Gotham: Viper


GOTHAM: 1.05 “Viper”

Oh, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. What have you gotten yourself into?

Well, let’s just say that Gordon is certainly in the thick of it now. Not only does he have to pretend that he’s in line with Falcone and Fish, now he’s going to be controlled by Maroni. This is what you get for keeping the moral high ground and not killing a weasel. (Though, to be fair, I don’t think I’d want to see him kill a weasel anyway.)

This pull and tug should be an interesting one to watch Gordon maneuver. How he’ll be able to successfully play both sides while still staying true to his moral code should be…well…frankly impossible. But I’m sure it’ll be something he can do at least for a while.

What I found interesting as a slight side note in this vein was Bullock’s reaction when Gordon returned after his “lunch” with Maroni. There was his usual off-the-cuff comments about Gordon’s behavior, only to be followed up with genuine interest and care about what kind of personal matter would have held Gordon up mid-case: “Is it Barbara?” Could it be that Bullock is starting to actually care for Gordon, beyond the general “let’s not get killed” attitude? Interesting development.

Meanwhile, the case this week was just disgusting. It’s a good thing I watched Fringe all those years, so I could be warned about some gruesome deaths. Watching these people’s bones just crumble beneath them (starting with their skulls and jawbones), was just awful. I guess, based on the last few episodes, we better get used to some brutality in Gotham. It may be at an 8:00 time slot, but it’s not holding anything back. (And next week’s Halloween episode looks suitably creepy.)

Once again, though, the bad guy wasn’t necessarily trying to be a bad guy. I mean, he was because he was trying to kill people. But like the Balloonman a couple weeks ago, he was just trying to do good by exposing the bad. He wanted to stop people from making the drug; they wouldn’t so he took matters into his own hand. I’m not quite sure yet how Bruce Wayne Enterprises would have funded such a project — I suppose that corruptness has yet to be discovered, and our new “middle manager” is holding the secret to that.

Speaking of the Waynes, Bruce actually had a role this episode. I’m a little nervous about Bruce’s role in the series, actually. I don’t mind his scenes, but I just don’t think that there’s any room to grow. Or actually, there’s a ton of room — years before he becomes Batman. The only problem is that the series will try to speed up the process to avoid his becoming boring, and that could prove problematic. (If it were my pick, I would have started the series a season or two before the Waynes were killed, so we could really get to know this empire — and then the deaths would have had that much more impact, and Bruce’s determination would have aligned with our own.)

As for Fish…eh. In the first scene with Fish, I could tell she was training her little girl to be Falcone’s new dish, so she has a mole and, potentially, a way to kill him. So I found the last scene to be no surprise. Well, except for maybe her transformation. She looked stunning with her new makeover. Kudos to the costume, hair, and makeup department. A classic beauty. So classic it reminded me of an earlier era — probably the one in which Falcone’s mother lived.

*Photo by FOX


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