a good number of badass yet talented brunettes in the cast now: Eliza Dushku, Amy Acker, Summer Glau. And those are just naming the obvious!

So what do you think? Are you ready to see Summer in Dollhouse? Are you disappointed she’s not a doll? Though, honestly, who’s really to say she’s not after we outed Whiskey…

Anyway, looks like we’ve got an exciting season ahead of us. Don’t forget, the new season starts on Friday, September 25, at 9:00. Take that, Friday night death slot.

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A Twilight Recast: Bye-bye Victoria

Oh boo.

I don’t even care about Twilight, but this newest news really makes me sad. Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria in the original Twilight movie has been recast, according to this E! Online article. Supposedly, she had a ten-day conflict and they decided to recast her for the movie Eclipse, which is just starting to film. Replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard would just save more money.

According to the article, the cast members of Twilight are a little bummed, since Lefevre was basically a mother hen to the group. She was only 30, but the rest of the group is a good ten (or so) years younger.

So why do I care? I personally like Lefevre. For any of you who have read some of my posts in the past, you might recall that I bring up a certain ABC Family movie See Jane Date. Well, Lefevre was in that, playing one of Jane’s best friends–and a fun one at that. For things that I like, I tend to follow their work.

And honestly, this seemed like a break for her. I mean, she really hasn’t been in that much except for tiny roles, Twilight included. You really wouldn’t have noticed her except for the final scene of the movie, when it’s rather clear that she’ll be back for vengeance. Or, of course, if you read the books.

So yeah, it kinda bugs me that they’re recasting over such a lame excuse. If they refuse to fire the kid playing Jacob when he clearly can’t be the giant size he needs to be, why should they get rid of Lefevre?

You know what this means, right? Now I’m basically watching these movies for Michael Welch, who played Mike in the films. Why him? Well, he was Luke in one of my favorite series, Joan of Arcadia. I mean it. I’ll follow my favorite people.

Well, at least Lefevre is in the next installment New Moon, but that’s almost even more frustrating. Having two movies of a series and then changing the cast. Annoying. I mean, the only reason Harry Potter changed actors mid-through for Dumbledore was because the actor passed away. And look how many movies they’ve had.

There’s something about loyalty that’s missing here. I mean, is money really the issue? This movie’s going to make a ton, and I’m sure there are higher paid stars that they could weed out. This is just disappointing.

Maybe I’m too invested. Some fans out there probably don’t care if Victoria is now played by a random new redhead.

But not me. I liked her. Boo, Twilight.  Boo.

Who’s that now?

I don’t really post on news or music, but hey, these two kids have acted. One’s a Disney Channel brat, and shortly after, they both appeared in a Disney Channel movie. So they count. They can be on my blog.

And since I’m doing the summer music idea (Is this only CD #2 I’ve mentioned? Must get on that), well, that’s more ammunition to the fire.

I think these two are cute. Their songs are poppy. They fit good, wholesome teen movies. I am really attached to their Christmas music because they keep it traditional for the most part and don’t sing stupid songs about bubble gum clouds and marshmellows (think the Cheetah Girls). And since they’re not as over-the-top and overplayed like Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, you can’t hate them.

I’m someone who listens to pop music to brighten my mood. So they’re not bad for that purpose.

So what’s new? Well, for one thing, their name.

They announced today (in a statement and on Twitter) that the duo is changing their name to 78violet. Yes, that’s right. 78violet. As they said it, “This is how you spell ‘our new name’ 78violet. No spaces. All lower case letters. Love you all…”

Here’s the thing: Why?

See, here’s something silly. Their names are Aly and AJ (or Alyson and AJ). People know them as that. In fact, it’s not even anything stifling like a made-up Disney Channel character that defines your music like Hannah Montana. It’s just…your names.

So why the change? No clue. What does it mean? Well, not sure why they chose “violet,” but they chose the 78 because…they released the statement on July 8 (get it? 7/8). Good thing it wasn’t June 9. Or April 20. Wait, maybe that would have been better.

I can’t quite understand the reasoning. Maybe they just feel like since they’re growing, some things have to change. Does anyone else remember the good ol’ days when people used to just evolve their music and not their personas?

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Perhaps like violets. Wait…no…

R.I.P. to our legends

It’s been a really rough week. We lost three legends in the entertainment industry within the past few days.

