Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Trent?!”


I’m more than a little late with this recap and review, but with only one episode left in the season, I felt like I had to get some quick thoughts on Friday’s episode. After all, when the show opens with a musical number involving singing puppet cats, how could you not at least offer a few words?

We start with Rebecca’s total acceptance that she will be single forever. So accepting, in fact, that she’s moving on to getting a buttload of cats. Enter song, which left me laughing the entire three minutes (See the video above, and yes, there is an explicit version). Of course, all plans for said cats are ruined by a coyote. Well, someone who spent a lot of time with them: Trent.

The more Trent is in this show, the more I love him. Since we last saw him—when he was destroying Rebecca’s wedding—he’s been distracted by a train (you know how he feels about trains and clowns), hit by a bus, accosted by an inspiring comedian/doctor, broken out of a cast, eaten a lizard, hung out with coyotes, made his way to an outlet store, and returned to hide out in Rebecca’s room. Why? To blackmail her to being his girlfriend again, of course!

Trent has another one of his devious envelopes (this one’s just of printed email), threatening to tell the police about Rebecca’s attempts to hire someone on the dark web to take out Mona. Naturally, Rebecca goes along with it—long enough to get Paula involved.

Here’s where the story goes a little south. Paula has given up her stealth ways. She’s done sneaking around, tracking people, and doing anything that could hurt her chances of being a lawyer. But when Rebecca hears this, she sees only her own selfish needs. And she lies to Paula, telling her that Trent has dirt on her, too.

This is yet another reminder that no matter how hard Rebecca works against it, sometimes she falls into her own patterns. Rebecca is aware that what she’s doing is wrong. In fact, you can even see guilt cross over her face. But she just can’t pull away from it. She needs Paula’s help, and she’ll do whatever she can to get it.

So the duo goes sleuthing, and they find Trent’s storage unit, which is creepily filled with an entire wall full of Rebecca Bunch articles, pictures, and items (underwear, so much underwear). Plus, let’s not forget a full box of her socks, shrimp Ramen, and a mystery trap that shoots green paint on all those who open it.

For Rebecca, this is the last straw. She comes back to Trent, who is visibly distressed that Rebecca failed his love test, and unloads on him about how much she will never care for him. Trent leaves hurt, and personally, I’m left worried.

Considering how similar Trent and Rebecca are (right down to their theme songs), it worries me how harsh Rebecca was to Trent. Think about how Rebecca feels when she’s abandoned. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but should we worry about Trent’s own mental health and his own reactions to Rebecca’s ugly words? Part of me worries that what we saw from Rebecca earlier this season may happen with Trent. Perhaps I’m reading into it, but knowing what we’ve learned throughout this season, something about that scene left me unsettled. (An alternative could be that Trent may end up releasing his information on Rebecca anyway, but somehow, I believed him when he handed off his symbolic envelope. Either way, I’d guess that this is not the last we’ll hear of Trent, one way or another.)

The episode ends with Rebecca telling a relieved Paula that they’re in the clear, while also realizing the terrible things she’s doing. She’s lying to Paula. She made Nathaniel cheat on his girlfriend. While others look at her and see a good person, she turns inward and thinks the same thoughts she had in season one (and is echoed through soft instrumentation in the background), “You’ve ruined everything, you stupid bitch.”

A few other thoughts, including about Valencia, Beth, and Josh:

  • I liked Valencia’s storyline, and it seemed completely fitting for her. Of course, she’d struggle to do the kinds of parties her town wants when she wants to represent—and do—so much more. Beth was such a great presence, bringing her back down to earth in a kind, loving way. These two have such a great dynamic. I love it.
  • Josh becoming a DJ seems completely natural for him. And it was nice to see him and Valencia make up, in a way. Also, can we get them to dance all the time?
  • Trent’s theme song was hilarious, even though I saw a picture of him in the getup before the episode aired and figured it would happen. Love it either way.
  • Rebecca’s realization that Trent’s story was from her point of view—including literal coyotes—was great.
  • So many good one-liners in this episode.
  • The drone that shot the end of last season? It was Trent’s. Clever.
  • It’s unfortunate Trent can’t stick around, simply for all the excellent food he makes. Which is so strange, since he eats shrimp-flavored Ramen.
  • The only miss in this episode for me? The action duo song for Rebecca and Paula. That one didn’t really draw me in.

As for the season finale, I have no idea what’s going to happen. The previews make me think Rebecca may come clean to her friends about some of her lies, but what would that do? What would come after such a confession? So much has happened with Rebecca, and this show has never shied away from cliffhanger endings (and in the case of last season, literally). What’s next? I’m so excited and nervous to find out.


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