‘Timeless’ Finishes Season Two on a Strong Note — and with One Hell of a Cliffhanger


Photo by Eddy Chen/NBC

TIMELESS: 2.09-2.10 “The General”; “Chinatown”

Fate. Family. Two themes that have been ever-present throughout the second season of Timeless, and they were oh so prominent in the finale. Fate because, of course, we had Rufus’ future death awaiting us. And family, well, that came in all sorts of forms.

The two-parter conclusion of the series was especially strong. I’m not surprised. Every episode this season seemed to get stronger than the one before. (In fact, I’ve been wanting to commend this season on some especially great episodes—“Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was a standout in my book, but hats off to both “The King of the Delta Blues” and “The Day Reagan Was Shot,” as well.) These two episodes highlighted what Timeless does best: meaningful historical storylines combined with action and advancement of the story arc.

We’ll start with Harriet Tubman—and let’s give a mighty round of applause to Christine Horn, who was incredible as “The General.” She captivated every scene and gave each one the weight it truly deserved, considering the weight of the Civil War. Unconvinced? Go back and watch the scene between her and Rufus when he admits that he’s always been a free man. Amazing. And kudos to the writers. I felt like I could quote her all episode wrong. (I tried. It was hard to keep up on Twitter while watching all the action.)

Meanwhile, we had Wyatt moping about everyone’s reaction to Jessica potentially being Rittenhouse—and questioning her pregnancy. To be honest, Wyatt did start to bug me in this episode. His reaction to Agent Christopher seemed a genuine and honest response to finding out his wife is pregnant and then hearing they want to banish her. (And Lucy’s reaction to hearing Jessica was pregnant? Perfection. If your heart didn’t break when you saw Lucy’s face and heard her faint, “She’s what?” you must have a heart of stone.)

But once he became Captain Sunshine in the past, pouting and stomping around, I was a bit tired of moody Wyatt. Perhaps it’s because there was so much more important things going on—or perhaps it’s because we, as viewers, were already suspecting Jessica—but I had a small amount of patience for it. I’m glad it passed relatively quickly, though I suppose not with the best of results.

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