Pop pop! Yahoo renews ‘Community’ for sixth season


In the news you never thought you’d hear, Community has been renewed for season 6 by not Hulu, not Netflix, but of all places, Yahoo. Yahoo Screen has ordered a 13-episode season, allowing the series to live out half of its #sixseasonsandamovie prophecy. The other half, I suppose, we’ll have to wait and see.

The decision come in at the eleventh hour, as options on the cast were set to expire today. To be honest, I figured the show was long gone a while ago (probably with the cancelation news). The show has had its share of ups and downs, and while I always hope that shows will be picked up by another network or online streaming place, I don’t get too excited about it. Sure, it worked for Southland and Cougar Town, but there are a whole lot of other series that just fade into oblivion.

But clearly not Community. I’m not sure what to expect with the new season (with the exception of more cursing; according to Joel McHale, they can swear now). Sadly, it looks like Donald Glover and Jonathan Banks will not be available for the sixth season. But we still get the rest of our crazy ragtag team, so I’m not complaining. Dan Harmon is back at the helm.

No word yet (that I’ve seen) about when the 13 episodes will be aired (posted?) or whether Yahoo Screen will take the binge or episodic approach (I’m hoping the former). A lot is left to be seen.

But hey, welcome back, Greendale. It’s good to see those Human Beings back again.

(Now, if they would only work on Enlisted next. Suddenly, I have hope…)

Community Will Return…Someday. But Here’s a Video to Keep You Going.

Tonight was supposed to be a wonderful night. A night of laughter and ridiculousness. The night when our favorite comedy Community returned to our televisions. But then NBC changed that, deciding to hold the premiere until they saw how the rest of their comedies did first (at least, that’s my interpretation). Now Animal Practice has been cancelled and Whitney is taking its place, we’re just one step closer to discovering when Community will be back again.

But until then, we must remember that October 19 is still a special day. In fact, it’s not just a day. It’s a state of mind. Community will be back — on October 19 — someday. Just ask Troy and Abed.

Community, 8-Bit Style

COMMUNITY: 3.20 “Digital Estate Planning”

Over the last few years, Community has created some of my favorite half-hours of television ever. the paintball episode; the Goodfellas spoof about chicken fingers; the Claymation Christmas episode… You get the idea. But last night’s “Digital Estate Planning” might have been the best. The gang spends most of the episode as avatars inside an 8-bit style video game, and I spent most of the half hour flooded by memories of a Nintendo Entertainment System childhood.

This was a really fun, very nostalgic episode for me. I just want to run down a few things that really made me smile.

  • Loved the 8-bit music.
  • If you didn’t notice, Jeff’s jump looked a lot like Megaman’s
  • As for the game itself, it looked to me like a bit of a cross between an advanced Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Castlevania II… Both of those games were pretty damn hard, so if the Hawkthorne challenge was anything like them, we should give the study group a lot of credit.

Link couldn’t accidentally kill the blacksmith in this game though.

Didn’t play enough of this one to know if Simon could accidentally hack up some villagers. Probably not, because that’d be hard with a whip.

  • I like how the Elder Hawthorne transformed into a ridiculously difficult boss after his first form was vanquished. Very video game-y of you, Community. If only I could have used one of those flying atom bombs that Pierce was riding back in my 8 and 16 bit game playing days.
  • The overland map resembled the 16-bitSuper Mario World, though I’m pretty sure that game didn’t have a Gay Island.

All in all, “Digital Estate Planning” was a trip down memory lane for me. Now, if only someone could go out there and actually MAKE this game. Maybe a Kickstarter, anyone? I’ll pledge $20, I promise!

A Belated Open Thread: How’s Finale Season Been to You?

Was yesterday Thursday? Oops. I guess I missed that. Not entirely, mind you. I watched my three episodes of Community and even made sure to find out who died on Grey’s Anatomy (it’s not a spoiler when the promo tells you someone will). I guess I’m just way too wrapped up in all the finale madness. Speaking of…

How have you  been liking the finales of you favorite shows so far?

Ok, ok, not every show has ended yet. Revenge finishes up next week, for example (I’m so excited). But many of our favorite shows have, and I want to know your thoughts.

Personally, I’ve been rather pleased. Sure, I might not agree with writer KT on Once Upon a Time, and I didn’t watch the Castle finale that everyone seems to be talking about. And yeah, I might have seen How I Met Your Mother‘s ending coming a mile away.

But ultimately, I’ve really been enjoying them. Last night’s Community fest was great, even if the season finale felt more like a series finale. Smash was just a ton of fun with original music to boot (and it gave me goosebumps). Oh, and don’t get me started on Vampire Diaries. That episode was pure fantastic, making me gasp, cry, and squint at the TV in disbelief (and/or suspicion) all at the same time. Completely worth it!

Really, I’ve been treated pretty well this finale season. What about you?


Thursday Open Thread: Famous TV Moves

We’re still here! Ok, I know the posts have been slow, but that’s only because it’s entirely my fault! Between gallivanting around the globe and now moving, I’ve been rather busy. So instead of writing, my time has been sucked into packing. I’m still watching my same TV repertoire, but the blogging has hit some roadblocks. I’ll do what I can to fix that.

But in the spirit of a big move, how about an open thread?

What are some famous TV moving episodes?

