Pop pop! Yahoo renews ‘Community’ for sixth season


In the news you never thought you’d hear, Community has been renewed for season 6 by not Hulu, not Netflix, but of all places, Yahoo. Yahoo Screen has ordered a 13-episode season, allowing the series to live out half of its #sixseasonsandamovie prophecy. The other half, I suppose, we’ll have to wait and see.

The decision come in at the eleventh hour, as options on the cast were set to expire today. To be honest, I figured the show was long gone a while ago (probably with the cancelation news). The show has had its share of ups and downs, and while I always hope that shows will be picked up by another network or online streaming place, I don’t get too excited about it. Sure, it worked for Southland and Cougar Town, but there are a whole lot of other series that just fade into oblivion.

But clearly not Community. I’m not sure what to expect with the new season (with the exception of more cursing; according to Joel McHale, they can swear now). Sadly, it looks like Donald Glover and Jonathan Banks will not be available for the sixth season. But we still get the rest of our crazy ragtag team, so I’m not complaining. Dan Harmon is back at the helm.

No word yet (that I’ve seen) about when the 13 episodes will be aired (posted?) or whether Yahoo Screen will take the binge or episodic approach (I’m hoping the former). A lot is left to be seen.

But hey, welcome back, Greendale. It’s good to see those Human Beings back again.

(Now, if they would only work on Enlisted next. Suddenly, I have hope…)

1 thought on “Pop pop! Yahoo renews ‘Community’ for sixth season

  1. This is so fascinating. Could you imagine this even just a year ago? I think Netflix’s success with original programming might have sparked a gold rush of sorts for other companies to jump in and grab some market share.

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