Christmas Challenge: Full House

Our Very First Christmas Show

In the words of Stephanie Tanner: Christmas in an airport…hot dog.

I’m lucky I tracked this episode down. It’s not on Netflix, and I don’t plan far enough ahead to turn my Netflix disc in and request Full House next. That’s fine, though. If Yo Gabba Gabba destroyed my Netflix cred, I’m not sure Full House would have done much better.

But let’s get to the show, shall we? The Tanners are headed out of town for the holidays, all headed toward the Tanner family reunion (we won’t go into too much detail as to why Jesse and his parents are going along…yes, they’re the girls’ mother’s family, but they’re not exactly Tanners). Stephanie’s not happy, worried that Santa won’t find her. What makes matters worse is that her maps aren’t even all that helpful: The plane takes a detour because of weather, leaving the whole Tanner clan in an airport over Christmas Eve night.

It’s actually a cute little premise. Everyone’s grumpy, everyone’s upset. Ok, that’s not all that cute. But we have Jesse bringing the group together with a great speech, turning the airport baggage claim into a Christmas wonderland. The coat rack’s a tree. The vending machine’s the Christmas feast. And the conveyor belt is…a conveyor belt.

But despite all that, the presents are lost and Stephanie’s still upset. But miracle of miracles, Santa shows up to deliver the gifts and bring Christmas cheer. Everyone thinks it’s just another guy in a suite…until he disappears, leaving only a message on the computer for everyone else.

Oh, and a thanks for the maps, Stephanie.

Recommendation: Very cute. Definitely recommended.


Thursday Open Thread: Famous TV Moves

We’re still here! Ok, I know the posts have been slow, but that’s only because it’s entirely my fault! Between gallivanting around the globe and now moving, I’ve been rather busy. So instead of writing, my time has been sucked into packing. I’m still watching my same TV repertoire, but the blogging has hit some roadblocks. I’ll do what I can to fix that.

But in the spirit of a big move, how about an open thread?

What are some famous TV moving episodes?

Yes, that’s right. By TV moves, I don’t mean TV show scheduling changes from Thursday to Tuesday to Wednesday to Monday to Friday and so on a la Scrubs. Nor do I mean kickass dance moves a la Marshall (though those will be two fantastic open threads one day). No, I literally mean people moving houses, apartments, cities, and so on.

Of course, the one that comes to mind first is Annie’s move in Community, which even had its own hashtag. But I think the one that stays with me even more hits the nostalgia point of my childhood, when Uncle Jesse moved out of the Full House house (or tried to) when he married Becky. Michelle was oh so sad, and even gave him her pink pig. I think it even had flashbacks.

Maybe not the best episode, but definitely famous. Can you name some others?

Oh my god, the single tears. Hahaha. Am I heartless? (I’m pretty sure Michelle’s was courtesy of Visine.)

Thursday Open Thread: Most Memorable TV Wedding Episodes

Welcome! It’s a new year with new Thursday Open Threads. Or at least it better be. I’m going to do my best to keep up with them this year, especially given the lack of threads in December. Whoops.

Anyway, this week, I decided to choose something that feels odd to talk about in the first week of January, but I’m going to do it anyway. Earlier this week, E! released an early look at Blair’s wedding dress from Gossip Girl. Now, I don’t watch Gossip Girl. I didn’t even know Blair was getting married. But I do like weddings, and it naturally reminded me of Brooke’s wedding dress in One Tree Hill, and I just started thinking about TV weddings. Which makes me ask…

What are some of the most memorable TV wedding episode?

This could be weddings that happened — or almost happened. After all, TV is most painful when the wedding is called off, right? And that certainly makes something memorable.

Now, this may be a test of the demographic of my readership, as I’m sure that some people would just have to say Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives. Of course, I don’t remember this. This was in 1985. Any TV I was watching then was more what was happening on Sesame Street than Salem.

And, of course, the One Tree Hill  brides come to mind, mainly because with the exception of Brooke and Julian, they all seem to end in some horrible way — the bride collapses in a bloody mess or a kid gets kidnapped by a psycho nanny. Oh, and let’s not forget the limo being driven off a bridge, and the groom jumps off after it, leaving a crying bride screaming after it.

