My Latest Theory for ‘How I Met Your Mother’


There’s been a lot of theories floating around for how How I Met Your Mother. The biggest, of course, is that the mother is dead, which is why Ted is telling his kids this long story. I disagree with this theory, and while I could write about it, this guy already did it for me. There are also theories that she is sick, or Ted is dead. I’ve also heard that perhaps she’s out saving the world somewhere. There are theories that Ted still ends up with Robin in the end (even if that means Robin and Barney end up breaking up). That seems even more preposterous to me.

I have my own theory: That the mother gave Ted the pineapple that we saw in season 1.

We all remember the Pineapple Incident. While Ted is trying to get over his feelings for Robin, he decides to let go and have some fun by drinking five shots in a row. Ted ends up blacking out, and the gang has to put all the pieces together, including how his jacket was burned, who’s number is written on his arm, who the woman is in his bed, and where the hell a pineapple came from.


Ted discovers everything that morning. Each friend is able to contribute a piece, and Trudy, the girl in the bed, filled in the rest. There’s only one piece missing. The pineapple. As Marshall so eloquently put it, “Dammit, Trudy! What about the pineapple?!”

Through nine seasons, we have not yet discovered where this pineapple came from. And while the writers of this should could certainly leave this question unanswered (a la Lost), I wouldn’t put it past them to tell us where that pineapple came from. Perhaps that pineapple came from the mother.

While I came up with this theory myself, in doing some digging, I’m not the only one who’s considered it. There’s certainly no specific reason to think that she gave him the pineapple. But Ted was blacked out and doesn’t remember anything. And there’s a chance he “met” the mother way back when that he didn’t remember. So as he’s telling it, that’s not when he met the mother. It might be when she met him, but it’s not when he met her. (I’m sure we all have those stories with our significant others; I met you first in class, but you met me first at that party.) And why else would he spend so much time going back to his early relationship with Robin if not to explain that it was at that time that he first met the girl of his dreams without realizing it?

I can see it now. Ted and the mother meet on that train platform, and she oh-so-quippily proclaims, “Hey, didn’t I give you a pineapple once?”

It could happen. I mean, I don’t have any secret knowledge or spoilers. But as far as theories go, this one is the most entertaining. It doesn’t involve sickness, death, broken hearts. Just good old-fashioned fun and random events. And isn’t that what HIMYM‘s all about?


3 thoughts on “My Latest Theory for ‘How I Met Your Mother’

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