‘Timeless’ Finds Romance And Surprises in ‘Hollywoodland’


Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

TIMELESS: 2.03 “Hollywoodland”

There was no new episode of Timeless this week, which finally gave me some time to wrap my head around what became a game-changing episode. Just to recap, what happened? We met legendary actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. Rufus pretended to be Langston Hughes in order to save Citizen Kane. Jiya saw a doctor and turns out to be healthier than she’s ever been, despite her seizures and visions. And Flynn found his way out of jail. Anything else?

Oh yeah. Lucy and Wyatt finally got together, and JESSICA IS BACK.

Talk about a shocking ending (though, honestly, I predicted this result long before the season began). But we’ll get there. Let’s start back in 1941, where Rittenhouse has  another sleeper agent (played by one of my favorites, Teddy Sears), who is out to steal Citizen Kane in order to secure a column in the Hearst papers. It’s a little bit of an overcomplicated plan, but if the publication was as influential as Lucy claims, I suppose Rittenhouse can do a lot of damage with a few inches on paper. Like Wyatt, I have never seen Citizen Kane, nor do I know its sordid, secretive backstory, so I did feel like I was playing a game of catchup as the main plot details were being shared. But let’s be honest: Everything else in this episode was so much more interesting than the Rittenhouse plot that it didn’t really matter.

Starting with Hedy Lamarr. I ask this much too often when watching this show, but how have I never heard of this person before? She sounds amazing. One of the reasons I love Timeless is the fact that they bring these lesser-known historical figures to life, so it’s both educational and entertaining. She truly stole every scene, and I loved the dynamic between her and Rufus (particularly her curt response to his poorly shared riff of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme—though her explanation to Lucy about how anyone can be glamorous as long as they stand still and look stupid was also great). She was a divine addition to this episode. But now on to what everyone is talking about…

Lyatt fans were overjoyed to see Wyatt and Lucy finally get together. Starting with her adorable musical number. She was so playful and it was nice to see that side of Lucy again (and it was fun to see that side of Abigail Spencer, too). Not sure that final long look between Wyatt and Lucy really landed for me at the end (sorry), but it did lead to their cute banter before they finally kissed and slept together. Happy, happy fans everywhere.

But alas, even as they realized their feelings for each other, Wyatt gets a mysterious text and breaks out of the bunker, only to find his late wife alive and well. It’s unclear how this turn of events happened. My only guess is that the security officer that was killed in the Wyatt/Rittenhouse shootout was related to Jessica’s eventual murderer, but who knows? So much could actually have changed with the slightest adjustment of the past that it’s really anyone’s guess. The real question is whether Jessica was all that happy to see him. She sure didn’t look it, and his hug seemed to catch her by surprise. Does that mean there’s trouble in paradise? Or are they even still together in this timeline? There was a ring on her finger. But what does all this really mean? And what does it mean for Wyatt and Lucy?

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be getting any answers soon (at the very least, there’s another week before we have a new episode), and we know how the writers of the show can leave mysteries lingering for episode after episode. Sounds like things might be a little awkward for a while in the bunker—if Wyatt even returns there.

A few other notes:

  • No idea what’s happening with Jiya. She’s clearly having visions (in fact, her visions in “Hollywoodland” look like scenes that could be in this Sunday’s episode), but she got a clean bill of health. But past travelers have had aneurism and schizophrenia. I want to hope for the best, but it makes me very nervous.
  • Rufus’s reaction to walking in on Wyatt and Lucy was fantastic, but even greater was him asking Wyatt, “So…how was your night?” only a few scenes later.
  • I also love how Rufus asked “Is this happening?” just like Lucy asked Rufus when he and Jiya first got together.
  • Lucy’s new habit of stealing clothes was a lot of fun, especially because she shrugs it off because “it’s her favorite time period.” Every costume she wore in this episode was beautiful. Her white dress was gorgeous, but if I could wear the red and blue ensemble now, I would.
  • So, should I watch Citizen Kane?

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