NBC Gives ‘Timeless’ One Last Mission: A Two-Part Finale


Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC

Well, it’s been an exciting day, hasn’t it, Clockblockers? Today, news broke that after cancelling the series last month after its second season, NBC is giving Timeless a two-hour movie finale to finish off the series. No specific date has been announced, but it sounds like it will air sometime this holiday season.

So, are you want to get Rufus back, or what?

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with this news. I was more than bummed when the series was cancelled, and after hearing that Sony had shopped the series around with no luck, I was keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we’d get this finale movie.

But of course, many fans did more than just cross fingers and toes. Fans raised money to fly helicopters—excuse me, “heliclockters”—over San Diego Comic Con advertising #SaveTimeless. They also tirelessly tweeted about the show, getting Timeless trending during the event, even though the show wasn’t even there.

There efforts were certainly noticed, and according to Shawn Ryan, they swayed the network. So certainly applause are necessary…in between your jumps for joy.

There’s certainly plenty of material that needs to be covered in a mere two hours: Will Rufus be saved? Will Lucy and Wyatt finally get together—or will it be Flynn who captures Lucy’s heart? How did the team somehow swing that visit from the future, when the time machine won’t allow it? And what happened to make Lucy and Wyatt look so…ready for battle? Can anyone stop Rittenhouse? Or Emma? And is Lucy’s sister a lost cause at this point?

I’m sure there are plenty more questions (add your own in the comments), and I have full faith in the writing staff to give us answers, now that they have the chance.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays can’t come soon enough.


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