Five People to See Less of in 2011

Now that we’re coming to the end of 2010, it’s time to start looking back on the year that’s passed and the year to come. Here on Raked, we’ll be doing a few top ten lists and awards for the year, but first up, how about noting the top ten people on our minds? In two posts, we’ll hear the Top Five People We Want to See More of in 2011 and the Top Five People We Want to See Less of in 2011.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Five People We Want to See Less of in 2011

Lea Michele – She may be the new Barbara Streisand with the nose and voice, but she’s certainly not impressing me. Michele is incredibly overexposed since Glee has won a popularity contest as of late. Sure, she’s got a great voice, but with her diva action on screen and off, I’m a bit tired of her. (I’m also tired of seeing her half naked. Just sayin’.)

Gwyneth Paltrow – Choice number two also has overexposure to blame. From her appearance on Glee (which I hear was decent) to her brand-new movie, Paltrow is everywhere, especially where I spend my time the most: the internet. I’m tired of Paltrow headlines and commercials, so let’s just move on. I’m tired of hearing about her comeback. (Sadly, my request might not be granted, what with rumors that she’ll be returning to Glee.)

Steve Carell – I get it. He’s leaving The Office. Can he get gone already? He hasn’t been funny on the show for quite a while (in fact, most of the cast hasn’t), and I don’t understand why people are upset he’ll be gone. I hope he takes a break from my viewing for a while (and takes the rest of the show with him).

Miley Cyrus – Is it just me, or is Hannah Montana Forever just dragging on? Yes, it’s funny that I’m commenting on someone who’s the star of a show that I’m way too old to be watching, but between her presence on the Disney Channel and her misadventures reported on the web, I’m fine with seeing less of her in 2011. In fact, let’s add a few other tween brats to this list, including Victoria Justice (her song sucks), the entire casts of Sonny with a Chance and Step It Up, and any other Disney star who has released a music video on the Disney Channel in the last two months. Oh, and Oliver and Rico, of course.

Jim Parsons – Great as the weirdo roommate on Big Bang, but the minute Sheldon fell into the spotlight, he became overexposed and annoying. The funny went right out the window. But the fans still obsess about him. I’m not entirely turned off from Parsons, but I sure am getting there. If I see less of him in 2011, well, not only would it alleviate some frustration on my end, but it just improve The Big Bang Theory. He should always remain the annoying, quirky sidekick.

I didn’t even touch on reality TV “stars,” so I’m sure there are a lot more we can identify. Maybe that’s another top ten list…

What about you? Who do you want to see less of the in the coming year? Let me know in the comments.

*images from Yahoo! TV and Zap2It


Hannah Montana: What they SHOULD have asked

HANNAH MONTANA: 4.11 “Can You See the Real Me?”

After the last new episode of Hannah Montana, I didn’t really know where the show would be going. After all, Miley revealed herself to be Hannah. I guess the writers didn’t really know where to go after that either, because instead of plot, we got a clip show, disguised as Miley’s first interview since coming out.

Don’t get me wrong. As far as clip shows go, this was a creative way to do it. And it was kinda fun seeing some of the clips again and going, hey, I remember that episode. (Though, really, I was more excited that there were some episodes I didn’t recognize. Not because that means there’s more Hannah to see, but because next time my husband makes fun of me for watching endless reruns, I can rightfully say that, no, I haven’t seen them all a million times already. Just some.)

The interview itself, well, I’m curious to know how they structured that. Clearly, the questions were scripted and some of Miley’s answers were, too. But the writers must’ve given her some freedom to answer some questions as she wanted, just as long as she landed on the right segue, because some of her answers just seemed cobbled together, like when she was trying to discuss how her friends and family kept her grounded.

The writers clearly wanted Miley Stewart’s words to echo the feelings of Miley Cyrus as she says good-bye to the series and Hannah concerts. Whether it was reflective of real life, well, I don’t know.

Really, there’s not much to write about the show, since the vast majority, we’ve already seen. So let’s have a little fun.