Ok, so that might be the most memorable.

But here’s another alternative. How about we go back to the old family sitcom? How about Jesse and Becky from Full House? Jesse goes skydiving the day of his wedding (naturally) and then gets stuck in a tree, falls in a tomato truck, and gets put in jail. Of course! Oh, in the end it’s all happy. In fact, you can watch Jesse’s song here (man, how could I forget the impromptu gospel choir at my own wedding?).

Oh, who am I kidding? One Tree Hill wins. What do you think is most memorable?

Thursday Open Thread: Favorite TGIF Show

Let’s take a step back and forget about the new TV that’s on. Let’s think of when we used to settle down and watch bad sitcoms on a Friday night.

What was your favorite TGIF show?

For those of you two don’t remember TGIF, it was ABC’s Friday comedy lineup. For those of you who remember it but don’t remember any shows except Family Matters and Step by Step, here’s a refresher.

For me, I was obsessed growing up with Full House–it was my favorite show–but I don’t remember watching it Friday nights. Same with Boy Meets World. I really caught up with that on syndication. I’m sure both were aired on Fridays, but I just don’t remember them as TGIF shows.

I do remember watching Perfect Strangers. I think that’s one of those shows that take me back in time. Now that was a fun show that would never see the light of day today. And, of course, I watched the typical Family Matters and Step by Step, but if I had to choose a favorite show that I associate with TGIF, it’d be Perfect Strangers.

What about you?

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They’re smiling at YOU.

Thursday Open Thread: Television Cliches

I was going to use a different Thursday Open Thread today, but you know what? This one’s better. It was actually suggested by one of our regular commenters, CS. Here’s what he’s got to ask:

What is the worst TV cliche out there?

We’re talking terrible cliches. For example: The whole I-hit-my-head-and-got-amnesia thing. I mean, sure, we might have believed it in cartoons, but on Full House? You know, that terrible series finale when Michelle falls off her horse and suddenly she doesn’t know who she is? (By the way, bad acting on their part.)

Or maybe even the he’s-not-really-dead scenario. Or evil twins. Or the I-just-found-out-you’re-my-father-because-we’re-a-match-for-kidneys plot.

Think of any soap opera, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. There are tons out there–and nowadays, they even invade primetime (I bet that kidney thing was in House)!

Let me know, in the comments.

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Labor Day Giveaway!

I’m combining forces here. Check out the newest Recap Review–with a Labor Day giveaway attached!

RECAP REVIEW: Elvis Presley: The Ed Sullivan Shows: The Performances

I don’t know if you’ve quite noticed yet, but I’m a TV fan. So much so that when I see shows from way back when (no offense intended), I’m naturally curious to see what they were like.

For example, The Ed Sullivan Show. It was 50 years ago. I certainly haven’t seen it! So I got my hands on this new DVD, which shows off three of Elvis’ famous performances on the show.

Now, you can shame me as necessary, but I’m not actually too familiar with Elvis’ music. Of course, I know the famous ones. Who doesn’t? But to be honest, I have to admit that I learned the most about Elvis by watching Jesse on Full House. Shame.

So I enjoyed this. Not only was the fantastically old 1950s Ed Sullivan intro entertaining to watch (very I Dream of Jeannie somehow). But wow, just hearing the screams of all the girls as Elvis was even just mentioned. He didn’t even have to be on stage. And while I realize the JoBros get tears and swoons, I still think they’ve got something to learn from this man.

Now, being 1950s television, of course, the risque dancing of the time is not exactly shown to the television audience (pretty much everything is from the chest up), but when you hear the screams arise, you know there’s something causing it. Back when these were aired in ’55, ’56, and ’57, TV had standards (now we have reality TV).

It’s pretty entertaining. It’s straight clips of all Elvis’ performances and Ed’s intros (well, plus an intro from Ed Sullivan’s fill-in for the first performance; I haven’t watched the special feature yet to find out why Ed wasn’t there that day, but I’m sure it’s a good story). It’s a good watch.

