Marry Me: The Pilot

Marry Me - Season Pilot

MARRY ME: 1.01 “The Pilot”

There weren’t many shows I was really interested in seeing going into this new fall season. One was Gotham, which has piqued my interest and kept me coming back for more. Another was A to Z, mainly because of the cast; that one’s doing alright in my book but needs to grow into itself.

The last was Marry Me, solely because of who was in it and who created it. Ken Marino was great in Party Down, and both Casey Wilson and her off-screen hubby David Caspe won me over with Happy Endings (Wilson acted, Caspe created — just like they do in Marry Me). I didn’t know much more about the series, other than that it was about a recently engaged couple, and I suppose that after the pilot, we don’t know much more than that now either.

That being said, I enjoyed not knowing. The episode certainly had its ups and downs. Marino’s Jake was pushed very early on into a supporting role to Wilson’s antics as Annie. While I still expect Marino to hold the title of “straight man” to Wilson’s humor, I do think he is going to grow so that this engagement — and show — becomes a 50/50 partnership.

There’s also a little work to be done elsewhere. A few of the jokes were predictable (of course, Annie’s proposal would have some devastating ending, and of course Annie and Jake ended up at the same place afterward), and the characters were oddly introduced before we actually saw them. As someone new to the series, I didn’t hang on to every word of Annie’s rant, so while I got that she insulted all her friends and family, I was playing a little catchup to remember what she said about whom.

But, it’s clear that Jake and Annie have chemistry, and that’s going to be keeping me coming back. Marino and Wilson do a great job playing off each other when they can be their fast-talking, reactive selves (think of their off-shoots of conversation during the last, real proposal). And without some complicated reason for the show’s being (think A to Z‘s “story” of Andrew and Zelda or the horrible narration in Manhattan Love Story), it doesn’t have any issues with becoming another likable comedy that can define itself into whatever role it wants.

So I’m saying “yes” to Marry Me — at least tentatively. If it took three proposals to get Jake and Annie right, I think I should at least give it that many tries too for a solid commitment.

*Photo by NBC/Greg Gaynes

How to trap a man: Lifetime’s subliminal messaging

I had a great Saturday night, wrapping gifts while watching TV. And what to my wondering eyes did appear–and encore showing of Lifetime’s miniseries Marry Me. I had mentioned that I thought this was a super-cute movie, and I must’ve been telling the truth because I sat there and rewatched the entire thing, and I even enjoyed it all over again.

But the funny part was that after about an hour or two, I noticed something. I’m not the most observant of people, but usually I notice when networks share things in the corner like advertisements. For example, I didn’t have any problem seeing the occasional graphic in the left-hand corner of the screen that had Lucy Liu in a wedding gown with the words, “You’re watching Marry Me” (or something to that degree). What took me apparently hours to notice was the almost translucent message to the right-hand side of the screen, which was there for the entire rest of the movie after I noticed it.

Can’t see it? You can click to make it bigger, but how about just checking out this screencap instead.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Give Lifetime some props because they finally have created a way for a woman to snag a man. Just use their subliminal messaging. Just for four hours of your time, you can secretly convince someone to Marry You NOW.

Of course, there is the wee problem with the fact that you’d have to first convince a man to watch a four-hour chick flick. But hey, if you can do that, he must be a keeper. Then, just let him watch. Maybe he’ll drop to a knee by the end. After all, four hours of the request “Marry Me Now” in opaque writing just might work!

Cute movie alert! Will you ‘Marry Me’?

It seems like I’m watching more movies than shows lately, doesn’t it? Well, this time of year, networks pull out all the stops and show tons of original movies. Next up? Marry Me, on Lifetime.

This is actually a two-night miniseries event starring Lucy Liu, who plays Rae, a social worker in Atlanta (I love Southern-based things!), who finds herself the perfect girl for not one, not two, but THREE handsome bachelors. When she receives three marriage proposals, well, what’s she to do?

I have to admit, when I first heard about the movie and got the screener, I was skeptical. I mean, what girl really gets three marriage proposals? But Lucy Liu’s Rae is just so sweet, so adorable–who wouldn’t fall in love with her? In fact, it’s almost frustrating to see her crumbling love life at the beginning of the movie since she’s such a catch.

But her story is relatable–and has it’s funny moments; heck, she’s dumped for frogs–and you really get involved with her life. You love–and hate–each of the guys. After all, as much as you like each guy, there’s definitely an obstacle you have to get past to really want him with Rae (I call it the “skeez factor”). And that’s not even all that she’s dealing with. She’s got a meddling family led by Annie Potts and a teenage foster child at home played by Gilmore Girls‘ Vanessa Marano (keep an ear out for that Gilmore Girls reference by the way).

Honestly, it’s just a cute movie. For a two-parter, I thought I would watch one half one night, the rest the other, but at 11:30 that night, I was popping in the other half. All you lovers of romantic comedies out there should check this one out.

Marry Me premieres this Sunday on Lifetime at 9/8c and continues Monday night, same time same place!

*images courtesy of Lifetime Television