Thursday Open Thread: TV Remakes

I complain and complain and complain that there’s no creativity left on television. We’ve got reality TV, and now we have remakes.

Yes, remakes. We started with things like Knight Rider (failed), 90210 (uggh), and most recently, Melrose Place (is this one still on the bubble?). Now we hear that they’re putting together La Femme Nikita, The Rockford Files, and Hawaii 5-0. So this leads me to ask:

What show do you want to see remade? And what show shouldn’t be?

Get creative. Tell me how you’d love to see Step by Step compiling all those little Disney kids, or how if they dare touch your sacred WKRP in Cincinnati, you’ll be angry enough to spit.

But then again, they’re not all bad. What about The Office, which was formerly BBC. Maybe you want to give an American Merlin a chance (wow, that would tank hardcore).

But then again maybe you’re mad that a remake is still on the air–or that one didn’t make it. Cupid remake, anyone? I know that’s a sore spot for some. Or maybe the idea of remakes just makes your skin crawl, and you want them off the air completely.

Share it–or vent it–in the comments.

By the way, here’s an interesting article about TV remakes. Looks like a lot of people are thinking about it!

And yes, I guess you could argue that 90210 isn’t technically a remake since it has a whole new set of characters and some of the old ones still appear, but it’s basically trying to be the same show, so I think it counts. And I think the only thing that has improved between the two…are the shoes.

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ABC serves up sloppy seconds

My God. When will ABC stop?

I believe I’ve mentioned how ABC has turned a one-man adoption agency. If only TV shows were children, we would no longer need foster care.

It’s not that it really bothers me that networks adopt other shows that have been cancelled. I mean, if that were the case, we would have lost the final two seasons of Buffy.

(I guess for some people, that would be a good thing, but I enjoyed season six…and parts of season seven. If only UPN hadn’t adopted Kennedy.)

Anyway, we all remember how ABC has adopted Scrubs for its final season. Of course, then it became a question as to whether it would be its final season. (Sidenote: Is that still up in the air? I certainly hope it’s their final season. As much as I like the show, it’s lived out its time.) And I was fine with that because I figured it was a special case and I knew the creator wanted to sign it off in his way and the writer’s strike really messed with that, so there you go. ABC gets it. We’re happy.

But apparently, ABC won’t stop there. First they get Surviving Suburbia from the CW (I think the jury’s out on whether that’s a good move or not). Now, they have their sights set on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Now, I’m not a Christine fan. I don’t find anything wrong with it; I just haven’t watched much of it. I think that they’ve got some great characters in it, and that by moving it to Wednesday nights, CBS probably signed its death certificate, but I don’t know enough to really say yes or no. Speculation, that’s all it is.

Well, apparently now ABC wants it. What’s funny is, it’s not cancelled yet. CBS hasn’t made a decision. According to TV Squad, this happened last year, too. And at the last minute, CBS decided not to cancel.

Dude, what’s up with you, ABC? Can’t you come up with your own programming? I mean, you’ve got Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and Desperate Housewives. You don’t have any other creative individuals?

Oh, that’s right. Why be creative when your best shows are cancelled one after the other? Why not just find someone else’s creativity and profit off that?

After the cancellation of Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, and Life on Mars, it’s probably pretty clear that creativity isn’t what ABC’s looking for. So they’re gobbling up other shows, I suppose. Even ones from ten years ago. Cupid, anyone?

Bah. I want some real shows on the air. Not sloppy seconds.

Strangely enough, this wasn’t supposed to be a bitter post. I was just going to share the news. Apparently, though, there’s more to say. Are the networks recently angering you? Are you still annoyed at ABC for your favorite shows’ quick end? Please share.

I can’t be the only one.

Random news update thingies

I was going to spend this time writing about more Monday night shows, but let’s just cover some other things first. I’m behind anyway.

Bob Saget can’t be brought down. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

So last summer, I go to my car and find a flat tire. So I take it to Goodyear, and as I’m waiting for them to plug it (at least I didn’t have to buy a new one), I was stuck in a small room with a TV. It’s Saturday afternoon, and of course, nothing’s on. I figured it’d be stuck on sports, but no, it’s The CW’s preview of their fall shows, hosted by the mother from Privileged and Bob Saget. And what was he advertising? Surviving Suburbia.

