Syfy Cancels ‘Being Human’ (And Now I’m Sad)


For some reason, I take shows for granted. I’m not sure why. I write about TV. I’ve watched many of my favorites come and go way too soon. At the beginning of new seasons, I guess and bet which shows will make it and which won’t. Cancellation and early dismissal is a way of the TV world. It’s a point of pain and anger (Studio 60 is still a hard one for me), and a point of disbelief (the number of bad comedies still on the air is appalling).

And yet, for some reason, I can take shows for granted. Like Being Human. This little show, based on a BBC show of the same name, is one that I’ve enjoyed watching repeatedly. In fact, back in my days of episodic reviewing (which I hope to get back to one day), I’d review it regularly. I adore the cast. I’m weirdly fascinated by the storylines. And I just took for granted that it was there, waiting for me, with brief hiatuses in between.

But the news came out yesterday that Being Human has been cancelled by Syfy, and the series finale will be on April 7. This means that the next few Mondays for me will not only be exciting but depressing as we count down the days until the final episode (which, by the way, Syfy is already saying its advertising).

I shouldn’t be surprised. According to the link above, it didn’t get tremendous numbers. But I enjoyed it and I just assumed it would continue. But I guess I incorrectly how long sci-fi series really stay on the air — even if they’re a more popular show. Battlestar Galactica was only four seasons. Warehouse 13 is ending after five. And even Stargate: Atlantis only had five seasons.

And if you’re aired on FOX, that lifetime is shortened even more. Sorry, I couldn’t pass up on that joke.

Despite genre, if the numbers don’t add up, the seasons don’t either. So now I’m saying good-bye to a good staple show, a show that was fun and dark at the same time, with a great cast. I do hope that each of these people move on to bigger and better projects — I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out — as they’re just enjoyable to watch. And in the coming weeks, I better prepare myself to say good-bye.

As for the cast, well, they’ve already prepared their good-byes (which makes me wonder how long they knew the news). Take a look below to watch their video, and the bright side of our favorite team. It may be the last. After all, when the finale comes around on a show like Being Human, I expect more bloodshed than anything else.


2 thoughts on “Syfy Cancels ‘Being Human’ (And Now I’m Sad)

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