NBC: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Well, NBC has announced it’s upcoming new shows, as well as some shows that will be picked up. And to be honest, I can’t say I’m over the moon about any of them. Well, maybe one.

What’s original here? NBC seemed to be one of the networks we’re more curious about, what with ER‘s  good-bye and their newest pitch to have Leno have a 10:00 daily talk show. And yes, that Leno plan is still happening.

And while I have mixed feelins about Leno’s show (I think it’s a terrible idea, though at least it will be a backup to reruns at 10:00 on other networks), that now limits NBC to two hours of programming. So what do we have?

Well, in place of ER, we’ve now got two new hospital dramas, one of which has Michelle Trachtenberg as a nurse–something I doubt very heavily. Sorry, Michelle fans, but somehow that just seems odd to me. Can she play an adult? I mean, I saw her relatively try in The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, and it was painful.

We’ve also got Day One, which apparently has someone from Heroes involved (let’s hope season 1) and involves people reacting after a global disaster. Didn’t we do this a few years ago and call it Jericho? The frontrunner of that show is Julia Gonzalo, the most annoying cast member of the lost Eli Stone.

And then what? Parenthood? Oh dear, Maura Tierney, is there no hope left? At least Monica Potter’s finding work after Trust Me was canceled.

But where, oh, where are the original premises? I’m most looking forward to Community, mainly because it stars Joel McHale of The Soup, but from what I’ve read on other blogs, people are less enthused because it’s “just another multi-camera comedy.” I’ll take that any day over another Parks and Recreation, which, by the way, has been renewed.

Speaking of renewals, what about the ones we’re really wondering about? No news on Chuck, and contrary to various reports this weekend, it looks like Medium hasn’t yet been decided on yet, either. From what I can tell, you’ll have to wait until May 19, when they announce the fall schedule.

These are two very popular series. I’m still surprised they’re being debated.

Meanwhile, we can expect the return of Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, reality TV, and at least one Law & Order series.

What else is missing? My Name Is Earl. Again, very surprised.

I should mention that all of these might not be fall shows–some may be winter or “event”–but I think there are some surprises and disappointments here. With such original series as Chuck and, of course, Kings, we’re stuck with the old and the done.

So here’s what I suggest. If you don’t like what you see, and you’re waiting for your favorite NBC show to appear, you better get moving. Write to NBC, post blogs, do what you must. You’re running out of time, and we’re running out of quality.


Tonight’s an odd night for TV

Ok, readers. Don’t get spoiled here. I’m not going to make it my policy to always update you on what’s on each weeknight, but I feel like shows might get lost in the shuffle, so I’m doing it this week.

But tonight’s an odd night.

NBC’s got a new episode of Knight Rider on. I think it’s basically only new because they’re trying to get as many episodes of that out before canning it. It will be canned. I just don’t know when. Then we’ve got a Law and Order doubletake. A rerun of SVU, followed by a new episode of the original Law and Order. Ok, NBC’s sounding pretty normal.

The CW is premiering its new show Fear Is Real tonight. That show is odd in and of itself, and I won’t be watching it. Why? Because I’ll want them to kill people off like in horror movies, since this show is supposed to have that feeling like Saw. But it’s supposedly reality, so they can’t do that (nor would I want them to! Fiction killings only, people!). Supposedly they “kill” them off–meaning it’s fake–but if you know that, how is it scary? I don’t get the point. So I’m skipping out and waiting for my ANTM to come back. Then it’s got a rerun of 90210 (because Tuesday’s just not enough).

Where else is Tuesday not enough? ABC of course! Enter the oddness. In case you missed the hour of Scrubs last night (reviews coming up next), it’s on again! At 8:00. This show hasn’t gone through enough that now people won’t even know what time or day to watch it on its new station. Then after that, we’ve got those important shows like 20/20 and Barbara Walters, which are both new.

And on FOX? Two hours of Bones reruns. Odd only because I thought it was changing nights.

Now, for CBS. They’ve got an hour of rerun comedy (same old Wednesday night lineup) and then the People’s Choice Awards. I’m not a fan of the People’s Choice Awards, though I do hope Dr. Horrible wins in its category. All the show is is a popularity contest by the masses, and usually it means that the winners aren’t based on merit. Plus, you can vote more than once online, which me, a fan of science and accurate statistics, means it’s unfair. So boo on that.

What will I be watching? I hear Top Chef is new. So maybe we can get JC back here to do some more liveblogging. But I don’t know. Which do you want? Live or otherwise?

What’s on tonight? Tuesday edition.

What’s on tonight, America? Well, not The Secret Life for our sakes. ABC Family’s finally giving us a break from that crappy show. No, I did not watch last night’s episode. No, I don’t want to know what happens. And yes, I wouldn’t mind pushing the entire cast and the creator, Brenda Hampton, into a lake. Much like Luke did to Jess in Gilmore Girls.

ABC’s got some new shows premiering. Homeland Security USA is a new heart-warmer for all you that need some of that action. (Might also let you appreciate delays with airport security, who knows!) The real ABC story, though, is the new episodes of Scrubs, which makes its move from NBC to ABC tonight. I’ll definitely be catching that. Then there’s a new episode of Primetime: What Would You Do?. I don’t even know what that show is.

CBS has a full night of new episodes of old favorites for you crime buffs out there: NCIS, The Mentalist, and Without a Trace.

NBC brings us back to “reality” with a two-hour Biggest Loser: Couples and then follows it up with a new Law and Order: SVU. Not exactly my night of TV, but I guess some people like that.

The CW is giving new episodes of Privileged and 90210. I’m not an avid watcher of these shows, but I know some people are big fans, so I hope you all enjoy it! I’ll be on the Scrubs train.

And as for FOX: a big nothing new after last night’s failure of a Fiesta Bowl (as a Buckeye fan, I’m heartbroken). Too bad. I’m looking forward to new Fringe.