If you’re looking for variety in his music, well, that’s where it’s lacking a little. You didn’t expect Elvis not to play his top hits at every performance, right? So there are some repeated songs, but just enjoy the backup singers and the different outfits. And hearing him sing them should be gift enough. But I did notice at least one song that I know I never heard Jesse Katsopolis play in the Tanner house, so that was refreshing.

And you know, he just seemed like a nice guy. You gotta give him props for that. Plus, give it up for the 284 teddy bears he received at Christmastime, if I recall his story correctly. That comment was cute.

So I’m glad I checked it out. And now it’s your turn! I’m giving away one copy of this DVD to one of my lucky readers!

The Giveaway

How to Enter:

It’s pretty simple. To enter, put a comment below telling me your favorite Ed Sullivan Show moment or your favorite Elvis song. See? Easy as pie–or a banana and peanut butter sandwich. This is a required first entry.

One thing to remember: Make sure you leave a legitimate email address. I can’t contact you as a winner if I don’t have that.

Want extra entries?

  • Tweet about this contest, and mention @RakedReviews.
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  • Share this contest on Facebook.

For any of these extra entries, you MUST come back and put in an extra entry in the comments. For example, if you comment, then tweet, you need to leave two comments in order to get counted twice.

The Deadline:

You have all the way through Labor Day to enter. Comments will close at midnight Monday night, and I’ll choose the winner randomly right after that. So check your email on Tuesday, the 8th. That’s when I’ll be contacting the winner.

Good luck! And hey, don’t be cruel…

Ruby and the Rockits: Done but fun

RUBY AND THE ROCKITS: 1.06 “Hot for Spanish Teacher”

It occurred to me last night at the Red Sox game, as I was watching David Cassidy sing the national anthem (what?!), that I didn’t post my thoughts on Ruby and the Rockits this week.

And I wanted to. Because I feel like this was the best episode yet.

Now, let me explain. The premise? It’s been done before. I mean, let’s name some various shows that had a parent dating a teacher: Full House (and that was actually a Spanish teacher), Gilmore Girls, Hannah Montana, Good Morning Miss Bliss. Those are just four off the top of my head.

But to supplement the “done” status, the show had a great amount of one-liners that seemed to impress me. I mean, every time the uncle spoke about the teacher (yes, he thinks she’s hot, we got it–oh, and his wife is standing right there), he actually said clever things. I mean, having Jordan ask about what the teacher was wearing and having his father use the word “slingbacks”–it was pretty funny!

And the dinner conversation, when Ruby’s asking her father if it’s ok to meet someone online, that was just hilarious. We knew that her father was a bad influence, but just hearing him recommend that she see the online acquaintance–number one on the “do not do in high school” list–was just great. Especially when Ruby immediately responds with, “The answer to that is ‘no,'” and David returns to the table and brags to her teacher that she met someone new. How horrifying! And hilarious!

And actually having David come into the classroom to serenade the teacher. Well, it was a little lame, but at least it was original after the cliche heartfelt talk between him and Ruby. (By the way, the teacher loses points for breaking up with David on a voicemail.)

So I’ve got to give mad props to the show for improvement. I’m not saying this show is suddenly number one on the sitcom list. It’s not original. It’s not new. But it is cute, and it’s making progress.

Of course, I wasn’t too thrilled with the subplot. I mean, the kids giving tours of the house for Rockits fans? Eh. It could use some work.

I did look up to see if there are more new episodes, since IMDB didn’t exactly list any other episodes after this one. It looks like there’s at least one more, when looking at the upcoming TV Guide listings. I’m curious to see if the original one-liners (man, I’m a sucker for one-liners) continue.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts–about this episode and about whether you’re still watching (and why). This show is certainly not getting the hype that 10 Things I Hate About You is getting (which upsets me since I hate that show), but it is cute.

I’m wondering if it will get renewed. I mean, I can never really tell with ABC Family shows. The ones I like get canceled. The ones I don’t live on forever. I blame Secret Life. It sets the standards all wonky.