Why New Girl’s ‘Girl Fight’ Actually Worked


The episode title “Girl Fight” didn’t make me too excited to turn on New Girl last night. But somehow it was one of the funniest this season.

One possible reason for this is that it went back to the mail premise of the show. Here, we have a girl living with a bunch of dudes. That was the premise of New Girl way back when. How funny would it be to have a doe-eyed girl living with a bunch of smelly guys? That would be hilarious. They wouldn’t know how to get along. Guys don’t understand girls. This’ll be great.

And true, the show progressed beyond that premise. For one thing, it got sucked into the sexual tension hole that was Nick and Jess, and while that relationship didn’t kill the series, it did slow it down.

But here, we had a regular day. Coach and Schmidt were “fighting,” and a quick punch in the groin ended it. We then discover the differences between dude fights and girl fights.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a girl, but the passive aggressive nature of Jess and Cece’s fights were hilarious. More so were what they were fighting about. It all started with a purse.

Now, a lot of people wouldn’t get mad at a purse. And yet, I could completely understand how a small annoyance, like fighting over a purse (and agreeing that no one would have it), would open up all kinds of issues from way back when. And of course, it was natural to have a guy who doesn’t understand this try to fix it.

As a side note, Coache’s reminiscence of his childhood, watching his two sisters cut their braids off because he stuck a bow in his upset sister’s hair had me rolling on the floor. So of course he’d understand what to do here. And Schmidt, who prides himself apparently for understanding women because he once had man boobs, would not.

Ok, so the fight itself was a little lame. But the rest was hilarious. Just to understand how it escalated so quickly, all over a little yellow purse. And honestly, the fight itself might not have been all too funny if not for the side commentary by Cece’s roommate (I still quote her from back in the day with her reference to “MicMouse”).

But let’s go back to why this episode worked. t didn’t get caught in the slog of a story arc. We weren’t worrying about Jess and her teacher beau. We weren’t even thinking about whether Schmidt and Cece would get back together, even if there were some side comments. And, sure, Winston might’ve been studying for his police exam but that was the smallest reference to a multi-episode plotline.

We went back to a basic, simple premise that studied the idiosyncrasies of men and women. It was a solid, funny stand-alone episode.

And it worked.

*Photo by Ray Mickshaw/FOX


2 thoughts on “Why New Girl’s ‘Girl Fight’ Actually Worked

  1. Totally agree. Pure and simple hilariousness that didn’t rely on anything outside the premise of the episode to work. This could have been in any season of the show. I hope they don’t rely too much on the gender differences for plots in the future, but used sparingly it can be really effective.

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