Let’s be honest. The interviewer, Robin, really wanted a fluff piece. Any other journalist would want the real answers. Like some of the ones below, all based on events in Miley and Hannah’s lives:

  • So if you were Hannah this entire time, how do you explain dating Jackson a few years ago, and his declaration of his love for you. Are you a proponent of incest?
  • All this explains to some degree the relationship you both had with famous actor Jake Ryan. In fact, many remember the humiliating moment when you showed up with Jake at a premiere even, unshaven and in a swan dress. Who is the real you? Or is this Miley we’re seeing here even a facade?
  • Let’s discuss your friend Oliver, who won a singing contest singing one of your songs, at which you were a judge. Was that rigged? Did you coach him?
  • Hannah Montana has her own drivers’ license. Can you explain how you got that, if indeed Hannah Montana wasn’t ever a real person? Did you forge documents?
  • Basically, what you’ve told the world is that you lied to them for the last six years. How do you think your fans will feel about having their biggest role model be a liar, especially since you lied to them? (Actually, I think we might get to this in the next episode, if the promo was right.)

Those are just a few. What else would you add to put Hannah in the hotseat?

Who’s that now?

I don’t really post on news or music, but hey, these two kids have acted. One’s a Disney Channel brat, and shortly after, they both appeared in a Disney Channel movie. So they count. They can be on my blog.

And since I’m doing the summer music idea (Is this only CD #2 I’ve mentioned? Must get on that), well, that’s more ammunition to the fire.

I think these two are cute. Their songs are poppy. They fit good, wholesome teen movies. I am really attached to their Christmas music because they keep it traditional for the most part and don’t sing stupid songs about bubble gum clouds and marshmellows (think the Cheetah Girls). And since they’re not as over-the-top and overplayed like Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, you can’t hate them.

I’m someone who listens to pop music to brighten my mood. So they’re not bad for that purpose.

So what’s new? Well, for one thing, their name.

They announced today (in a statement and on Twitter) that the duo is changing their name to 78violet. Yes, that’s right. 78violet. As they said it, “This is how you spell ‘our new name’ 78violet. No spaces. All lower case letters. Love you all…”

Here’s the thing: Why?

See, here’s something silly. Their names are Aly and AJ (or Alyson and AJ). People know them as that. In fact, it’s not even anything stifling like a made-up Disney Channel character that defines your music like Hannah Montana. It’s just…your names.

So why the change? No clue. What does it mean? Well, not sure why they chose “violet,” but they chose the 78 because…they released the statement on July 8 (get it? 7/8). Good thing it wasn’t June 9. Or April 20. Wait, maybe that would have been better.

I can’t quite understand the reasoning. Maybe they just feel like since they’re growing, some things have to change. Does anyone else remember the good ol’ days when people used to just evolve their music and not their personas?

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Perhaps like violets. Wait…no…

If the Jonas Brothers had tighter pants

Cover your ears and guard your loins. The tweenagers are amuck with good news. Not only is there a New Moon trailer, but Hannah Montana just got a fourth season (according to Breaking TV News on Twitter). The only thing that could make this day better would be if the Jonas Brothers had tighter pants.

(Ok, so this post isn’t really about the Jonas Brothers, but if you do want to read about them, I’ve got some posts here, here, and here. Or just search for them in my search box below.)

I know I’m not exactly a breaking news kind of blog, but I thought I’d share this little tidbit of information. I find it a little strange that the same day that Miley Cyrus tweets about how she’s working on the last episode of season three, we find out that there’s a season four on the way. So much for “the last song,” as Miley put it.

I remember the days when Disney Channel had a three-season limit for their shows, mainly because if they did more, the characters would be too old for the target audience. I lamented the end of Lizzie McGuire and thought there was potential for more (sans singing).

How are they going to do a fourth season of Hannah Montana, though? I mean, Jackson’s already sitting around at home looking for colleges and only working at Ricko’s. Are we going to transform him into a sad sack? He really is too old for the target audience, and his buddy system with Rico’s getting kinda old.

Meanwhile, Lily and Oliver are together, and everyone seems to be going through high school with ease. Add in the movie, and what else is there to do? We have happy ending written all over the place.

The renewal is a little disappointing. The freshness is gone. The acting has become overacting. And I think it’s just lost its flavor.

But in the end, it’s the fans that matter. And the fans like the show. More so, the fans buy the merchandise. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Miley get married one day. As long as there’s a person to buy the T-shirt, I think we’re set.

Update: This just in: Apparently, it looks like the show will be changing locations, which will allow for a new setting and new characters. I guess it’s nice to give the change, but does that mean we’re losing Lily and Oliver? If we lose Rico, I certainly won’t be disappointed, but I’d say that Lily is one of the strongest driving forces of the show. For one thing, she can actually act.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. You nervous? Excited?

Thursday Open Thread: Do you Twitter?

