Thursday Open Thread: Musical Memories

Twice this week, I’ve heard “Glory Days” on the radio. Instantly, it was like I was rewatching Michael J. Fox’s last episode of Spin City. I could see him moving around DC in those final moments (jump about five minutes into the video below to see what I mean). Then I start thinking about Mary J. Blige’s “I Try,” when the team was saying good-bye to him in the bar, tears in tow.

With One Tree Hill‘s finale last night (still processing that loss), I truly realized how important music was to episodes. And no, it wasn’t just because Gavin DeGraw sang the ever-famous theme song at Tric (though that was awesome). Even before, the way that every episode was named after a song, and at the end of each, we saw what artists were featured, you realized that music was at the heart of One Tree Hill. Even the creator said that he felt like he was creating his own mix tape though OTH.

I know I’ve asked this before, but it feels like a good time to ask it again, now that TV Madness is over, and I’m forcing a return to the open thread:

What songs remind you of TV shows — or TV episodes?

Anything come to mind?



Adele at the Artists Den! A Giveaway! Two Winners! What More Could You Ask For?!

I know some of you must be Adele fans. She’s all over the radio, and you can’t deny she has one hell of a voice. Well, starting tonight she kicks off the fourth season of Live from the Artists Den on public television. And she’s not the only one making appearances this season. We’ve got Death Cab for Cutie, Kid Rock, Amos Lee, and more appearing throughout the season.

I had the chance to check out the premiere episode, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll confess, I’ve had mixed feelings about Adele. She’s got a wonderful voice, but I’ve been overexposed and therefore exhausted by her as of late. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the songs on Artists Den were new to me, and between her asides between songs in the concert and the interview clips throughout the show, you really felt like you got to know Adele. It was a good, unplugged concert with a little “get to know you” to boot. Really, I enjoyed it.

Check your local listings or visit the show’s website or Facebook page to find out the exact premiere date in your area. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Giveaway

In honor of the premiere, I’m offering two winners a great prize pack! We’ll have a first place winner and a second place winner. Both winners will get The Swell Season (an Artists Den DVD), as well as Artists Den, Volume 1 (a music sampler).  The first place winner will also get an Artists Den T-shirt (size medium) to wear and show off to all your friends.

How to Enter: Go to the Artists Den website and see who’s coming up this season. Then come back here and tell me who you’re looking forward to watching — or what your favorite song is by one of the upcoming artists. There’s a great selection of artists coming up, so there must be something for everyone!

Be sure to comment by Wednesday, February 15. I’ll be contacting two winners on the 16th, so be sure to check your email to see if you’ve won! Once you’ve been contacted, you’ll have 48 hours to respond before I’ll have to move on to the next winner. (Please be sure to leave your email address with your comment, so I have away to contact you. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only.)

Either way, I hope you enjoy the new season of Live at the Artists Den! And good luck to all who enter!

The giveaway has now ended, and winners have been contacted.
Thanks to all who participated! 

#MusicMonday: More Than a Feeling

Boo. Gross. The start of another week? Who wants that?

Well, here at Raked, we think your Monday should rock. At least today. So to start your week off right, we’re here to make that happen. Well, maybe more accurately, Turk and the Crew are. After all, here they are, rocking “More Than a Feeling” with their airband.

Enjoy the tune. We’ll try to fill in a few more of your Mondays with some good tunes, and in case you like this one, go ahead and buy the CD! That’s Boston, of course, not Turk.

Hannah Montana: The Next Robin Sparkles?

Earlier this week, I caught the final few minutes of The Hannah Montana Movie on Disney Channel. Now, I had seen the movie before. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that), but I hadn’t seen it since Hannah Montana Forever signed off in January. So watching Miley tell all of Crowley Corner who she really was, only to don the wig again reminded me of when Miley Stewart really told the world — and the aftermath.

Well, loosely, the aftermath. There was a backlash of fans, and then she did one concert. Then…what? Nothing. She got an offer to do a movie, which she eventually turned down to go to college with Lily. Basically, she told Hannah Montana — and her singing career — good-bye. Miley Stewart was now only plain Jane Miley Stewart. I mean, not even her classmates at school knew who she was.

In other words, Miley became a former teen pop star. Sure, from time to time, she might’ve gotten recognized, but from that point on, Miley was just, well, Miley.

Now, I don’t want you to get confused here. I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus, taking off the wig and no longer doing a TV show. I’m talking the character Miley Stewart and her life without the blonde wig. It reminds me of a certainly other former teen popstar I know. That’s right, good ol’ Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

You’d think that the only thing HIMYM and the Disney Channel would have in common was the striking resemblance between Ted’s future son and Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. But no. As it turns out, Hannah could easily have been Robin in another life.

