2010 Awards, Part 2

Alright. So you saw the first set, now let’s move on to more! More awards and more reader picks. Once again, if the award has an asterisk, it’s a Reader Pick, with or without my explanation. If they added one, it’s there! If they didn’t, well, that just leaves me to give a reason <malicious laugh>.

So here we go!

The 2010 Awards!
Part 2

Best Guy in a Suit: Neal Caffrey, White Collar. Step aside, Barney. There’s someone else suiting up now, and damn, he looks good.

Best Woman in Heels: Maura Isles, Rizzoli & Isles. This woman sure gets a lot done in four-inch heels and a pressed dress, even when dealing with dead bodies.

* Most Wasted Potential: Glee. It’s true. For a show with a huge fanbase and mad props for creating a new TV genre, they lost their way by focusing on huge guest stars and a big production instead of a cohesive storyline.

Least Necessary Procedural: Law & Order: CSI edition. Oh, is that not a real show? I thought it was. It’s on every night for two hours at least, right? And it airs on every network? Wait, these aren’t all the same show?

Most Ridiculous Premise for a Procedural: Castle. Ok, I know you fans out there must like it, but the idea that a successful novelist gets to spend his time on all these huge cases as a partner of a detective is rather incredible.

Worst Show We’re All Watching: The Office. Where did the funny go? It’s run its course, but we all still watch it. And most of us don’t know why.

Didn’t I Used to Be an Important Character? Award: Alaric, The Vampire Diaries. Well, it’s true, right? Now he’s arm candy, and occasionally says something smart from a book.

Best Vampire Teeth: The Vampire Diaries. With the eyes and the subtle teeth, yes, the vamps in TVD certainly get the prize.

Worst Vampire Teeth: True Blood. I haven’t tried to watch this series, solely because these teeth are so bad and look so fake. Plus, I hear they make a sound when they come out.

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Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010

This one was rough. It really made me realize that I’m not nearly watching enough TV. There were years ago when I could list ten TV deaths in an instant. This one took thought, especially when you considered that they had to have some significance. How do you define significance? Well, that’s what you’ll have to read below to see.

Note to readers: Please consider that this will include spoilers if you’re not caught up on the most recent seasons or episodes of your recent shows. So if you want to skip out, I’d stop reading now. (Note, look up. If you’re catching up on one of the series above, I’d stop reading.)

So I now present you with the Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010. I had to get some help from JC on this one. Consider this my grateful shoutout.

Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010
(in no particular order)

1. Rita, Dexter. As someone that was a late-comer to Dexter, it was pretty jarring coming across the internet the day after Rita was found dead in a bathtub, with her son crying on the floor, sitting in her own blood. The fans were going crazy, and even I had to jump ahead and watch the horrifying clip. It was a moment full of horror and feeling–the latter one being a bit of a surprise in the world of Dexter.

2. Amy, The Walking Dead. In a show about the zombie apocalypse, it only makes sense that one of the characters will eventually get eaten by zombies. Sure, I should have seen it coming, considering that the episode this death takes place in opened with an extended scene showing Amy and Andrea sharing childhood memories of their parents. Of course one of them was about to bite the dust! But anyway, the episode itself hyped us up for a reapperance by the rampaging, one-handed Merle. Instead, zombies suddenly attack the camp, and Amy can barely get out the phrase, “We’re all out of toilet paper!” before a bloodthirsty shambler quite graphically bites a football-sized chunk of flesh out of her neck. It was ugly. She dies in her sisters arms, and is later shot through the head by said sister as she begins to re-awaken as a zombie. Ouch.

3. Topher, Dollhouse. Dollhouse barely made it into 2010, but it sure got its own body count. Topher was certainly one that stood out. The poor guy went crazy after bringing about the “Brainpocalypse,” only to save the world in the end. We all knew it would happen, as he walked the device to Adelle’s office, but we had that glimmer of hope–comfort?–as he turned to the wall to see all the faces already lost. Then BAM. He was gone.

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HIMYM: Catchin’ the Blitz

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.10 “Blitzgiving”

Hi there, Raked here with her own thoughts on How I Met Your Mother this week. I couldn’t help but wrestle it away from KT once I found out that Hurley was going to be on it. I mean, I devoted a few months of my summer to watching the complete series of Lost, so I miss my cast. It’s refreshing to see him again (and not some of the more whiny folks…but I digress).

It’s funny. For some reason, I can hardly bring myself to remember that this was a Thanksgiving episode. Perhaps it was because very little of it revolved around turkey. More so, it revolved around finding a table (and a working oven…something I wouldn’t mind myself) and the eventual friendship of Ted and Zoey.

What about Ted and Zoey? I do admit. I enjoy seeing Jennifer Morrison in something different than the scowl she eventually took on during her role as Cameron on House (I miss the dark-haired, chipper Cam), but the Zoey-centric episodes aren’t thrilling me. Perhaps it’s because here’s yet another girl that Ted is revolving episodes around that we know is not the mother. Ok, I guess they haven’t really told us she’s not the mother, but since they haven’t ended the episode with, “And that’s how I met your mother,” it’s a pretty good guess.

