My Thoughts on the ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Series Finale


Yesterday I wrote that I really had no idea what Drop Dead Diva was going to do in its series finale. There just seemed to be a lot to cover in a little time. I suppose the writers ran into the same issue. To be honest, I don’t know whether this episode was written before or after the show was announced as cancelled, and while the episode was tied up in a tidy bow to some extent, it wasn’t the series finale I was hoping for for a show that watched and enjoyed for years.

For one thing, it didn’t really celebrate the show much. For a show that celebrated musical numbers and even a duel, last night’s finale just felt lackluster. The cases were standard. The tension was blah. And where were the stakes?

Sure, I suppose it was a big deal that Jane left the firm. And while I assume she probably went back to it once she and Owen got over their issues, I don’t think it was explicitly said. We don’t really know where she and Ian will go from here, just that they’ll be together (I almost thought we’d see them flying off to Mexico to start their lives all over again or something, but no, we didn’t even get that).

Actually, the most satisfying endings were from people like Owen, Stacy, and Kim. While we didn’t get to see Stacy’s brand-new kiddos (or even hear their names), they were born healthy, and Stacy and Owen are happy. Her drugged-up speech to Jane was just sweet, and those 10 seconds really made the show feel like a series finale for the first time in the episode.


Kim, too, got a happy ending. I mentioned in my last post that I’ve enjoyed her character development, showing the softer side after having a baby. But now we got to see her break down her walls even further, falling for a guy that she was so against on paper. And it was sweet. And I was happy for her. That’s what I want in my season finale.

Even Teri got her happy ending: an opportunity to live her dreams as a musician.

And I suppose I can admit that Jane and Grayson — er, Ian — got their happy ending, too. But still, there was something about it that just still fell flat for me. Even with the tacked-on video montage, I felt like the heart wasn’t really in it. The song was nice. The memories were nice. But…where were the six seasons that I watched and loved?

To me, this whole series was about Deb and Jane. Deb becoming Jane — and then Jane becoming someone all her own as half Jane, half Deb. She became her own person. And Grayson will have to do the same, which we won’t really ever see…and I’m fine with that. While the relationship between Jane and Grayson was always threaded through the series, I never saw this series as one only about Grayson and Jane. So to end with a montage about the two of them — one I felt was pretty weighted toward Grayson — just felt rather odd to me. I had no problem with ending on a picture of Grayson and Deb. That seemed right. But I just wanted to focus in on Jane.

But I suppose Jane’s happy ending is too tied with Grayson/Ian to deny such a montage. I don’t know how to express it, but I was hoping for a little more depth with the ending. To end where they became and to go full circle makes sense, but at the same time, it felt a little hollow. The show was more than that.

So that’s what I’ll aim to remember with the end of Drop Dead Diva. Not this finale that seemed hastily put together and somewhat lackluster. Instead, I’ll remember that vibrant girl with the bright pink heels, the great friendships that surrounded her, and of course, the musical numbers.

*images courtesy of Lifetime


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