Yes, I may be basing this on little information, and no, I don’t think Miley Stewart will be anchoring the New York City news desk any time soon, but it is rather humorous. Two bubbly blondes in denim, poofy skirts, and sparkles dancing around to silly pop music. Ok, so sure, some of that music is catchy and might appear on my ipod, but still, it’s rather silly. But hey, who doesn’t want to go to the mall or do the ice cream freeze or put on your old blue jeans?

And you can only imagine that Miley would look back in embarrassment at certain times of her life as a celebrity. Sure, she had some good times, but there were some ridiculous ones, too. She may not have gone mall to mall to perform, but she did have a sweating attack on live television, a huge zit on a billboard, and a ridiculous brawl during an awards show. Hey, at least she didn’t share the same name as her doppelganger (I look to you, Robin).

In the meantime, it’s nice to think about the humiliating future ahead for Miley Stewart and we can always remember the good times. Just think. One day, she’ll look back at this video…

…and remember it like this one.

Moment of the Week: The Buffy Musical Gets Remixed (well, kinda)

Remember a few months ago when Amber Benson tweet-chatted me about Cat’s Claw? Well, she continues to be awesome, and she shared on her blog that if 200 people read and reviewed her book on Amazon, she’d offer up a spoof of her famous solo from the Buffy musical, “Under Your Spell.”

Well, guess what? 200 of you were asked and answered, and now, Amber has to pay up.

And so she did. This week’s moment is devoted to Amber’s remix (and slightly terrifying but also catchy) new version of “Under Your Spell.” Check out her post with her new version on her blog or just click her lovely picture below.

Don’t know the song. Well, first, check out the Buffy musical. Don’t have a full hour? Well, here’s the song (with much lower quality) on YouTube.

*image from Yahoo! TV

Thursday Open Thread: Songs that Remind You of Shows

Yesterday as I was driving to work, I rocked out to Gavin DeGraw‘s “I Don’t Wanna Be” on the radio. It got me thinking, of course, about One Tree Hill–not only because it’s the theme song (though I love how they’re incorporating various covers of the song every week), but because One Tree Hill really made a solid effort to support Gavin DeGraw, much like they’ve done for Kate Voegele and Wakey Wakey. In fact, when I hear “Almost Everything,” I can only think of the OTH character and his finishing the album to get over his unrequited love. Or “Brooklyn” and the OTH promo that used it.

So what songs or artists remind you of shows?

It can be a fun or painful question. Painful, why? Well, let’s just say that every time I hear “With or Without You,” I think of Rachel looking lamentingly out her apartment window on Friends. I don’t generally like to think of Ross and Rachel out of any famous TV couple.

On the other hand, I love Joshua Radin and Colin Hay’s “Overkill,” and I love that both of them remind me of Scrubs. It’s funny. Some of these songs don’t even play important roles in the shows, but I still think of them. It doesn’t have to be a theme song to remind you of something, you know?

So what’s on your TV soundtrack, and what show does it remind you of? It can be a promo, episode montage, or hey, I’ll even throw in a theme song. After all, do any of you not think of Dawson’s Creek when you hear “I Don’t Want to Wait”?

Now, I put a TON of links up there to artists and even clips, so instead of an image, how about something adorable and cute?

Unrelated to the show, they just put this up as a cold open. Love it.

Holy crap! iCarly teen star has grownup voice

I watch the Disney Channel. I’ve even moved on to watch some Nick shows. So I know all about the various teen stars hitting the airwaves with all their songs. Sure, I know Hannah Montana, and Miley’s clearly made a name for herself. Selena Gomez is up and coming, and she’s got some decent stuff (though I wonder if some mixing really helps her out). I can’t stand Demi Lovato (sorry) and while Miranda Cosgrove is cute, her music’s just eh. That leaves the girl from Victorious, who yes, has a good voice, but she’s a teenager. She sounds like a teenager.

So when I heard that Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam on iCarly was starting her way into music, I sighed, shook my head, and just resigned myself to another teen star on the air.

But then I listened to the song. Holy crap. This girl’s got a grownup voice. Honestly, I didn’t even think it was her. I thought I was directed to the wrong link (except, of course, her face being all over the video), and then I though that maybe someone else sang and she was just lip syncing. I doubt the latter is true, but damn, she’s good.

Check out her video of “Not That Far Away” below. You might just want to close your eyes, because the video’s really not all that impressive, but the voice may just kick you in the teeth.

Her new EP has just been released digitally, so feel free to check that out as well. I haven’t heard the other songs available, but color me impressed.

Honestly, it’s just nice to know that there really is some talent in all the teen stars muddying up the waters today. Kudos, Jennette!

You can check out more of Jennette through her website and Twitter.