Fringe: Stop them before it happens

FRINGE: 2.01 “A New Day in the Old Town”

This was a fantastic way to start the new season.

At first, I was going to get a little frustrated. They started with the car accident, and I just thought they were going to leap ahead and forget that we left Olivia in another dimension. But no, we got much better.

Because like Olivia, we don’t know what happened there. We know that she went to another dimension but we don’t know what was discussed or what came of it. And Olivia doesn’t either. So just as she pieces together her memory, we’ll be puzzling together the missing pieces.

But let’s get to the biggie: I knew that Charlie was dead. Did you know he was dead? I really started to wonder, the way that he was basically given a farewell speech. If you haven’t learned yet, if a regular but minor character ever gets a long monologue, they’re most likely going to die pretty soon. It’s to build up the emotion for the character one last time before they kick it. It makes that death that much more emotional.

And really, I liked how his end seemed to be just as fitting as his story. The fact that they didn’t know the victim had just killed his partner, just as the rest didn’t realize that they had just killed him. I almost wish they had kept it more of a mystery, just so we’d be more surprised later in the season, but still, good twist.

I’d forgotten the fact that Kirk Acevedo had announced that he was fired from the show back in May. But beyond that, it was very clear that when you put him in the same place with the shape shifter–and the fact that the shape shifter couldn’t be hurt by gunshots (note, you heard extra gunshots, and I assume then was when Charlie was killed, much like his old partner)–you knew there was doom in the air. It’s really sad.

I mean, I think that Charlie could have really been developed in this series. And sure, we do get a new agent now, but still. I liked him.

And there’s still some time to develop his bad side. I don’t know when he’ll be vamoosing from the show. I was surprised, though, that Peter didn’t check out the dead woman’s mouth. Wouldn’t that have been a dead giveaway?

Moving on, this was a great episode for Peter. And really, Walter. I love watching their relationship, and they were very subtle with reminding us about why Walter is paranoid about Peter’s health and how Peter is still oblivious. I love the custard discussion. How heartbroken was Walter to discover that his own son had loved custard so much as a child, but this Peter hadn’t?

And in other thoughts, how grossed out were you to see Walter eating that Twizzler with bloody gloves?

Overall, fantastic episode, and I can’t wait to see more. One question, though: I thought we saw Nina Sharp get killed last season? In an elevator or just stepping out of an elevator? Am I making that up? Maybe someone could fill me in.

And the kiss. Ew.