What’s on tonight? Strange Days with Bob Saget

Grabbed your attention with Danny Tanner, right? Ha.

Well, to add to an already busy Tuesday night, A&E is premiering a new show, Strange Days with Bob Saget. It’s a real-life series that let’s Bob immerse himself in different subcultures and corners of society. The show starts tonight with back-to-back episodes (Bob gets down with bikers), and the series includes spending time with Bigfoot hunters and even rushing a fraternity at Cornell.

From the man himself: “I’ve always been interested in the under belly of anything,” said Bob, “But what I truly enjoy is diving beneath the surface of a subculture that may appear to be one thing, but ends up being something completely unexpected.”

Ok, ok. If that doesn’t give you enough info, how about thoughts from a viewer? I was lucky enough to get a screener of the Bigfoot episode, and I really enjoyed it! It’s like a good-natured documentary. Bob does the voiceovers–and definitely participates in the action–and it’s both entertaining and fun. He has a good spirit about his entire endeavor, but don’t think that makes it dry. He certainly has fun with the guys surrounding him and cracks a good amount of jokes about Sasquatch and even himself!

Personally, I was a little nervous before watching it. I’d heard that Bob Saget can have a bit of a potty mouth (after all, he’s got to be more than Danny Tanner and the voiceover from How I Met Your Mother), but while he might’ve made a few dirty jokes (farts, beer, and of course, what does Bigfoot’s “big feet” really mean), it was anything but crass. It was just honestly fun.

So I haven’t seen tonight’s premiere episode, but I’m looking forward to checking it out. Who would have thought, right? I wonder what bikers really have in store that I don’t know about.

Check it out tonight on A&E at 10/9c.

Want to read more about the show and Bob? Check out this interview on The Futon Critic.

*images courtesy of A&E


Random news update thingies

I was going to spend this time writing about more Monday night shows, but let’s just cover some other things first. I’m behind anyway.

Bob Saget can’t be brought down. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

So last summer, I go to my car and find a flat tire. So I take it to Goodyear, and as I’m waiting for them to plug it (at least I didn’t have to buy a new one), I was stuck in a small room with a TV. It’s Saturday afternoon, and of course, nothing’s on. I figured it’d be stuck on sports, but no, it’s The CW’s preview of their fall shows, hosted by the mother from Privileged and Bob Saget. And what was he advertising? Surviving Suburbia.

Does anyone remember this show? Does anyone remember that it was supposed to be on Sunday nights on The CW? Does anyone remember it was never on?

Well, ABC is turning on its Brangelina style and adopting it. Bob will get his shot to shine in April, based on this Futon Critic report. But hey, at least it’s a new show. Not that I’m opposed to the adoption of Scrubs, but ABC is kinda taking on the older and has-beens.

Like Cupid, which was a 1998 comedy that was cancelled. Well, now ABC is taking it on, as I reported before, but in a worse way. Worse actors for one. What’s another?

Delays. The premiere has been moved from March 24 to March 31. Plus, now there are less episodes. Yes, they’ve cut the episodes they’ve signed on for all the way down to 7 now. From 13 to 9 to 7. Pretty soon they’ll be at 4 and have Drive‘s young life.

Really, TV Squad asked the question right: Honestly, why are they even bothering with another Cupid? I believe that was my question all along.

But in good news, we’re now getting closer and closer to Dollhouse. A week and a day, people, so I hope you’re all planning your Friday nights accordingly. No Tivoing the first episode, ok? That will give FOX license to cancel. Show support.

And get excited!