‘Being Human’ Makes Sally Relevant Again


It’s tough watching one of your old stand-bys after it’s been cancelled. But in a case like Being Human, I have to see how it all goes down (and supposedly, they do have a “send-off”), so I’m still watching until the end.

And so far, we’re getting some good stuff to take us there. It’s not that I’m surprised. There’s a reason I’ve enjoyed this series season after season. But let’s be honest. Aidan’s material isn’t always the best. Josh is my favorite, but it’s hard to keep even a fan favorite going when he’s happy (happiness, especially in sci-fi, is dooming to a TV show, I think), and Sally’s been circling the drain long after they made a whole plot device about it.

In fact, Sally’s been sort of lost and in limbo for a while now. I mean, there’s only so much you can do for a ghost. We’ve avenged her death. We’ve made her evil (and sorta crazy). We’ve trapped her in limbo. We’ve brought her back to life. We’ve made her a zombie. Now we’ve made her a ghost again, only to make her a time-traveling super witch. So…geez. That’s a lot for four seasons. And through all of this, as much as I love to love Sally, she’s gotten a wee bit callous. I guess knowing what happens when you die can make you make a lot of inappropriate jokes and generally not realize when you’re being hurtful and selfish.

Sally’s basically been toiling around as a B-plot for some time now. And while I really had no idea where we were going when Sally came back to life and changed the future, I was intrigued. Sure, the story still seemed to be about Josh and Aidan, but Sally made it happen. And now that we’re back on the normal timeline (Abed would be pleased), Sally now holds all the important information. She sprung briefly to the future, just in time to see Aidan break Josh’s neck in an angry discourse, but we don’t know the whens and whys of the situation. Suddenly, Sally’s time travels are the key to how this show will end: happy or sad.

I have to say, I think this is just what the show needed. Now anything Sally does is for the good of the characters we care most about. It’s not about her selfish whims but about saving those we’ve been watching for years now. I actually care about what happens next.

I hate to be so hard on Sally. It’s tough to be a ghost. You just stand idly by while everything else happens around you. I’m just pleased that, starting tonight and in the last few episodes, we get to see Sally as part of the action.

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