Who’s that now?

I don’t really post on news or music, but hey, these two kids have acted. One’s a Disney Channel brat, and shortly after, they both appeared in a Disney Channel movie. So they count. They can be on my blog.

And since I’m doing the summer music idea (Is this only CD #2 I’ve mentioned? Must get on that), well, that’s more ammunition to the fire.

I think these two are cute. Their songs are poppy. They fit good, wholesome teen movies. I am really attached to their Christmas music because they keep it traditional for the most part and don’t sing stupid songs about bubble gum clouds and marshmellows (think the Cheetah Girls). And since they’re not as over-the-top and overplayed like Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, you can’t hate them.

I’m someone who listens to pop music to brighten my mood. So they’re not bad for that purpose.

So what’s new? Well, for one thing, their name.

They announced today (in a statement and on Twitter) that the duo is changing their name to 78violet. Yes, that’s right. 78violet. As they said it, “This is how you spell ‘our new name’ 78violet. No spaces. All lower case letters. Love you all…”

Here’s the thing: Why?

See, here’s something silly. Their names are Aly and AJ (or Alyson and AJ). People know them as that. In fact, it’s not even anything stifling like a made-up Disney Channel character that defines your music like Hannah Montana. It’s just…your names.

So why the change? No clue. What does it mean? Well, not sure why they chose “violet,” but they chose the 78 because…they released the statement on July 8 (get it? 7/8). Good thing it wasn’t June 9. Or April 20. Wait, maybe that would have been better.

I can’t quite understand the reasoning. Maybe they just feel like since they’re growing, some things have to change. Does anyone else remember the good ol’ days when people used to just evolve their music and not their personas?

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Perhaps like violets. Wait…no…


Just a random update

On such a murky Monday morning (which is not true, the sun is shining, and while it snowed this morning, it has stopped now), I’ve stopped to post random things on my blog. Why? Because it’s mine.


Just kidding. No, it’s actually just to inform you that I didn’t catch Desperate Housewives last night in favor of the Golden Globes. Which I TiVoed. By the way, that’s the best way to watch it. You can fast forward through all those speeches by people that you don’t know about movies that you never heard of (sorry, Best Foreign Film). But I plan to catch up on DH by way of the internet (rock on, internet), and I hope to have a review up tonight, tomorrow, or the next day. Maybe Tuesday. I don’t think much is on on Tuesday except maybe Scrubs. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Anyway, but it seems like that can’t make a long enough post, so let’s discuss Disney.

Is it just me or is Disney only making pop stars now? Ok, that seems like an obvious statement, but let’s look back.

This all started with Hilary Duff. She was an actress–had her own series. And then, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, SHE COULD SING! And they had her sing, in one episode. And then a movie. But it wasn’t like they were making a career out of it.

Well, Hilary wanted to make a career out of it, so they did. And it was successful!

So then they thought, what if other people could sing? So they gave it a shot: Christy Carlson Romano–yes! But instead of pop, she went on to Broadway. LaLaine–eh, she had a single on Disney Channel alone. Then went on to Buffy (for a short stint). And Raven–crap, apparently they thought she could sing when I disagreed.

But look: Raven wasn’t automatically a pop star. They cast her in a TV movie: The Cheetah Girls. And then they broke out with pop once that became popular.

But there were others, you know. What about Shia LeBeouf? He was from Disney and he didn’t sing. But no one mentions him. Why? He’s not a pop star. He’s just *gasp* an actor.

But now, everyone on the Disney Channel sings, either on Radio Disney and in commercials or on the radio. It’s almost like a requirement that they must sing. Even those stupid kids on As the Bell Rings are starting to sing. Why, people. Why why why?

There’s like this cookie-cutter mold that each person on the Disney Channel must fit into now. True the High School Musical franchise somehow made it big, so I understand why Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens would then have singing careers. But the rest of them? Really?

Camp Rock was just horrible, but since it had the Jonas Brothers–who Disney basically built, by the way–it somehow is considered popular. At least all the merchandise would think so.

So which comes first? The pop star or the Disney star? Is there a difference anymore? All the up-and-comers that aren’t Dakota Fanning are from Disney–which means all the up-and-comers are overdone and annoying.

Anyway, just a thought. An annoying thought. I just wish that we’d have more good actors out there. It seems like raising these people in this fashion seems to be raising bad actors–look at Miley Cyrus for goodness’ sake! Since her popularity has grown, so has her overacting. Priorities are shifting.

And I know you all are going to mention Lindsay Lohan, but I still don’t consider her to really be a Disney Channel star. She was in one TV movie, but everything else was outside the channel itself.

I don’t know if I came to a conclusion, but maybe you all can come up with some if I haven’t.

Bring me back the Muppets I knew


I can just picture the Disney corporation tying Kermit to a chair in a dark, cement-walled closet with one lightbulb and leaving him there. To die.

Disney is killing the Muppets.

I’m watching the most recent Studio DC: Almost Live special, and I’m just wincing at pretty much every moment. I’m surprised I’m even chancing it again, considering how amazingly pissed I was at the first special for having the Swedish Chef “speak” in English. But I’m trying it because I’m and avid Muppet fan.

But this is brutal. For example, who is the new voices for Statler and Waldorf? Terrible. They aren’t even good at heckling! The New York Times Op-Ed cartoon was more quippy than this show.

But basically, they aren’t funny anymore, and now this show seems to be a 30-minute long advertisement for every Disney Channel show imaginable. Or movies. Within 10 minutes, we mentioned Selena Gomez’ new movie at least twice. And how many times has Wizards come up? Uggh.

Not only are they trying to fit in every possible star they can, but if someone can’t appear, they’re name-dropping like mad: Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Ashlee Tisdale. I even saw a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus in the background of the Cheetah Girls’ song.

I just remember back to The Muppet Show when a guest star–or even a few, like when we had the Star Wars crew appear–it was still about the Muppets. True, the guest star appeared in skits (good skits…let Disney know about that bright idea), but in the end, it was about the Muppets.

Now, the Muppets are accessories. Just annoying charicatures that are appearing in the background. And if we’re lucky, not saying anything. Because whatever dribble they’re making the Muppets say now is just painful.

So let’s make a list of what could be changed:

1. One guest star/host — That might be good to get the focus off some of these annoying people.

2. Get another writer on deck — I’m sorry, but you’re sucking. Let’s go back to the good ol’ days. If we can’t find the actual writers, at least WATCH some of The Muppet Show to find out what used to be funny and what the Muppet characters ACTUALLY are like.

3. Less musical numbers and more skits — In the first special, there was one actual skit and it wasn’t BAD. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. Give them something more like that to work with. We’ve seen all the songs fifty million times on all the music videos on Disney Channel, so let’s try something fresh.

That’s just three things that MIGHT help. But honestly, I think the best thing to do is release the Muppets from the lecherous grasp of Disney and move on to bigger and better things.

I miss the good ol’ days. Bring me back the Muppets I knew.