The Vampire Diaries: I’ll Remember

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 6.01 “I’ll Remember”

TVD was probably the most series I was most anticipating returning this year. After all, the season finale was HUGE — so momentous that I wrote not one but two reaction posts to it.

I mean, what happened to Bonnie and Damon? There were enough articles out there over the summer (and this fantastic video) to tell me that they’d be back in some capacity.

So here we are, a brand-new season. Jeremy is…wallowing and hooking up with random girls. Matt is fighting off his emotions by fighting real people — by becoming a cop. And the two are still in Mystic Falls, which is still shielded from magic.

Caroline is trying to change that, having now quit school. She’s spending every waking minute with her mom on the Mystic Falls border and reading book by the bucket, making sure that she finds out everything she can to get the shield brought down.

Tyler, meanwhile, is outside Mystic Falls and human. He’s struggling without his superpowers — and not awakening the werewolf gene inside him. Unfortunately, we’re back to angry Tyler, the same Tyler I didn’t like in the first season. If I had one complaint, it would be that Tyler was back playing a larger role in TVD. I actually didn’t mind his absence last year.

Then we have Stefan who is nowhere near Mystic Falls. He’s coping with the loss of Lexi and Damon by denying that part of his life altogether, living in Savannah after giving up finding a mystic way to bring him back.

Finally, Elena. I must say, I wasn’t too into her story. We found out a little too quickly that she was taking these herbs, so I suspected pretty early on that Damon wasn’t the real Damon. I suppose it’s a big deal that she was biting humans, but… Is it heartless of me to say that I was hoping to see some real grief and reactions from her? I actually wanted to see her in this place of distraught hopelessness — I suppose an extension of what we saw at the end of last season. Then, maybe she would gradually get into the herbs, I don’t know. But I just wasn’t all that invested (though I suppose seeing her get Alaric to erase Damon from her memory would be interesting).

But the absolute best part of the episode was clearly the ending. Where are Damon and Bonnie! At first, I thought they were just reincarnated into new people — perhaps not magical people. The vampire reference seemed cutesy and not in reference to their past or current state. They just seemed like a little married couple in their own apartment. My immediate thought was that they were new people, and at some point, their friends would find them and have to convince them of who they really were.

But then I started thinking in another direction (in part because of the promo for next week and by suggestion of JC): perhaps they were in the past. ’90s music. Plaid shirt. Reading the newspaper?! Looks like our favorite friends just may be in another time entirely — and what do we do with that?! (Want more clues? Check out the extended trailer. But I don’t want to potentially spoil anything here.)

I’m very interested. I’d love to see how they get it out of it (I’m sure they will at some point…right?). And tacking that one scene at the end of this episode to completely throw us off? Absolute brilliance.


One thought on “The Vampire Diaries: I’ll Remember

  1. I really enjoyed this episode! I wasn’t a huge fan of last season (minus the last 2 episodes). I felt it was all of the place plot wise and didn’t have good direction. This premiere made me very excited for this season though! The ending was incredible. So many questions!!! Thinking they are in the past is a really interesting idea! I really liked how the episode showed how everyone is dealing with what happened differently. Personally, I don’t mind Tyler so much, but you know it is just a matter of time before he triggers the werewolf inside! Hopefully they do something different there; otherwise it is just a recycled story line.

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