Gotham: The Balloonman

gotham 1.03

GOTHAM: 1.03 “The Balloonman”

The first moment a corrupt businessman flew up into the sky, JC turned to me and said, “What a DC Comics way to kill someone. They always come up with the most horrifying ways to do so.”

And really, it was. Not only was the idea of helplessly floating up into the sky to die absolutely horrifying (raise your hand if you had nightmares — or if you wanted to look up whether such a crime was feasibly possible from a physics standpoint), but on top of that, the body that gets splattered into the ground when it comes back down.

That being said, the episode could have used a little work in tracking the mastermind behind the weather balloon crime. While the method was unique, it was easily forgotten in the first half hour as we followed up with Bruce Wayne, Selina, Cobblepot, Fish, and Montoya. Perhaps the most glaring error in Gotham thus far is not realizing when a character needs to disappear (in a non-murder sense) so that something else can shine. While Fish might have her own story arc, it was so unrelated to the rest of the events that it really had no place in last night’s episode. That would have been better served later, in an episode that had a little more room to breathe.

The same goes for Bruce Wayne. While I did enjoy seeing him realize that vigilantes that kill are criminals and vigilantes that don’t may be welcome, we didn’t need to see multiple scenes with Alfred to get his development across. By minimizing some of these roles now, we can develop everything around them and give them a bigger space to play in later — and a bigger role in the process.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the episode. I think I could spend day after day watching Bullock and Gordon interact. While I know many of you are still adoring Donal Logue in the show (as am I), I’m still constantly impressed by Ben McKenzie, probably because in comparison, they’ve actually given Gordon depth of character. Don’t worry, I think Bullock will get there, he’s just not there yet — and that’s a writing flaw, not an acting one.

I don’t have much more to say about this week’s Gotham. It looks like Cobblepot is going to be an interesting one to watch in the future. My guess is that he’ll be some sort of informant for Gordon, now that he’s working for another mobster. And actually, I didn’t mind that storyline, despite my past complaints about him. So for now, I’ll just look forward to next week.


2 thoughts on “Gotham: The Balloonman

  1. I liked this one as well. I’m enjoying the weird, stylized darkness of the series. It reminds me of the Tim Burton Batman, and maybe even a little of the animated series.

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