Minkus meets ‘Girl Meets World’


I’ve been watching Girl Meets World. This is probably not a surprise to most of you who have been reading this site for a while. I covered Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana, both on the Disney Channel, so you’ve probably assumed that I’ve continued to watch the network. That’s actually not true. Too many teen “pop stars” and annoying characters to make me continue. Also, I’m in my 30s. It’s a little unacceptable.

But when Girl Meets World was announced, I was curious, since I am a Boy Meets World fan. And as we heard in drips and drabs about which original cast members would be appearing, I was curious to see them reappear. So because of this, I’ve been watching the show…solely for the cameos.

And so far, I’ve only gotten one: a brief appearance by William Daniels as a vision of Mr. Feeny — a vision that I’m still fearful might mean that Mr. Feeny has passed on. I don’t think anything has been specifically said along these lines, so it’s clearly just a theory of mine. But I guess we’ll see as the show progresses. Or perhaps we won’t. This show is for kids, not 30-somethings reliving TGIF nostalgia.

Or is it? The latest episode finally did give me a cameo I’ve been waiting for. While he’s no Shawn or Eric, he is our very own Minkus. “Minkus. Could it be Minkus?” I still hear young Corey’s name when I hear his name.

Whether most people would recognize Lee Norris now as the young Minkus he was, I’m not sure. Well, unless you happen to be a One Tree Hill fan and have been watching Mouth for the last number of years, like me. But there he was, in all his nerdy glory, once again competing with Topanga for top honors, including those honors of their children, Riley and Farkle (that’s right, we officially know now that Farkle is Farkle Minkus).

Of course, as a Boy Meets World fan, I could always ask for more. Overall, the episode was lacking (any episode that centers on Mya seems to be weak, though when she is in the supporting role to Riley’s plot lines, she’s a star). Though I will say that “Career Day” was a smart way to reveal Minkus’ relationship with Farkle and get an update on his career (head of Minkus Industries…whatever that is. Fortunately, it just happens to be located in New York, like the rest of them).

This does mean I’ll be continuing to suffer through the ups and downs of Girl Meets World until I see more of those familiar faces. It’s not a terrible show; Corey, Topanga, and Mya make it tolerable. And I’d wonder if it finds its legs before it runs out of cameos, but given the network it’s on, those who regularly watch (and obsess over) Disney Channel, and its early renewal, Girl Meets World will continue on for quite some time, even after the viewers get reacquainted with the Boy Meets World universe.


3 thoughts on “Minkus meets ‘Girl Meets World’

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