Yes, that’s right. By TV moves, I don’t mean TV show scheduling changes from Thursday to Tuesday to Wednesday to Monday to Friday and so on a la Scrubs. Nor do I mean kickass dance moves a la Marshall (though those will be two fantastic open threads one day). No, I literally mean people moving houses, apartments, cities, and so on.

Of course, the one that comes to mind first is Annie’s move in Community, which even had its own hashtag. But I think the one that stays with me even more hits the nostalgia point of my childhood, when Uncle Jesse moved out of the Full House house (or tried to) when he married Becky. Michelle was oh so sad, and even gave him her pink pig. I think it even had flashbacks.

Maybe not the best episode, but definitely famous. Can you name some others?

Oh my god, the single tears. Hahaha. Am I heartless? (I’m pretty sure Michelle’s was courtesy of Visine.)

Raked TV Madness! The Final Four!

Can you believe we’ve gotten down to the Final Four? I can’t. And honestly, I can’t believe what shows were division champs in their categories!

Pop Pop! Community faced some of the best-ranked shows on TV right now, but the fans rallied, giving the Thursday night show the Comedy crown. Needless to say, #coolcoolcool.

Perhaps the long shot at the outset — having only been on the air for a few weeks — but the no-brainer by now, the fans of Awake kept this show going to win the title of Procedural.

Fringe may be hanging by a thread on Friday nights, but it outsmarted fan favorites like Once Upon a TimeGame of Thrones, and Supernatural. Now it’s got the title of division champ for Supernatural/Fantasy shows.

Given the large numbers in its season five premiere, it should be no surprise that Mad Men prevailed to win the Drama category, having a solid lead against Parenthood.

Now, it’s time to vote for the Final Four!
(Click for a larger image.)

Community vs. Awake
Fringe vs. Mad Men

It’s a fan faceoff with Awake against Community. Both are passionate groups, but who will make it to the championship? And Fringe against Mad Men — two very smart shows! Who will outsmart the other to make it to the final game?

It’s time for you to vote! Let me know your picks in the comments below, send me a tweet, or email me! And spread the word! Help your favorite shows move on!

I’ll be announcing the final matchup — the CHAMPIONSHIP — on Friday, so make your votes count and get them in fast! The winner of the tournament will be chosen on Monday!

Voting for this round is now closed.

Raked TV Madness! The Elite Eight!

Wow. I’m pleased to say that we got some new blood in the competition, with brand-new voters jumping in with their picks both in the comments and on Twitter. Let’s keep that momentum going into the next round — The Elite Eight!

There were some definite surprises in the last round. Awake fans rallied once again to beat out Justified  by a large margin (they’re currently the ones to beat, folks), but Castle overtook Bones with a similar large number of votes. In a closer race, Community took out its 8:00 competitor Big Bang Theory, and with a mere one vote lead, Happy Endings overpowered Emmy-winning Modern Family.

Once Upon a Time easily beat Supernatural, and I was pleased to see that, while in close competition, Fringe took the lead against The Walking Dead and is moving on to the next round. Mad Men easily grabbed the attention of viewers over Boardwalk Empire, but probably the biggest surprise in the competition was Parenthood‘s defeat of Downton Abbey.

Now it’s time to choose the sole survivor for each division. On to the Elite Eight!
(Click for a larger image.)

For those of you who don’t have expert vision or magnifying glasses, here’s the breakdown.

Happy Endings vs. Community

Castle vs. Awake

Once Upon a Time vs. Fringe

Parenthood vs. Mad Men

We’re almost to the Final Four! Which one of these shows will move on to the next round? Who will be the division winner? Let me know your votes in the comments, send me an email, or drop me a line on Twitter. And spread the word. If we’ve learned anything from these winners, those with the most fans voting are the ones that move on!

You’ve only got two days to vote! The Final Four will be up on Wednesday!

This round has now ended. Vote for the Final Four!

Community Open Thread: Your Favorite Episode

Community is back tonight. This is a good thing, because without it, NBC’s comedy lineup is a wasteland (I’m looking at you, Whitney.) The show has struggled in the ratings throughout its entire run, but so has the rest of NBC’s lineup this year. It as a small, but devoted core of followers. Perhaps these two factors, along with the news that Comedy Central will start airing reruns, means we may have some hope for another season. Until we hear one way or another, though, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy whatever’s left of this season as best as I can.

In honor of Community‘s return, I thought I’d pose a question: What’s your favorite episode? For me, it’s got to be “Contemporary American Poultry” from near the end of season one. The gang works out a mafia style plan to control the cafeteria’s supply of chicken fingers; it’s a great homage toGoodfellas, one of my favorite movies. Before this episode, I knew this show was good and unique, but this one really convinced me that it was something special.

What’s your favorite episode?

Two More Days Until the Return of Community

Have you flipped your couch cushions? Fluffed the throw pillows? Figured out where you’re ordering takeout from on Thursday night?

Clearly, we all need to be preparing. Community is returning in a mere two days. And if you’re a Community fan (or a Community newcomer), you need to do your part. Watch it live on Thursday, March 15. After all, the preview told you to.

But I can’t just make vast declarations about when to watch, how to watch, and how to make sure you’re comfortable with few distractions while you watch. How about a little Community humor to tide you over until Thursday? Well, here you go. My favorite little ditty from Community.

This version’s a little clippy and fanmade, but you still get the feel of the number. Oh, Community.

Show your fandom on Twitter: #sixseasonsandamovie! And watch it live on Thursday night!