A Twilight Recast: Bye-bye Victoria

Oh boo.

I don’t even care about Twilight, but this newest news really makes me sad. Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria in the original Twilight movie has been recast, according to this E! Online article. Supposedly, she had a ten-day conflict and they decided to recast her for the movie Eclipse, which is just starting to film. Replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard would just save more money.

According to the article, the cast members of Twilight are a little bummed, since Lefevre was basically a mother hen to the group. She was only 30, but the rest of the group is a good ten (or so) years younger.

So why do I care? I personally like Lefevre. For any of you who have read some of my posts in the past, you might recall that I bring up a certain ABC Family movie See Jane Date. Well, Lefevre was in that, playing one of Jane’s best friends–and a fun one at that. For things that I like, I tend to follow their work.

And honestly, this seemed like a break for her. I mean, she really hasn’t been in that much except for tiny roles, Twilight included. You really wouldn’t have noticed her except for the final scene of the movie, when it’s rather clear that she’ll be back for vengeance. Or, of course, if you read the books.

So yeah, it kinda bugs me that they’re recasting over such a lame excuse. If they refuse to fire the kid playing Jacob when he clearly can’t be the giant size he needs to be, why should they get rid of Lefevre?

You know what this means, right? Now I’m basically watching these movies for Michael Welch, who played Mike in the films. Why him? Well, he was Luke in one of my favorite series, Joan of Arcadia. I mean it. I’ll follow my favorite people.

Well, at least Lefevre is in the next installment New Moon, but that’s almost even more frustrating. Having two movies of a series and then changing the cast. Annoying. I mean, the only reason Harry Potter changed actors mid-through for Dumbledore was because the actor passed away. And look how many movies they’ve had.

There’s something about loyalty that’s missing here. I mean, is money really the issue? This movie’s going to make a ton, and I’m sure there are higher paid stars that they could weed out. This is just disappointing.

Maybe I’m too invested. Some fans out there probably don’t care if Victoria is now played by a random new redhead.

But not me. I liked her. Boo, Twilight.  Boo.


I finally saw TWILIGHT

So I realize that I’m a TV blogger, but it’s not like I haven’t shared any Twilight news over the last bit, so I think it’s fair to share my thoughts on the Twilight movie in response to my “How was Twilight?” post. So we’ll just expand Raked for this post, and say that I’m writing about “entertainment.”

Anyway, I think I watched it wrong. I actually didn’t think it was so bad; you could say I actually kinda liked it. Before you jump for joy or weep on my behalf, keep reading.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear throughout my posts that I’m not a fan of the books. While I read all four (yes, I even suffered through Breaking Dawn), I thought the writing was terrible. The story was compelling enough to make me get through them–mostly because once I was 250 pages in, I felt like I had to get through the rest to see what happened. After all, I devoted that much time, right?

Anyway, I was never a fan of Edward. Frankly, I was never a fan of Bella. They both annoyed me. I didn’t mind Jacob, though in my opinion, he was destroyed in the fourth book (I think others might disagree with me, and you’re welcome to in the comments).

But this isn’t about the book. It’s about the movie. With such strong feelings about the book, it’s no surprise that I didn’t see it in the theater. But when I did see it this weekend, I enjoyed it.

Of course, I didn’t take it seriously. In fact, I kinda laughed at some of the most dramatic parts. Every time Edward leapt through the trees, for one. Really, you have to look at it how it is: Edward is a psycho stalker. He just is. Sure, he saves Bella’s life a few dozen times, but he’s a psycho stalker.

In realistic movie review fashion, I should say this: I think it was cast well. While not a real Robert Pattinson fan, he did a good job as Edward, and hey, he even smiled sometimes, which was a bit charming. Kristen Stewart’s Bella wasn’t nearly as annoying as the actual character in the book, and I actually liked her.

But it was really the characters in the periphery that grabbed my attention. Of course, I was glad to see Michael Welch of Joan of Arcadia fame as Mike, and while I would have pictured Mike a little cooler than Welch played it, I think ultimately the character was sound.

I particularly liked Jessica, who actually seemed to come across as a real high school teenager–the first movie in the history of time that’s actually been successful in that feat.

More so, I loved Charlie. He was fantastic in a minimalistic way. The relationship between him and Bella was so awkward it was believable without being over-the-top. One flaw in many TV series and movies is that they pus the father/daughter awkwardness to far into estrangement and kill it. It was a great touch.

Plus, who knew they’d have one-liners? You know how much I like one-liners.

So if you’re a big fan of the books, or if you want a real serious movie, you may not appreciate it. But if you don’t mind laughing at it–don’t take it so seriously–you might just enjoy it.

Oh, and if you’re obsessed with Robert Pattinson, well, you’ll be fine, too.

So I wonder how I’ll like the next movies. Of course, with the success of this movie, that leaves plenty of room for them to try to be more over-the-top (in a non-laughable way) and kill it. For example, they did hire Dakota Fanning, after all, and one thing I really appreciated about this movie was that most of the cast you didn’t recognize as mainstream names. So I guess we’ll see.

I guess the real question for the next movie is this: theater or DVD? Will I be kicked out if I laughed out loud in every dramatic moment in the movie? Maybe it will be DVD release again.

PS – Oh, and I must mention that the glittery skin thing was terrible. I mean, barely laugh-worthy. It was just bad. Sorry.