Gotham: Arkham

GOTHAM: 1.04 “Arkham”

I made a bit of a mistake while watching this week’s Gotham. I only half watched the episode while multitasking. For many shows, this isn’t an issue. Actually, for most shows, this isn’t an issue. But there are a handful that require your full attention (Switched at Birth, for one, given the subtitles). While I’m not convinced Gotham is one of these shows, apparently this episode did require more attention than I gave it.

I’m sorry, Gotham. And readers.

The reason I bring this up in all its TV-reviewing shame is because, since I didn’t give it my full attention, all the politics around Arkham (including the Waynes’ roles in it) got a little confusing for me. Too many plans. Too many turf wars. Too many people involved claiming to be on one side or another. In the end, we got a mobster compromise, which is disappointing for the moral folks still around — which, from what I can tell, is only Gordon and Bruce, and probably Alfred and Barbara. (Ok, that’s not fair. Bullock has morals; they’re just a little looser than most.)

Despite this, I enjoyed the episode. Ben McKenzie continues to shine in this role. While it was such a small part of the episode, his scene with Barbara was incredibly well done. The ugly murders continue to be ugly and horrifying, just as they should be.

And while I had originally been nervous about Cobblepot’s role in the show, I really like where they’re taking him now. It seems to be rather advantageous that “nobody looks for a dead man.” I like that he’s with the other mob team now, and he has something to hang over Gordon’s head — which has yet to be seen whether this is a good or bad thing.

Considering that the show is still taking a very episodic approach to the season, as opposed to an overall story arc, they’re doing very well with it. It’s certainly one of my favorite new shows of the season.


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