The idea of the Blitz was creative–and for that matter, relatable. Who hasn’t left a group of friends, only to discover that they missed some great part of the evening? The mist element going in and out of their mouths was very Hush and appropriate in the sense that HIMYM likes to put these quirky things in. However, the actual scenes of what Ted missed (and later what Barney missed) were just ho hum in my eye. I guess I would have much rather felt Blitzed myself, not knowing but just hearing the private jokes that I just didn’t get. Then, revealing the first real moment of being part of the group when the hat landed on the turkey.

Now, for Blitz himself–or Steve–I did enjoy his presence. It didn’t feel forced, which is an achievement in and of itself since TV has way too many guest stars nowadays. And honestly, my favorite part? Well, that was the Lost joke, when he said he was tired of being the Blitz and didn’t want it back: “I felt like I was on that island for eternity. It feels so good to be on the other side.”

Overall, not the best, not the worst, but certainly improved by the presence of Jorge Garcia. Now, can we get back to searching for a certain mother now?

Thursday Open Thread: Cult Favorites You’ve Never Seen

This summer, JC and I plowed through Lost. We’d never seen it, so we started in July and finished a couple months later. Now, I’m watching Battlestar Galactica, and I’m in the middle of season two. Sure, the shows might be over, but I’m finally picking up on why people loved them so much.

What cult favorite show have you never seen? And do you want to watch it?

The shows don’t have to be over, though. For example, Mad Men. I’ve never seen it. I figured I should start from the beginning if I watched it. Why didn’t I check it out when it first aired? Well, I don’t know. I don’t think I’d really heard anything about it until it was already mid-season, but I’m a TV blogger. That probably is no excuse.

I’ve also never seen The Walking Dead, mainly because I’m not a zombie fan, and I fear it will give me nightmares (seriously). I’m not opposed to it, and I know it’s a quality program, but it’s just not up my alley. True Blood, also never saw that.

What else? Well, the other shows that come to mind are ones that have come and gone. Like The Sopranos. Never saw that either. I really hadn’t seen Wonderfalls until about a month or two ago, but fortunately, that’s changed. I plan to continue through that series.

But what about you? What cult–or fan–favorites have you never seen? What’s stopped you? And do you want to check them out?

image from wired.com

Thursday Open Thread: Popular Shows You’ve Never Seen

JC and I are in the process of flying through the first season of Lost–a show neither of us have ever seen before. We agreed not to watch the show until the series ended so as not to spoil any of the secrets revealed in the final season. But it made me think:

What popular shows have you never seen?

Lost was huge. People loved it. Great cult following that branched all kinds of audience segments. And yet, I had never seen it until last week.

Need another example? True Blood. I’ve never seen an episode. Sure, I don’t have HBO, but then again, it’s on DVD now, isn’t it? Mad Men? Never seen it, no excuse. I hear it’s great.

So what about you? What haven’t you seen that people love? This can be an old or current show, but don’t forget to tell me why. Do you not like the actors? Not have the network? Or just generally have no interest?

image from Yahoo TV

See, for me it’s the teeth. They just look ridiculous. I hear they make a noise when they come down, too.

Thursday Open Thread: DVD Recommendations

Sure, we’ve got our summer series. I mean, Burn Notice and Royal Pains are even premiering tonight, so that should keep you warm (get it? It’s a Hamptons/Miami joke!). But really, I’ve got to have a little more on my plate than just one or two shows a night. What about you?

What TV on DVD show do you recommend people watch this summer?

What show have you been watching that you desperately want people to check out? What show did you just recently discover?

This week, JC discovered Party Down, so that’s definitely been in rotation, but I even caught up with an old episode of Sliders earlier in the week. I must say, Party Down is better–at least when you start out at Sliders season four. I do want to try out Lost now that the series ended (no spoilers please!).

What do I recommend to you? Buffy, of course, but I’ll name some more in the comments.

What about you? What do you like that you want others to love? Or, is there a show you’ve heard about that you wonder if others recommend? Spill it all in the comments. And, once you take a gander through them, maybe check out some of the recommendations!

image from Yahoo! TV

Love the pink bowties.

Thursday Open Thread: All the hype

I’m one of those really annoying people where when there’s a ton of hype behind something–say, a movie or a book–I try to stay away from it. I don’t want to be part of the crowd. Of course, then I just watch a lot of TV.

But TV isn’t really hype-free. So here’s my question:

Does hype work? Do you love it? Hate it? Do hyped-up things live up to expectations?

With the recent Madonna episode of Glee (which I didn’t watch), it seems like there’s major Glee hype everywhere, and it’s really questionable as to whether the show lives up to it. And you’d think that with it being the last season of Lost, the hype would continue, but I feel like less and less people are discussing Lost now that it’s up against Glee (not to say there aren’t events going all around Facebook now for Lost finale parties). There certainly was a mad storm when it first started, though. How did it hold up?

Personally, I hate hype, and generally, it doesn’t live up to expectations. Look at Dollhouse.  Heck, look at Joss Whedon? You know I’m a huge Joss fan, but is the Whedon hype getting out of control? You’ve got him directing Glee and The Avengers. What’s next? Why is he everywhere? And I’m one that likes him! I almost want him in limited quantities to assure a better product (er, show).

Same with Neil Patrick Harris. The Neil Patrick Harris hype is killing How I Met Your Mother because they’re focusing more on Barney than anything else. Is hype really turning me against things that I like?

What’s a girl (or guy) to do? Tell me your thoughts on hype–and whether you think I’m overreacting–in the comments.

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Those innocent smiles…