Taking a trip down memory lane…

This is KM filling in for Raked while she is busy getting married and taking her honeymoon! Congrats Raked!!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 2.04 “Memory Lane”

Anyway, in this episode we learned a little bit more into Katherine and the Salvatore brothers’ past. Stefan manages to trap Katherine in his basement and tries to find out why she is really here. Katherine continues to tell him that she is here because of him. Flashback to 1864 and we see Stefan telling Katherine that he is in love with her before he ever knew she was a vampire. Therefore, Katherine did not compel him to fall in love with her. This scene also shows Katherine using her powers on Damon, which Damon said never happened.

Meanwhile, at Elena’s house, Jenna decided to throw a barbeque. The guest list consisted of herself, Elena, Alaric, Damon, Mason, and Caroline. I thought this was a little random until we learned that Jenna and Mason went to high school together. And of course, Damon and Alaric wanted to learn more about Mason. Damon believed werewolves are not able to touch silver and ends up trying to kill Mason after the party with a silver knife, but surprisingly (or not) this is only a myth, so Mason lives.

And Caroline had a hidden agenda as well. Katherine seems to have gotten to Caroline and is trying to make her break up Stefan and Elena. I must say Caroline made some valid points to Elena about the future of her and Stefan’s relationship. And her plan appears to have worked because at the end of the episode Elena and Stefan get in a fight and appear to have broken up. Although we find out at the very end that the break up was staged to fool Katherine and Caroline.

So, the question remains, will Katherine believe Stefan and Elena are no longer together? Personally, I don’t think she’ll be fooled. And what is going to happen with Mason and Damon now that Damon tried to kill Mason? I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Gossip Girl: They’re baaaaaaack!

GOSSIP GIRL: 4.03 “The Undergraduates”

The girls (and Chuck) are back in town! Let’s see what these crazy kids are up to.

Juliet-gate: My first point of contention: if Juliet and Nate are both members of Hamilton House, then why did he not know her in the restaurant when they “met”? Also, Serena has really been getting her Jessica Fletcher on! First, she figures out the whole Harry Winston diamond heist, and then catches on to Juliet so quickly. Detective Barbie is actually working for me. I was also a big fan of her DvF showdown dress; it gave her this wicked witch of the west vibe when she stormed into the party of the week.

Rufus. (shakes fist at sky!). Since when do you actually want to parent? I get it, your daughter’s honor was tarnished, and you’re upset about the pilot’s roof scene, but is it your “responsibility to make sure no one else’s daughter get hurts like [yours] did”? Spare me.

Oh Lonely Boy, remember when this show was about how you and Jenny were trying to fit into this world? Me too. Sigh. Readers, what were you doing your sophomore year of college? I was fighting with my boyfriend about the fact that I mentioned some guy that I hooked up with in an away message. I wasn’t moving in with him to raise a BABY that wasn’t even his. That said, there is nothing sadder than an empty nursery. I felt so bad.

Eric got a hair cut (!!!) and umm.. a really pink shirt…. Second point of contention: if Eric knew Chuck’s true nature and couldn’t keep it to himself anymore, why was he all buddy buddy with Chuck when Lily and Bart were dating? Don’t the writers have a chart or something? Continuity, people!

Dan and Serena: LOVE the brush-off. love it.

Nate and Serena – double love the brush off. FINALLY. I think I actually said “oh snap” at Nate’s parting line.

What I loved most about this episode, however, is that what would have taken weeks in past seasons was all wrapped up by the credits. The plot is moving much faster this season: Chuck and Fleur Delacour, Dan and Vanessa, Georgina’s Russian hitman escape, Serena figuring out Juliet is evil, etc. Confrontations galore! Lies everywhere! While the season is moving along quickly, they are still pacing the overarching plots well, especially the Juliet one.

My bets are on Fleur’s being a princess. Blair shouldn’t be the only one who gets to star in the GG version of the Prince and the Pauper!