‘Timeless’ Is Back — And Off to a Great Start


Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC

TIMELESS: 2.01 “The War to End All Wars”

I’ve spent the entire day thinking about Timeless.

To say season 2 packed a punch would be an understatement. The last season ended on a shocking revelation: Lucy’s mother is part of Rittenhouse. But that was just the start of what would change the lives of the entire Time Team. Moments after Carol confessed her true role, Lucy is taken, and Mason Industries blows up.

Let’s just say it was an explosive beginning to what appears to be a thrilling season already.

We jump back in six weeks later, where the remaining members of the Time Team are hunkering down in a bunker, hiding from Rittenhouse, who assumes they all died in the explosion. Rufus is trying to fix the life boat, while Wyatt is brooding and itching to get out and find Lucy. And everyone—Jiya, Connor Mason, and Agent Christopher—are all getting used to their new lives and new digs.

Wyatt’s reaction was especially interesting (and not only because I’m a Wyatt and Lucy shipper). Her disappearance hit all the same buttons that his late wife did. Lucy disappears into thin air, presumed dead. But Wyatt refuses to believe it, insisting that Rittenhouse has her, and he needs to find her and bring her home. He’s overly angry and overly emotional, but it’s all fitting when you consider his past.

Meanwhile, we find Lucy dressed up for WWI, ready to go change history with her mother. You have to be impressed with Abigail Spencer, who from the moment we see her, seems like a very different Lucy. Gone is the light in her eyes, her animated excitement, and general passion. Instead, she seems focused, if distanced, and ready to do what’s next. At this point, though, it’s uncertain what that is.

From the get-go, I never doubted Lucy. I didn’t think she’d willingly turn and become part of Rittenhouse. I could see how hard it was for her to shoot an innocent man, and that she was doing it against her better judgment. It wasn’t to prove loyalty; it was to play a part. But I also didn’t think she’d go as far as to take on a suicide mission, a mission where she’d either be left behind in 1918 or get blown up in the mother ship during a jump. And to hear it so soon after being reunited with her fellow Time Teamers, who she had long believed were dead. It was heartbreaking to realize how far she’d go to stop Rittenhouse when she thought she was alone in the war.

It’s a vastly different side of Lucy than we’ve seen, and I wonder how she’ll recover from all that she experienced in this episode. Killing an innocent man. The discovery of how much her mother kept from her and how much of a “monster” she really is. Her mother’s betrayal—that she might have let Emma shoot her and that she may have arranged for Amy to never be saved. And how she’s lost everything.

And this is all not even taking into account what Wyatt and Rufus stumble upon in their own travels to WWI. As they are trying to follow through on Lucy’s plans, the boys are taken by secret Rittenhouse operatives, one of which they discover was a sleeper agent. He was placed by Rittenhouse years before to shape history into what Rittenhouse wants (somewhere between The Hunger Games and Handmaid’s Tale), and he’s not the only one.

I’m almost disappointed this was said in some of the early promos. It would have been a jaw-dropping moment to discover this live, in the course of the show. And what a fantastic way to embed Rittenhouse more directly into the series—literally. Rather than chasing after one-offs, the Time Team now have targets, and they have to figure out what the plan is, which parts of their history is real, and which ones have been revised already by Rittenhouse. Brilliant. And now we know where this season is headed.

It’s a fantastic start to a season that almost didn’t happen. I’m so excited to see what happens next, and as soon as the episode ended, I was itching for more. Can’t I jump ahead to next Sunday already? Oh, right. There are rules about that.

A few more things:

  • I understand why they added images of supposed sleeper agents when describing them to the rest of the team. It let you visualize what exactly these people could look like. However, I’m now a wee bit spoiled on who the big reveals are to come. I’m sure I’ll forget some, and some will still be surprises, but I would’ve preferred every episode to be its very own game of “who’s the spy?” (But hey, looks like we might be seeing Teddy Sears later this season. Can’t complain about that!)
  • Very little update on Jiya, other than that she’s still having her episodes. I was disappointed we didn’t get more Jiya and Rufus scenes. Just one brief one, other than some group scenes.
  • Rufus, however, was great putting Wyatt in his place—talking him down from his crazed Lucy chase, trying to convince him to hate time travel, and most of all, calling him an idiot for denying that he loves Lucy. (And did you catch the callout? Yep, that was Rufus saying “Clockblocker,” the term for Timeless fans, in the life boat. Cute.)
  • As a shipper, I love the Lucy/Wyatt developments, though they do seem a wee bit fast. That said, my hunch is that it will all be foiled by the end of the season in a horrible, heartbreaking way. (I have a theory, but I don’t want to put any ideas in anyone’s heads, especially if it ends up being true.)
  • I loved the discussion between Lucy and Irene about the pressure they got from their mothers. And hey, remember that time Lucy turned down her dream job because of pressure from her mother? Sheesh. But then again, look at the difference in the results: ultimate good versus ultimate evil.
  • Also, while I realize they were evil, something about having three women taking history in their own hands was awesome to see. The scenes with Emma, Carol, and Lucy were great.
  • What did Emma do to make it “impossible” for Amy to return? I’m almost too afraid to find out.

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