Drop Dead Diva: Truth & Consequences, Soulmates?


DROP DEAD DIVA: 6.01 “Truth & Consequences”
DROP DEAD DIVA: 6.02 “Soulmates?”

Drop Dead Diva is back for its final season, and it only seems fitting that I attempt to return to regular reviews for it. I’ve followed this show since its beginning. It’s always been a cute, fun show that I’ve enjoyed. The characters I’ve loved to love (or in some cases, loved to hate), and as I see some of the cast members move on to bigger and better things — Josh Stamberg in Parenthood or, more notably, Ben Feldman in Mad Men — I still miss seeing their faces grace the screen alongside our ever-positive Deb/Jane.

This episode was like any other episode of Drop Dead Diva, with quirky yet compelling cases and character development. The biggest development in this particular two-hour episode block (that I’ll spend my time in this review focusing on) was that of Jane and Grayson. At the end of last season, it looked like these two crazy kids finally got together, only to be torn apart by a grieving Britney, aka REAL Jane. Jane’s secret was almost out; Grayson found out that Jane wasn’t who she thought she was.

But that’s all we saw. And we discovered in this episode that eight hours later, not much had changed. Grayson dashed after Britney to find out what she meant, and Jane’s secret wasn’t really spilled. But by the end of Sunday night, Jane had confessed everything, leaving Grayson hurt, confused, and angry.

I have to say, I felt bad for Grayson, particularly as he stood in front of Jane/Deb in the final scene. He looked so broken. Clearly, this revelation has changed everything for him. He buried Deb. And he stopped loving Jane. And now, here’s this woman that’s both, and he just doesn’t know what to do. And he’s been betrayed. Why didn’t Jane tell him instead of Stacy?

To us, it makes perfect sense. Deb didn’t love herself when she first looked like Jane, so why would Grayson? It almost makes you wonder if Deb has really confessed this to herself, because she didn’t confess this to Grayson. It’s almost as though it never occurred to her.

And really, as much as Jane tells Grayson that she is Deb, that’s partially not true. It’s been a long time since Deb died. And Jane has done a lot of things since. Deb has grown inside of her. She’s not the same flighty girl that she was before, only focused on clothes and manicures and makeup. She cares about others and cares about fighting for others. She’s not Deb anymore, and she’s certainly not Jane. She’s basically new Jane, which is who Grayson wants to meet. Not someone pretending to be Jane, but someone who is a mix between Deb and Jane — the real person standing in front of him.

I’m worried most about Grayson, though. The man standing in front of her was broken. He took a big blow in this. I fully expect (since the series is ending) that they’ll get a happy ending, but I just hope there’s not too much pain beforehand.

A few other things about this season opener:

  • I’m not sure how I feel about Virginia Williams’ new role in the series. Does this mean that we won’t get to see Kate Levering return to the show? That Kim Kaswell will forever be on maternity leave? I miss her.
  • The writers of the show have certainly been watching the headlines on the show’s hiatus. Between the “cruise from hell” and the school lunch stories, I feel like we’ve got a new show advertising cases that are “ripped from the headlines.”
  • Loved loved LOVED Owen and Jane in the fire case. We seem to forget sometimes that Owen was a judge, and I love seeing him stand on his convictions. You could see why he was a judge in the first place. It’s too bad he had to impeach his own ruling…
  • I feel like Stacy’s pregnancy should have a little more prominence. I know she’s not showing yet, but this is a pretty big development. When are we going to see some sort of reaction beyond quick references to kugels and prenatal classes?

Until next week…

*image courtesy of Lifetime


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