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Ed McMahon passed away Tuesday, after suffering from bone cancer. His voice was the most famous part about him, as most remember him as the voice that introduced Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Of course, we can’t remember him as the host of Star Search, either (always friendly to those little kids…). I even remember him on a Star Search-related Full House! Plus, who can imagine Publisher’s Clearing House or the Jerry Lewis Telethon without him? He was an icon in the entertainment industry, and it’s pretty clear that his legacy will long last his own life.

On the other side of the spectrum is Farrah Fawcett, who

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made making a hairstyle cool before “the Rachel” was even a common name for babies. One of Charlie’s Angels, it’s hard to see her go. She was the sex symbol of the 1970s and great actress to boot. She even had a recurring role in The Guardian and Spin City. Also losing a battle with cancer, Fawcett passed away Thursday. Though she’d been fighting the cancer for years (and even appeared in a documentary about her struggle on NBC a month or so back), it’s still a tough loss for entertainment.

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Lastly, and probably most surprisingly, was Michael Jackson, who also died Thursday. We’re still finding out details about his death–he went into sudden cardiac arrest–but as a pop icon for the 1980s, it’s a big blow. Despite his personal issues over the last few years, you can’t deny that his music has stood the test of time, and even today, people remember the “Thriller” music video and dance. You can be sure that his music is going to be played a lot over the next few weeks in memoriam, from his days as the adorable member in the Jackson 5 to his solo work.

It’s been a rough week, and one that has lost three bright stars in the industry. But they shone bright when they were here, and I don’t think their legacies are going anywhere, even if they themselves are gone.

R.I.P. David Carradine

I wasn’t going to post about this because I really hadn’t seen David Carradine in much, but he’s a classic, well-respected actor, and he needs to be remembered.

If you haven’t heard, David Carradine was found dead in Bangkok today. He was found hanged and assumed to have committed suicide, which just makes the entire thing sadder. You can read about it here. He was 72 years old.

Carradine is well known for his 1970s series Kung Fu and most recently for his appearances in Kill Bill. I think you can tell from my usual write-ups that these aren’t the usual shows and movies I catch, so I’m unfortunately at a disadvantage.

I do, however, remember him from an episode of Lizzie McGuire, when he was teaching Matt about the ways of a Kung Fu master. Lizzie McGuire had the honor of his appearance because his brother appeared on the show.

Coming from such an acting family (read his bio on IMDB here), it’s no surprise that he was well known and well liked. He’ll be missed.

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If the Jonas Brothers had tighter pants

Cover your ears and guard your loins. The tweenagers are amuck with good news. Not only is there a New Moon trailer, but Hannah Montana just got a fourth season (according to Breaking TV News on Twitter). The only thing that could make this day better would be if the Jonas Brothers had tighter pants.

(Ok, so this post isn’t really about the Jonas Brothers, but if you do want to read about them, I’ve got some posts here, here, and here. Or just search for them in my search box below.)

I know I’m not exactly a breaking news kind of blog, but I thought I’d share this little tidbit of information. I find it a little strange that the same day that Miley Cyrus tweets about how she’s working on the last episode of season three, we find out that there’s a season four on the way. So much for “the last song,” as Miley put it.

I remember the days when Disney Channel had a three-season limit for their shows, mainly because if they did more, the characters would be too old for the target audience. I lamented the end of Lizzie McGuire and thought there was potential for more (sans singing).

How are they going to do a fourth season of Hannah Montana, though? I mean, Jackson’s already sitting around at home looking for colleges and only working at Ricko’s. Are we going to transform him into a sad sack? He really is too old for the target audience, and his buddy system with Rico’s getting kinda old.

Meanwhile, Lily and Oliver are together, and everyone seems to be going through high school with ease. Add in the movie, and what else is there to do? We have happy ending written all over the place.

The renewal is a little disappointing. The freshness is gone. The acting has become overacting. And I think it’s just lost its flavor.

But in the end, it’s the fans that matter. And the fans like the show. More so, the fans buy the merchandise. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Miley get married one day. As long as there’s a person to buy the T-shirt, I think we’re set.

Update: This just in: Apparently, it looks like the show will be changing locations, which will allow for a new setting and new characters. I guess it’s nice to give the change, but does that mean we’re losing Lily and Oliver? If we lose Rico, I certainly won’t be disappointed, but I’d say that Lily is one of the strongest driving forces of the show. For one thing, she can actually act.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You nervous? Excited?