New Girl: Has It Improved?

new girl

I wrote a while back that I was having some real problems with New Girl, one of my formerly favorite shows. I wrote that post right after episode 6 of this season, and now that we’re through 15 I wanted to revisit it. Thankfully, I think things have largely changed for the better. It seems like recently the show has found it less necessary to focus on the weird awkwardness in Nick and Jess’s relationship; when it does keep the focus on them, as it did in the post-Super Bowl episode “Prince,” the story seems to be executed in a better and more believable way. Winston is still somewhat insane, but the addition of Coach (who at first seemed like he was jammed in and out of place with the cast) has given him a nice foil to play off of; I loved their bake-off in the birthday episode, and their well-practiced scheme in “Prince” that they used to sneak into the party. I look forward to seeing them engage in more bizarre rivalries and sneaky plots.

As I predicted in my previous post, the show is already gearing up to glue Schmidt and CeCe back together which is a bit annoying because they never should have pursued the “double dating” plotline that broke them up for the second time. That said, it doesn’t bother me too much because the writers aren’t rushing into it so for now, it’s easy to ignore.

The addition of Jess’s sister in the most recent episode was a nice touch. I love Linda Cardinelli, so maybe I’m biased, but I thought she was funny while also showing a similar yet darker and more destructive personality to the bright quirkiness shared by her sister. I imagine she’ll be around for a few episodes at least and that should be entertaining. The loft and Schmidt’s neighboring apartment are getting pretty crowded (and that’s not even counting Winston’s weird, cab-driver love affair, who I assume will be showing up from time to time), but it hasn’t felt too overstuffed yet. Hopefully that will continue.

Overall, the show has improved a lot since its rockier episodes earlier this season. I’ve been consistently laughing at the last several episodes, which is not something that was happening during the beginning of the season. After watching this show for three and a half seasons, I think I have to accept that it is sometimes uneven. It can reach some great and hilarious heights, but it can also be fairly disappointing when it swings and misses. I can accept that, though, because on the aggregate, the show succeeds more than it fails.


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