Conference Call with Leverage’s Aldis Hodge

Ready to get your con on? Well, Sunday, it’s time. That’s right, Leverage is back with a brand-new season — and I’m sure you all want to know what’s going to happen with Nate and Sophie after that last moment last season.

But what about the rest of the gang? I was able to participate in a conference call with Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison on the show (one of my favorite characters, of course). He’s the man with the cyber plan, and he’s right on his game in the season opener, which you can see this Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

Check out the Q&A below with Aldis, where he chats all about the upcoming season, growing up acting, and a certain on-screen relationship that many fans out there might be curious about. A certain blonde, perhaps?


Hey, one of the things that struck me when reading a little bit about your bio is that you actually played the violin, and I did see you doing that in one of your episodes. Right? – Eagle Herald Newspaper

Oh yeah.

Any plans to hear — now was that actually you playing during that?

While we filmed it, I actually played to a track. It’s much easier for editing when I can play to the track without mistakes, but I did learn the song, and I played it terribly but I did play it. It’s a beautiful song, though.

Oh cool. Any other opportunities coming up to hear your music in future episodes do you think?

I’m not sure, but this is actually a pretty common and familiar question, so I’m thinking we might have to revisit that if that’s what the people want.

Oh cool. And the other question I have and I don’t want to take a lot of your time because I know there’s going to be a lot of people waiting for you but you got started pretty young; about 11 – 12 years old with — between Brothers and NYPD Blue. How did you — how did your talents get discovered and, you know, how did you pursue them to greater things.

Let’s see. Well, I started when I was 3 years old in New York. My brother and I, we were on Sesame Street for about two years and then, you know, we did a few things here and there. I did a film called Die Hard with a Vengeance and then after that we ended up on Broadway for about two and a half years.

Really, I was watching my brother because he’s — my brother, Edwin Hodge, he’s the one who started first, and I followed suit, and I just kind of learned from and was inspired by him doing it at first. And my mom just, you know, she supported me and allowed me to do — to pursue my dreams.

But I think because my mother made it a privilege and not necessarily a priority, at a young age was why we were forced to make sure that we wanted this because she said look, education always comes first. If you don’t have those As, there will be no acting. No As and Bs, no acting, no auditioning, no nothing.

So we had to really — she made us earn this acting thing. So, you know, it were forced us to actually learn the world we were in, immerse ourselves in the craft of it and try to be our best at it because we wanted it and we had to earn it. It wasn’t given to us.

Well, having Marines as parents, I guess, can be a little tough but rewarding at the same time.

She was definitely strict, but my mother’s a sweet lady. She’s one of the sweetest ladies I know. She’s the best lady I know. So yeah. She was very much a discipline enforcer though and all about the education.

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Christian Kane on ‘Leverage’

image courtesy of TNT

image courtesy of TNT

You know the drill: the hacker, the hitter, the grifter, the thief, and the mastermind. Together, they make up the fantastic team behind Leverage, TNT’s drama that recently started up its second season.

Tonight’s episode is especially a big one for the series, where the hitter, Eliot Spencer, is teamed up against Ed Herman (The Ultimate Fighter 3) and Matt Lindland (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as part of “The Tap-Out Job.” When the group tries to stop a corrupt mixed martial arts promoter, things get a little messy. And it’s up to Eliot to save the day.

Needless to say, it’s an episode that you’ll definitely want to check out, especially if you’re a Christian Kane fan.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to sit in on a conference call with Christian Kane himself. He’s a very interesting actor with a diverse set of interests, including acting, music, cooking (rattlesnake steak and purple pizza are his specialties), and more. Luckily enough, I got to ask him a few questions, which I’ve included for your enjoyment below.

Hi. How’re you doing?

I’m so good. How are you doing?

I’m good. So, I have to ask. Now that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has cut his hair in Raising the Bar, you seem to have won the award for Longest Hair on TNT on a guy. How’s it feel to be the last man standing?

No, let’s make–there’s really no mistake about it. I had that award wrapped up before. Mark’s hair was shitty compared to mine. We’re not going to get into that whole thing. Mark’s actually a friend of mine and it–and it’s [funny] because he really enjoyed the long hair, and he had to end up having it cut, and I didn’t. And when we showed up for the upfronts, Mark was like, “This guy gets to have long hair.” You know, he was talking to Michael Wright on TNT [executive vice president, head of programming, TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies (TCM)], and Michael Wright didn’t really have anything to say about it.

But I was always going to win that award, sweetheart. Mark’s hair wasn’t as cool as mine.

So tell me a little bit about your music career. I hear you have a CD coming out.

I don’t have a CD coming out. I have a single coming out . We’re still…in the process of doing the CD. I was with Sony for a while and we did a CD, and then we parted ways with Sony. But Bob Ezrin is producing me, who did all the Kiss albums–you know, he did Kiss for years–Jane’s Addiction, and most importantly, he did Pink Floyd “The Wall.”

And I’m his first country project, man, so on the 22nd, the same day as “The Tap-Out Job,” which is [Wednesday], which is the big MMA fight that I’m in…the single’s going to be released to the public. And I’m just so fortunate that the fans have stuck around this long and waited, God bless them, for this–for this to come out.

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