Does anyone remember this show? Does anyone remember that it was supposed to be on Sunday nights on The CW? Does anyone remember it was never on?

Well, ABC is turning on its Brangelina style and adopting it. Bob will get his shot to shine in April, based on this Futon Critic report. But hey, at least it’s a new show. Not that I’m opposed to the adoption of Scrubs, but ABC is kinda taking on the older and has-beens.

Like Cupid, which was a 1998 comedy that was cancelled. Well, now ABC is taking it on, as I reported before, but in a worse way. Worse actors for one. What’s another?

Delays. The premiere has been moved from March 24 to March 31. Plus, now there are less episodes. Yes, they’ve cut the episodes they’ve signed on for all the way down to 7 now. From 13 to 9 to 7. Pretty soon they’ll be at 4 and have Drive‘s young life.

Really, TV Squad asked the question right: Honestly, why are they even bothering with another Cupid? I believe that was my question all along.

But in good news, we’re now getting closer and closer to Dollhouse. A week and a day, people, so I hope you’re all planning your Friday nights accordingly. No Tivoing the first episode, ok? That will give FOX license to cancel. Show support.

And get excited!

Well, this is handy

Need help remembering those mid-season premiere dates? Well, E! has made a nice list to help the cause. If you’re wondering what I’m most interested in, take a look below. Let me know if there are any you’re excited about, too. Including Dollhouse. That will ROCK.

Sunday, Jan. 4

Desperate Housewives 

Monday, Jan. 5

One Tree Hill

Tuesday, Jan. 6


Thursday, Jan. 8

30 Rock
The Office

Thursday, Jan. 15

Bones — Note that this show is moving to Thursday!

Friday, Jan. 16

Battlestar Galactica — I’m not as interested in this show because I’ve never seen it, but guest writer JC is, so new posts should be on their way!

Tuesday, Jan. 20


Wednesday, Jan. 28

Life on Mars — Look! It’s still around!

Monday, Feb. 2

Chuck, 3D episode — Ok, I’m not actually interested in this show, but a 3D episode? Really? Probably won’t watch, but I needed to post that one.
Heroes, Vol. IV: Fugitives

Friday, Feb. 13

Dollhouse — Hell yeah!

Monday, March 9

Castle — I k now little about it, but Whedon alum and Dr. Horrible star Nathan Fillion is in it, so I might as well try it out.

Tuesday, March 17

Reaper — Not sure I’ll report on it, but might check out the second season.

Tuesday, March 24

Cupid — Debating whether it’s even worth checking out.

Wednesday, April 8

The Unusuals — Amber Tamblyn returns!

I’m noticing that some shows weren’t represented here that I know are coming back, namely, the CBS favorites. I’ll try to post them when I find out more.

I’m still heartbroken that Eli Stone is not on this schedule (supposedly, it will get a finale at some point), but I guess there’s not much I can to at this point except watch my season 1 DVDs over and over again. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be consoled by Dollhouse and The Unusuals. Maybe.

More moves and new shows for ABC

Very rarely are we usually excited about midseason shows. It’s more exciting now than it used to be for some. I, however, don’t watch American Idol, Lost, or 24, so it’s never meant that much for me.

But this year it’s rather exciting for me. With Dollhouse on its way in–the newest show from Joss Whedon with Eliza Dushku as the leading lady–this midseason should be rather exciting…as long as the show’s as good as the hype (I’m sure it is) and it sticks around (please, FOX?).

But what about the other networks. Say, ABC? Instead of going with the new, I’m excited that ABC is bringing back the old. Scrubs is back on deck for the ABC midseason, and I’m looking forward to it.

ABC recently announced their schedule for January and beyond. Scrubs will be given a full hour on Wednesday at 8:00–that’s two new episodes each week. Which is nice since they got shoved into the midseason.

I’m still wondering about this season. From what I heard last year, it was supposed to be its final season. When the writer’s strike kicked into high gear and stopped some of its episodes, the creator wasn’t sure how to continue the series. He has an entire plan as to how it was going to end and he didn’t want to truncate it, considering releasing the entire season as planned on DVD only.

