The 100: Human Trials


THE 100: 2.05 “Human Trials”

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve written about The 100. But that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching. And when I’ve been watching, I’ve been on the edge of my seat.

Last week was no different. And much like the previous episodes, the episode was more than just a sequence of events. It was all a discussion of what these kids — the 100 — really are. Are they still just kids?

Personally, I’m with Raven. Clarke, in particular, stopped being a child the minute she was sent down to the ground to die. Not only did she learn her survival skills, but she learned to lead people. In fact, I’m waiting for the moment when Clarke stops talking about saving her friends and starts talking about saving her people.

Let’s take a step back, first. I’m not saying Clarke’s perfect. The previous episode was telling. She still has a good heart, one that trusts the Grounders, particularly if they have a common enemy. But I don’t think Clarke made an ally in Anya. The way Anya was assessing that camp, she was planning on bringing her people back to Camp Jaha to take them out. Of course, she didn’t get the chance.

Nonetheless, Clarke knows her priorities. The ground is more dangerous than just hanging out behind an electric fence (and it does make you wonder how long that power is really going to last). She needs to save her friends at Mt. Weather — and maybe even find the rest of the 100 who are missing (if they’re still alive at all). She’s a leader. And now that Bellamy is back at her side, they’re on a mission.

And by the way, was the reunion between Bellamy and Clarke not cute? I love it.

But at the end of the day, these teenagers aren’t as old as they think they are, displayed by Finn. I admit, I spent the last few minutes of the episode mouth agape in shock as Finn took out the Grounder camp with his gun. He was just a scared little boy. And I’m not sure that’s something that anyone will recover from.

The coming weeks will really show the repercussions of Finn’s actions. Grounders will certainly not forgive Sky People. Sky People already don’t trust Grounders — and that distrust will only grow upon the realization that Kane has been taken.

But let’s stop talking about war. On the other side of this episode was a psychological experiment. Mt. Weather has its own agenda, apart of the war on the outside. While I really didn’t care much about what Lincoln was going through — the mad scientist just felt a little misplaced in this series — I’m interested enough to see it play out. They said they’re making an army. Does that mean they’re making the Reapers? Or something else? I guess we’ll have to see.

More important to me is the safety of Jasper, Monty, and the other 40-something teenagers held in Mt. Weather. Clearly, they’re not as safe as they think. And I think Monty is catching on. What’s worse, I think containment breach was purposeful, which means someone in there has some malicious intentions — more malicious than we thought.

There are a lot of things at play right now for everyone on the ground. But what’s for sure is that no one is safe, no matter who their enemy is.


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