I got in a conversation at work about the pros and cons of Twitter. As you know, I’m a big check in the “pro” column (follow me @rakedreviews), but others stay far, far away from the Twitterverse.

So here’s a fun little Open Thread for this Thursday.

Do you Twitter? Who do you follow? (And all the stuff in between.)

I want to hear it all. Tell me if you Twitter and why. If you don’t Twitter and why. And best of all (here comes the fun part), who do you follow?

Personally, there’s a lot of fun on there. I follow a good amount of TV and entertainment news (which is probably why I was on the edge of my seat while fall TV schedules were coming out).

But then there’s the fun, ridiculous celebrities. From William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) to Felicia Day (@feliciaday) to Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus –And I must say, some of her rants are just funny.), I’ve got myself quite a collection. Add in some Dollhouse stars and the BroCode (@brocode), and you’re all set.

So what about you? Share your faves or who you’d recommend. Kinda like a #followfriday on Raked. Click the red box below or jump to comments.

Welcome to the Fight Club.

30 ROCK: 3.18 “Jackie Jormp-Jomp”

The freshness and originality of this show is such a counter to Parks and Recreation that I just adore it.

The characters are so original, and the characters so far have not grown stale. In fact, they’ve grown stronger in their quirkiness.

For example, Liz. Liz is so dedicated to her work that when she’s required to leave, she just whines to her doormen/doorwomen about how she should be at work. It’s so uncharacteristic for her to have time off and to be away from the show.

Which is why it’s so much funnier when she falls into the grasp of the housewives. And I really loved the sequence of her explaining why she couldn’t spend the entire day with them, as the entire day goes on around her. It was great.

Personally, I thought that they would end up getting sick of Liz, therefore awkwardly telling her to stop hanging out with them. But nope. They were part of something bigger.

The fight club.

Though I love that Jack naturally assumed lesbianism. We were all going there, now weren’t we?

And on the other end of the character spectrum is Jenna, who will do anything to be known, loved, and believed to be in her early 30s. With Jack’s help, they convinced the world she was dead (all because a kid who was running the Kid’s Choice Awards misheard Jack–fantastic) just so that her film Jackie Jormp Jomp would succeed. It’s just like Jack.

And it’s just like Jenna to throw it all away at the prospect of someone finding out that she’s really fff—-.

Oh, and can I say that I also appreciated that they already had a memorial video made for her. Heh.

Overall, the show is just creative. It still lives in the world of quirk and unpredictability. They counter the possibility of staleness with surprise and fun.

Yet they’re still stuck in the day-to-day world of making the show. I loved that Tracy mentioned that Liz is always around to fix everything as he’s being dragged off and that Kenneth automatically goes to Jack as his superior if Liz isn’t around, even if there might be 40 people in between. (Though I wasn’t thrilled with the Kenneth-in-love storyline. It was just eh.)

Finally, let’s give one last shoutout to the satire involved. Mocking Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus with small complaint about sitting behind the Cyrus family and their hats was great. So was dumping green slime on someone right before presenting a memoriam. And the fact that a cartoon bear got uproarious applause while the creator of the cartoon had one lonely clap–sad but true.

Will you miss Miley?

Nothing new was on TV last night except Kings (read JC’s pro-Kings post here), so I don’t really have much to write about. Let’s talk news.

Most recently, Miley Cyrus said that she wouldn’t do anymore TV after Hannah Montana finishes up. See it here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit relieved. While I enjoy Hannah Montana, I’ve realized that Miley seems to suck as an actress with the more popularity that she gets. She’s too over the top and is getting much more annoying.

Plus, with less TV, maybe that means less interviews. I caught her last week on Jay Leno (I think it was the only time I’ve ever watched Leno since 1995), and the girl has no idea how to interview. She seemed like she was bouncing out of the chair the entire time, and she just couldn’t seem to string five words together without sounding like a 14-year-old.

I know that’s kinda mean. I mean, she is only 16 years old. But then again, she’s been in the public eye for a few years now. You’d think she’d know how to act like someone who can think.

Not that I even believe this stuff. Actors and actresses are constantly saying how they won’t come back to movies or television–or even specific genres. Remember when Sandra Bullock said she’d no longer be in romantic comedies? Everyone makes a comeback. I believe Celine Dion has retired a number of times.

I think we’ll be seeing Miley in guest spots on shows at least, and future down the line (you know, when her singing career is less than stellar), I definitely see her reconsidering her decision.

But what do you think? If Miley does disappear from the small screen, will you miss her? I assume this leaves her open to movies; would you like that?