With the new ABC adoption policy (you know, where ABC buys all old shows, whether from 1998 or 2008), I wonder how this is going to turn out. You could tell last season that some episodes were shown out of order now that the show wasn’t ending. For example, the season finale has Kelso still working at the hospital when earlier in the season he clearly retired. At least with the move to ABC, the creator gets to finish out his plot (which was really revving up, in my opinion).

The question, though, is whether it will actually end. I hear rumors–nothing confirmed–around the blogs about a ninth season: Will there be one? Will Zach Braff be involved? Why can’t I spell Zach Braff anymore without wanting to type Zac Efron? Why has my world plummeted due to the Disney Channel?

(Ok, the last two questions weren’t asked in the blog world.)

I hear that with the new season, we’ll be getting some new interns–new interns that could be used for a ninth season. Again, this is all blogosphere speculation. I don’t know what I think about this. Why can’t, if a creator sees a natural end, we just let a show end?

I think it’s time after this season. I’m thrilled we’ll be able to see how the creator wanted it to be, though annoyed that episodes are already out of order and it might be changed because ABC wants it longer. I guess I’m looking negatively already, when the season hasn’t even started, but the show’s been around for a while, the actors want to do other things, and I think it should be time after this midseason finishes up.

In other news, ABC’s announcement mentioned some spring shows in the works, including The Unusuals and the remake of Cupid. Good to see Amber Tamblyn’s show really is on deck, though I’m still skeptical of our reincarnation of Cupid.

Oh, and Life on Mars will be moving to Wednesday–a good move in my opinion.

No dates yet, but at least we know what they’re thinking. Well, except about some unanswered Scrubs questions.

ABC, I want a do-over

Looks like ABC is in the business of buying. Buying new and used shows. Not only were they in the mix to buy the newly dumped King of the Hill, but they’re going to be airing Scrubs midseason, which they bought from NBC last year. Really, this is all new to me. I’ve only known this to happen in the past with Sister, Sister (bought by the WB way back when from ABC, I believe) and, of course, Buffy (bought from the WB by UPN).

What’s new for ABC is that they’re buying their own show…that they cancelled…ten years ago.

That’s right. ABC is now in production for the new show Cupid–I mean, the old show Cupid…which is new…kinda.

In 1998, ABC aired the TV show Cupid, starring the now esteemed Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame and created by Rob Thomas. The show surrounded a character named Trevor Hale, who might be Cupid! Among the cast was Paula Marshall, who played Dr. Claire Allen. The show only lasted about 14 or 15 episodes and then was cancelled.

For 2009, ABC is airing the TV show Cupid, starring Bobby Cannavale, who played the on-again-off-again boyfriend to Will on Will & Grace (who strangely has the same facial shape and structure as Jeremy Piven, hmmm), and is created by Rob Thomas. The show surrounds a character named Trevor Hale, who might be Cupid! Among the cast is Sarah Paulson, who plays Dr. Claire Allen.

Say what? It’s the SAME SHOW. Ten years later, ABC is picking up the failed show it cancelled itself that starred an actor that’s now grown into fame and fortune with Emmy Awards under his belt. So we’re trying to replace the lead with someone who’s claim to fame is being a recurring character in a series from about five years ago.

Plus, the leading lady doesn’t compare in looks to the original. No offense to Sarah Paulson (I’m a huge fan of Studio 60, where she played Harriet Hayes), but Paula Marshall is stunning.

So why the redo? I know we remake classics: 90210 is the first that comes to mind, and I know Melrose Place is next on deck. But see, the original ones were…successful. This is a failed show.

What makes them think it’d be successful this time around? Why did Rob Thomas pitch it again? From what I can tell, there was a cult following behind it (in fact, message boards on IMDB still tell people to boycot ABC). I appreciate that maybe today is a better time to do a show, but to do the exact show? They could at least change character names and plot a little.

Plus, it’s got straight competition. The CW just started airing Valentine, which is about gods that take the image of people on Earth in order to help people find love.

This just flabbergasts me. But maybe there’s hope! Hurry, someone alert Joss Whedon. Pitch Firefly again–just this time, with different actors. Same plot. Same character names. Just different people. But go now, ABC’s spending its money fast.

[Note the sarcasm, Whedonites. You think I’d give up Jewel Staite time? Please.]