Top Chef: Boston

It’s important to note that Top Chef, my favorite reality show (or really, the only one I watch), will be returning tonight at 10 pm on Bravo. Even more exciting, it (finally) takes place in Boston, the area that Raked has collectively called home for almost a decade.

This is exciting! We are, collectively, swimming in a large swimming pool of excitement over here! The metro Boston area has become a great place for food, especially in the last few years when it has seemed like dozens of interesting restaurants open up each month and more and more young chefs from the area earn national plaudits. I hope to see some familiar sights, and I hope this provincial little “town” acquits itself well on the national stage. I’ll also echo Devra First, the Boston Globe‘s wonderful restaurant critic, and hope the show doesn’t lean on the cliches too much; please, try to avoid saying Beantown! No one actually says that here!

But anyway, we’ll be checking in again as the season progresses.

Until tonight, check out this preview.

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